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Consulates, EC 'confused' or wilfully ignorant?

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YOURSAY 'It's not like EC or the consulates were born yesterday. Why have we all of a sudden become so inexperienced in such matters?'

I was denied postal vote, ex-overseas student testifies

your say Bender: Judging by the stand made by the MCA recently (that all overseas Malaysians should not be allowed to vote because they're out of touch with current Malaysian affairs), I believe there is no such thing as confusion or lack of clarity in the SOP (standard operating procedure) regarding voter eligibility.

This is part of Umno-BN's tactics at minimising their chances of losing the election.

How can there be such a confusion? It's not like EC (Election Commission) or the consulates were born yesterday. Why have we all of a sudden become so inexperienced in such matters? Such an excuse is so childish and unacceptable.

Even this whole PSC (parliamentary select committee) business, in my opinion, is nothing but an exercise in futility.

Ong : EC deputy secretary for research Harun Che Su said that there was "confusion" among consulate staff about the eligibility of Malaysian students abroad to register as a postal voter. According to him, "it is clear in section two of the election regulations that all full-time students are allowed (to vote), whether private or sponsored by the government".

It appears that our government, instead of employing humans, has been employing goats and cows as its consulate staff. On the other hand, for the EC to not point out to the government about goats and cows among our consulate staff would suggest to me that the EC is being staffed by donkeys.

Voice: Where's the confusion? The truth is that a full list or description of eligible parties are not given to the consulates.

The election regulation clearly states government-sponsored scholars and full-time students are allowed to vote. But why when directions are given to the consulate, full-time students have been left out?

I think the reason should be best known to the EC and BN government.

Mr KJ John: Well done, Shawn Tan. It is important for all of us to find the right forum to speak and address issues of wrongdoing. Nameless and faceless public servants sometimes hide behind their interpretation of rules, even when they are ignorant of the rules.

Bersih coalition reps placed in fuming fix

Foo: Why is the PSC chairman, and by extension the government, so paranoid of the word Bersih? Isn't the objective of PSC is to reform the electoral process and shouldn't the eight demands of Bersih be the basis of reform?

Moontime: The undisputable fact is this: BN as the ruling party is not ready to change. They would like to rule Malaysia till the end of time. However, history is not on their side.

Many empires, governments, organisations have come and gone throughout the centuries. What makes BN so special that they think this doesn't apply to them?

Many BN representatives have become ‘lemau' or stale in their thinking - too bigoted in their views and extremely arrogant. How many of them care to do research before opening their mouths to speak? How many more instances of irresponsible statements, lies and excuses do we have to endure?

We all know that this hearing is just to appease the masses into thinking that the government cares about the issues concerned. Whether or not the recommendations put forth be translated into action remains to be seen.

However, I have my doubts. The government will only act if it benefits them, not if it will result in them losing power.

Lim Chong Leong: PSC chief Maximus Ongkili is just blindly doing Umno's work here. The PSC will result in nothing under his chairmanship. It will be Umno calling the shots all the way.

Ignoring and deleting the word ‘Bersih' or tearing the cover of their submission away will not make it go away.

Bersih is there born of sheer necessity and of dire circumstance created by the very people so afraid to even hear its name.

PSC 'in concurrence' with Bersih on indelible ink

Voice: What was said by S Ambiga is definitely true. The government does not have to change the constitution to allow the indelible ink.

The EC is given the right to make regulation under the Election Act and the voters and election are bound by this regulation.

The list of eligibles voters allowed by the EC regulation to vote locally and overseas are clear and is an obvious example.

This indelible ink is long overdue. EC know they can easily include this indelible ink but they are doing nothing about it.

AB Sulaiman: Don't ever forget two major issues in this entire PSC hearing:

i) The electoral roll must be thoroughly cleansed.

ii) There must be no GE before reforms are implemented.

Fail these two and the whole exercise is bound to be a huge ‘sandiwara' of mockery and deceit.


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