Shahrizat faces mounting pressure to step down

Modified 12 Dec 2011, 4:13 am

VOXPOP 'Why not ask the other ministers who were involved to resign too, one of them being Muhyiddin himself who was agro minister.'

Another Umno MP tells Shahrizat to quit

Lim Chong Leong: Why is only Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil asked to resign when the fiasco could not have been achieved by her alone?

Why not ask the other ministers who were involved to resign too, one of them being Muhyiddin Yassin himself who was the agriculture minister at that time, and Najib Razak, who as current finance minister is well aware of the scandal and thus responsible for it.

Blogsmith: Shahrizat's husband, the CEO of NFC (National Feedlot Corporation), earns RM100,000 per month. Her eldest son, aged 31, earns RM45,000 a month, her second son, 27, RM35,000 a month, her third son, 25, RM35,000 a month.

The total salary per month for the family is RM215,000 - or RM2.58 million a year - all for running a failed project on taxpayers' money.

Nicole: Shahrizat not only must quit, she must be arrested, prosecuted and jailed for the massive corruption scandal. The failure of PM Najib to act shows that he is equally corrupt.

Malayamuda: The Kota Belud MP Abdul Rahman Dahlan said in his tweets what Shahrizat did was good, so why are these Umno MPs asking her to resign?

Even Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said it was smart to invest the money elsewhere, instead of keeping it idle.

Armageddon: Only two Umno MPs felt that Shahrizat should resign. The others are typical ‘lalang' politicians observing the wind direction and dare not voice their true feelings.

And as for their leaders, they are just indecisive as usual and cannot make a judgment between right and wrong.

Democracy: Umno members seem to have a great difficulty in coming to a decision as to what Shahrizat should do.

In most countries, the decision is a no-brainer but for the corrupt Umno, it seems it needs to have an advance course on this subject. They most probably forgot what their mother and their religion taught them.

They seem to be too frightened to talk about resigning as it most probably will run against Umno's ethics. Indeed, asking her to resign is the least they could do and yet only two Umno leaders dare to speak up out of three million members. That's the freedom of speech that Umno has inculcated in its members.

Actually, they should be talking more than just resigning. There should be a MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) investigation and lastly, the money must be returned.

Not forgetting, those cabinet members and government officers involved in the scandal should also be asked to resign.

Bluemountains: Why is it that some people are asking Shahrizat to resign because of the RM250 million NFC issue, but nobody has ever demanded the resignation of the person involved in the much bigger RM550 million submarine issue?

Sharizat has every moral right to stay because RM250 million is certainly a much smaller matter compared with RM550 million.

Fab: Shahrizat, please don't resign. Tell these idiots to go fly kite. You are the ideal candidate for Lembah Pantai for the coming GE. Please bring a herd of cows, and Najib, to all your ceramah to support you.

TVGS: Is it worth it, Shahrizat?

Lim: Penang exco will declare assets within one month

Mr KJ John: This is a good initiative, but why only Penang? Can all DAP leaders please declare their assets before and after being appointed into positions of power?

Yap CS: Don't be unappreciative. Rome was not built in a day. Whatever Pakatan has done, it goes far beyond anything BN will ever do.

Manjit Bhatia: I half agree with KJ John: a good move but why not make the move a national one involving all DAP MPs and not only those in Penang?

Rome may not have been built in a day but I'm sure every member must know exactly what his or her assets are and where they are being held. So, as in the West, declaration of assets could be made very quickly.

It should not take three years if you can walk into your bank and ask for your bank balance or at an ATM, right?

Alan Goh: Keep up with your good work, Penang CM Lim Guan Eng. Show Malaysian voters how a ‘bersih Penang state government is run, unlike those state governments under Umno-BN.

Sarawak is a glaring example of the latter, where it has been reported that the white-haired ‘thief' minister's family and siblings have assets in Malaysia said to be worth RM4.5 billion.

Can CM Taib Mahmud follow Lim's example by getting Sarawak excos to declare their assets within a month?

Just do it, Taib Mahmud, and prove that all the media allegations are wrong.

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