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Leave the children out of dirty politics
Published:  Oct 19, 2011 9:35 AM
Updated: Oct 20, 2011 12:17 AM

'After the blue film, now they are resorting to slander against opponent's child? Really, how low can you get, Umno?'

Incensed Guan Eng castigates pro-Umno blogs

your say Malaysian Born: The politicians who are involved in spreading these unsubstantiated and cruel attacks on this child are despicable and have lost their way.

They are neither qualified to be representatives of the people nor are they deserving of being given any face or respect. This sort of behaviour is indicative of not having a proper upbringing, of not having any breeding, certainly the sort of bottom feeding dirt bags that should be avoided by all, let alone allowing them to be elected.

Can you imagine the kind of person who would have no compunction to destroy the life of a child just to score some minimal political points against its parents. One wonders what they would be willing to do to their own children and family to gain advantage. Real low grade riff-raff.

I always believed that it was not the sort of thing you would see in Malaysia, obviously I was wrong.

Truth-seeker: This is a black day for Malaysian politics. Where is the unspoken agreement of agreeing to disagree? If politicians have to resort to ‘hitting below the belt', then it shows how desperate and low they have become.

LGE (Lim Guan Eng) must take this lesson and resolved to be stronger. Maybe, this is a ‘baptism of fire' for the young impressionable 16-year-old.

Who knows - it heralds the birth of another firebrand in the Lim family who will show these low-class politicians a thing or two in years to come. LGE, take this as part of the collateral damage that comes with the job.

BTN: LGE, Penang folks will not let the state fall back to Umno. Look at them and their dirty tactics. They can't find anything wrong with the dad and they cook up some lies about his son.

What type of human beings are these people in Umno? As LGE said, they have children as well.

Hope: I dislike LGE, but if the rumours are not true, I sympathise with him and hope that he gives courage to his son that having a father as a politician, he has to expect this and be strong.

You cannot control the beastly attitudes of anyone, not just Umno, anyone, especially those online. No worries young Lim, your friends and family know you are innocent.

Avatar 111: This is what we get when full-time politicians indulge in only playing gutter politics without any due regards to basic humanity.

And on top that, they are always protected by the corrupt system perpetuated by the ruling elites. Just look at what Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim had gone through.

Dood: "Sodomy story" for Anwar, "molester son story" for Guan Eng. Is Umno/BN so desperate and morally bankrupt to have to stoop so low to spread these kind of despicable tales?

These tactics aren't new. Still remember the kinds of accusations these Umno-BN people and their lackeys spun and put out against Selangor exco Elizabeth Wong when her modesty was outraged and private pictures of her were released without her knowledge or consent?

Or more recently, what about the MCA leader who poked fun at DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang having to wear sunglasses because of his eye surgery? And who can forget the ridiculous so-called ‘fictitious story' published in Utusan Malaysia about the assassination of a woman politician that, oddly enough, closely resembled DAP MP Teresa Kok? What else, Umno/BN? What else?

Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin's tweet was a funny joke, yes, but in poor taste and unprofessional for an MP. It's almost as bad as his fellow Umno-BN clowns making fun of women in Parliament. Still remember that? I do.

Solaris: If they're really lies, why doesn't LGE just sue them for slander instead of demanding for Umno to take action against them? After all, initiating lawsuits isn't exactly something new for him.

Also, he refers to the alleged incident as "this shameful episode". How can it be shameful or even an episode if, according to him, it never happened?

Saengch: Solaris, you either have ulterior motive or is so cynical and naive at the same time that you yell "there is no fire without smoke" every time Umno media make baseless slandering.

You are pushing to help such slandering. While I am no big fan of LGE, there are plenty of reasonable answers to your loaded questions: It is completely understandable that parents and school would want to protect the minor (from newspapers, law suits, and court) if the allegations are false or not as serious as alleged.

Why respond legally to shallow accusations on blogs when Umno papers know they do not have enough facts to report? If Umno blogs slandering your son or mom is not shameful, what is?

Onyourtoes: Solaris, didn't LGE challenge all the Umno-controlled MSM (mainstream) to publish the "news" first? If they have not published, how do you sue? Sue those nameless rat poor ‘mat rempit' type bloggers?

In any case, you know as well as I do that it is very daunting for politicians from the opposition to go through our judiciary process.

LGE is the chief minister of a state; you should know his priority given the limited hours per day. How many court cases you want him to entangle with? Is this not what his opponents want him to do?

For you, it is easy to sue this and that, but I know your intention. We took exception not of your questions but your insinuation.

KSD: Solaris, if you're not getting paid for writing your rubbish, you're missing out on a great chance to get regular income.

You are basing your opinions on completely unproven allegations and you're attacking a defenceless child. That makes you a perfect candidate to become a cybertrooper.

And by the way, I gave you a good reason why LGE cannot sue now. You sound very much like a young punk who thinks he knows it all. That would also make you too young to know that LGE went to jail because he came out in defence of a 15-year-old girl who was raped by an adult.

Go and do some research and you will know what I am talking about. But then again, your comments prove that you don't know the meaning of the word ‘research'.

Myrights: Solaris, my guess is you don't have any children, otherwise you would have understood why it can be a shameful episode for the children to be accused of such thing.

But, if you do have children, I feel sorry for your children. After all, there are still some sick twisted people in Malaysia who sometimes harm their own children.

These people usually don't know how to protect their own children, and in fact victimise their own children for their own lack of self-esteem or sick twisted desires.

DannyLoHH: I thought I have seen the worst, boy, how Umno could shattered norms in terms of low blow and gutter politics. After the blue film, they are now resorting to slander against opponent's child? Really, how low can you get, Umno?

Tkc: We should not worry too much about the effect of this dirty attack on LGE's son. If his grandfather and father are the benchmarks, Lim Jr should also be as tough as nails.

This pathetic and below-the-belt attack by Umno - including the things that they are doing to Anwar - will produce another generation of strong Lims and Anwars that will stand our country in good stead in the future.

Lim Chong Leong: Umno has hit below the belt by targeting their opponents' children. Even the mafia has a code to leave family members alone unless they join in their secret activities.

There is honour amongst thieves, but there is no honour in Umno. Umno has become desperate beasts. And coming from an Oxford grad, this is shameful.

Pakatan may have attacked BN leaders, but there is no reason for Umno to attack Pakatan's leaders' children.

Lone_star: KJ (Khairy Jamaluddin), being from the Territorial Army and an Oxford graduate, you should be an officer and a gentleman. But your unnecessary tweet makes you such a twit.

Apologise like an officer and a gentleman should.


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