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Rahim Noor slaps himself with his remarks
Published:  Nov 1, 2011 1:13 AM
Updated: 7:57 AM

VOXPOP 'Former IGP Rahim Noor is slapping himself if he continues to disregard the role of human rights in democratic governance.'

The 'outing' of Rahim Noor

vox populi small thumbnail David Dass: A former inspector-general of police who was convicted of having physically beaten up the former DPM - in essence of having violated his human rights - now says that the human rights wave - that he says is sweeping Malaysia - will be bad for the Malays.

He is supported in the statement by former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who we all recall, suggested that the former DPM had assaulted himself.

The only way to make sense of their statements is to accept that the constitution and the laws of Malaysia and the various conventions we adhere to, as a member of the international community, is bad for the Malays.

So it would be detrimental to the Malays for the human rights of the non-Malays to be respected? Have I got that wrong?

Whose human rights are we concerned with? Are we are not be concerned about the human rights of all Malaysians or non-Malaysians in our country?

They could be here as investors, as tourists and as workers. We want them here and should therefore respect their human rights.

What exactly is being said by people like Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali, university professor Ridhuan Tee Abdullah and now Abdul Rahim Noor and Mahathir? Is this simply opposition to the proposed repeal of the ISA? Or to Bersih's campaign for free elections?

If it is, why were their statements not limited to just those issues? The PM has said that there will be new laws to protect the nation from terrorists. And the government is not going to allow street protests.

So where is the human rights wave that is akin to the spread of communist ideology? Why should respect for the fundamental rights of human beings as children of one god be a threat to anyone?

Playfair: Most abuses of power and subservience can be traced to the time when TDM (Dr Mahathir Mohamad) took over.

It was 100 percent loyalty or face the consequences. That was enough to subvert all and anything that stood in his (TDM's) way. Of course, it has now become the Umno way and getting worse.

Cala: Former IGP Rahim Noor is slapping himself if he continues to disregard the role of human rights in democratic governance.

If he is correct, why was he jailed for abusing his power by mercilessly beating former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim in a cell when the latter was handcuffed and blindfolded in the 1998 incident?

Had not the regime given in to public outcry and rage, Mahathir would have kept to his original hypothesis that Anwar's black eye was self-inflicted to gain cheap publicity.

Second, I agree with ‘Playfair' that Rahim Noor's conduct in that fateful incident can be explained through the ‘master-slave theory'.

Having said that, I am not suggesting it was Mahathir who gave the instruction, but rather that in his zealousness to please his boss, Rahim Noor went beyond the rule of law.

Human Being: This thug only believes in his own rights. A few years ago, we were in the airport on our way to London and I was in front of him at the queue.

He was asking the receptionist which gate it was for transit. It only took less than two minutes but he show his disgust and impatience because he wanted to get what he want immediately. I guess he still thinks he is the top cop.

Ferdtan: Why are we listening to a common criminal? The former IGP Rahim Noor was jailed, after pleading guilty, for punching Anwar who was blindfolded and cuffed in a defenseless position in a lock-up.

A coward and a bully. So what more can he say that we should listen. He still has not repented for his callous act as he did not apologised for bringing disrepute to the nation.

Cancel dubious MyKad of immigrants, says Pairin

Ruben: PBS chief Joseph Pairin Kitingan, where were you when Project IC was being implemented in the state that you so love? Let's say that there were indeed real dubious cases:

1) Do you think that these people's citizenship will be revoked?

2) Do you think the people responsible for approving and issuing them will be charged?

You must be dreaming, Pairin. Anyway, Sabah has lost a great deal because you have not stood up for the people of Sabah when it really matters.

Paul Warren: Is Pairin trying to be a double-headed snake here?

Obviously vetting out the Project IC voters would not exactly be good for BN. At the same time, he wants those with dubious ICs removed. And yet he wants a good win for BN.

And he seems satisfied to have the seats that BN allocates to PBS to contest, instead of wanting more seats.

Is he positioning PBS for a possible switch of allegiance if Pakatan Rakyat does well in the Peninsula?


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