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Ramasamy, you should be a DCM for all races
Published:  Dec 9, 2011 7:25 AM
Updated: Dec 9, 2011 5:21 AM

YOURSAY ‘This is what is currently happening in our country... We should stop seeing everything from a communal perspective.'

Let all hell break loose, says Ramasamy

your say fairplayer: Everyone can agree to disagree... but in a constructive, civil and an amicable manner, without running one another down, thereby weakening the party. Whoever has decided to join DAP must submit to DAP's principles and founding mentors who had gone to prison for their beliefs and what they stood for.

The DAP of old did not fight over positions, or any petty power-seats. They stood together through thick and thin. Can the present DAP members abide by the same principles?

Any discord that undermines the party must be rightly handled and disbanded. Any member who cares only for himself is not fit to be in DAP! A DAP member must dare to sacrifice his personal "rights" and work for the best interests of ALL! Examine your hearts before you argue further!

malayamuda: MIC kicked out troublemakers and some went to Hindraf, some to PKR, some to DAP and none to PAS.

Mohan Ghandi: All those who really support the PR cause should stop this public spat immediately. Karpal, Rama, Rayar and Thanasekharan should all stop and think of GE13. If you continue this disgraceful episode, then you must be agents of Umno/BN out there to create a problem for DAP and PR.

VS-1965: I am ashamed of Ramasamy. You should be a DCM for all races. This is what is currently happening in our country. Everyone talks about race. If he really wants to "fight" for just one race... then leave DAP and join Hindraf... We should stop seeing everything from a communal perspective.

KSD: This is why political parties should be abolished and people should vote for grassroots leaders. I'm very embarrassed to see supposedly dedicated leaders jostling for power and position.

Pandee Sutoo: What an interesting Indian drama. At the convention on Sunday they will kiss and make up, just like in the Tamil movies! This is what happens when we have more than two Indians in a group, they fight! That's why i suppose BN only has two seats for MIC in Penang. More than that, they will fight. Dear YBs, please grow up and work for the rakyat. Don't bring politics to the level of the toddy shop.

Komtar trader gives Guan Eng 'crap'

VoteforChange: This guy, Mohamed Ghani Abdul Jiman, must be the pride of Umno. His antics are so comical and insulting that he deserves to be put in Umno's Hall of Fame for being the outstanding personality and model of all Umno members. This kind of behaviour is classical and should serve as the role model for all Umno members. Umno members from all over should emulate his example so that the rakyat can see the true existence of Umno through his gifts.

one brain cell: This character has only got into the news since Penang was taken over by Pakatan Rakyat. Like a worm crawling out of the woodwork, his odious actions are those of the lowest grade of humans - mostly found in Umno since March 2008. Before that, these maggots were too busy fattening themselves on the rotting carcass of a once prosperous nation.

nikE: All I can say is this reflects badly on his parents.

2CTS WORTH: The police are not doing their job How could they allow this creature to enter MB Lim's office? Must be a product of Umno, which has a variety of creatures in abundance.

james1067: It is not true that all Indian Muslims are like this Ghani. This is a desperate man knowing that he cannot make haram money in Penang. We should not even give publicity to this character, who has no self-confidence in himself, so he uses desperate moves to show himself. This guy is of the lowest mentality, so please don't even show him or even write about him.

World citizen: LGE's special assistant spoke with dignity when commenting on the "birthday gift" and left it at that. That is the correct way to deal with the antics of such uncultured people. There is an English saying - give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves. Or give them a spade and they'll dig themselves into an even bigger hole. DAP will only benefit from such behaviour. Public opinion is more discerning than you may think.

Shimbam: You guys and girls have to admit - it's kinda funny. I mean look at the cakes. S**t-shaped! Hilarious! I love Malaysian politics.


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