About time Utusan gets its due
Published:  Dec 15, 2011 1:19 AM
Updated: 6:06 AM

VOXPOP 'If this sort of journalism was practiced in a truly democratic country, Utusan would have gone to the cleaners long ago.'

Guan Eng wins defamation suit against Utusan

vox populi small thumbnail Anonymous: Congratulations to the judge for making a judgment that is just and righteous without fear or favour of man. What an example to all the other judges.

I hope that the higher courts do not overturn this judgment because if they do, then we are back to square one.

The court decision also serves to check irresponsible journalism and free-for-all gutter reporting that is the order of the day in some of the Umno-controlled media. It's a good day for the judiciary in Malaysia.

Evening Breeze: If this sort of journalism was practiced in a truly democratic country, Utusan Malaysia would have gone to the cleaners long ago ... and bankrupt by now.

Here we have a ‘fat cat', a ruling racist party, Umno, shielding all these sub-par journalists who have neither class nor integrity.

Dood: I wonder how the Umno-BN cybertroopers will spin this now. Maybe they're shaking in their panties for fear that they too will be subject to a defamation suit in future for the ridiculous things they come up with here.

Longjaafar: Lim Guan Eng should have a big do, say, for 20,000 people, and tell them that this is from Utusan's money which he got because the Umno-owned newspaper was practising bad journalism.

Shanandoah: Well done, chief minister. Let's hope there are no kangaroos further up the judicial ladder.

Reborn: And now comes all the plaudits. Good judge, we need more like him, and all that kind of comments. Like they say, if the decision is against them, then he is a bad judge, and if he is for them, than he is a great judge.

Sodom Me Sodom You: Syabas, Your Honour. It is so refreshing to know that justice is terminally ill but not dead altogether.

I look to the day when the slanderers in Utusan are packed into a Black Maria for the decades of c**p they've spewed on good souls and destroyed their lives. Karma catches up, doesn't it?

Why was KLIA2 moved to a soft soil site?

James Dean: Our air traffic controllers are not among the best in this region. Even when controlling two runways as in KLIA now, they are not able to utilise them to their full potential as they are not able to handle the complex environment the two runways present.

Utilising only one dedicated runway for landings and one for takeoffs at any one time only defeats the purpose of having dual runways, when most large international airports in this region utilise both of their runways for takeoffs and landings simultaneously as this will increase the traffic flow greatly.

Of course, this can only be done if all the air traffic controllers are highly proficient. The third runway is unnecessary and is potentially hazardous to air traffic given the level of proficiency of our controllers in KLIA.

FellowMalaysian: What is this - a second control tower costing RM500 million, a third runway costing RM270 million and earthwork (alone!) costing RM1.2 billion?

This doesn't make shrewd engineering sense. More like corrupt practices.

Docs: The reason for KLIA2 being built on soft soil is because the building will start to sink and crack after some time and a lucky Umnoputra company will be awarded the contract to do the repair job.

And as for the reason for the cracks, Umno will blame Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua for buying more planes and increasing the human load at KLIA2, thus adding weight to the airport, thus causing the structure to sink.

Jesse: The higher the cost, the more that can be creamed off. It's a simple calculation for the powers-that-be.

It's the same as buying submarines that cannot dive. Pay more for other services and repairs. Where to find such smart business people except in Bolehland. The country is being sucked dry everyday.

Jimmy Ng: Again, we see a ‘tidak apa' attitude and an exhibition of gross incompetence from the MAHB (Malaysian Airports Holdings Berhad), which has been tasked with the monopolistic duty of the KLIA2 construction. Or could there be another overriding reason perhaps?

Ksn: Good question, YB Tony. But to go back a little, why was KLIA2 necessary at all? Why was Subang Airport or the Sungai Besi Airport not utilised for low-cost carriers?

How economical and convenient for the passengers and the airlines and the country that would have been?

KLIA should have been used only for international flights and foreign airlines and let it be there, after having been built as a monument to an ex-PM's extravagance at the expense of public funds to satisfy his ego - the tallest that, the biggest this, the longest that, that sort of idiocies.

Oscar Kilo: I wouldn't mind if Umno was spending its own money, but it is spending my tax money and my EPF (Employees Provident Fund) savings. Of course, I'm livid.

On top of that, all these ‘dungus' in power make nonsensical decisions involving public funds, and all without consulting us.

Pemerhati: Remember how former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad loved to bulldoze through his mega-projects. The terms and conditions of these opaque and negotiated contracts were kept secret by draconian laws.

Mahathir's obvious reasoning and logic behind those multibillion ringgit projects was that the more he spent, the larger the kickbacks he got. It was much more convenient to steal from one big source than to steal from several small projects.

Hence nowadays it is not surprising to read in the papers that one of his sons has already joined the billionaire's club. His numerous other children may not be far behind.

Those Umnoputras and their cronies in control of the public funds are now following the same strategy. If they were to build an airport at a much lower cost, the amount of the people's money they can steal would be very much less.

Now which thief worthy of his name would want to steal less than what he can steal?

Longjaafar: Could it be that Tony Pua is getting all the information from the other Tony?


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