Cowgate: The culprit turns into a victim

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YOURSAY 'There's a dead cow decomposing in Umno's living rooml. But the cops are out in the backlane pretending to search for the carcass.'

'Datuk' charged with cheating NFC boss

your say Cannon: There's a dead cow decomposing in Umno's living room. But the cops are out in the backlane pretending to search for the carcass. Who are they fooling? Certainly not the educated, urban electorate.

This is Umno/PDRM's ‘sandiwara' pulling wool over the eyes of the rural Malay voters. They have detained a 'datuk' and involved the name of National Feedlot Corporation (NFC).

This gives the kampong folk the impression that the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) is taking 'high-level' action. What a pathetic and disgraceful police force.

Lim Chong Leong: The authorities had for a long time tried not to charge former transport ministers Ling Liong Sik and Chan Kong Choy in the PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone) fiasco. They ,instead, charged OC Pang, who was only the general manager.

It was only after much public pressure that Ling and Chan facesd court action.

As I have expected, ‘fall guy' Shamsubahrin Ismail will now take the rap for the NFC fiasco. As it is, he is charged with cheating NFC. So NFC is not the culprit, but the victim.

Cala: Excuse me, I cannot see the connection between Shamsubahrin's RM1.75 million ‘consultation' fee and NFC's alleged multi-million dollars fiasco as reported in the Auditor-General's Report.

Trumpet Call: It is absolutely beyond comprehension that a secondary player in the whole NFC saga is charged and so much attention is drawn to this small-fry ‘datuk'.

I have a strange feeling that this is a diversion from the main culprits, and my hope is that there will be no let-up in the relentless pursuit by the law enforcers for the  drama's leading players.

The rakyat will not be satisfied till the crooks are caught, no matter how big a shot he or she may be.

Nicholas Lim: Um, I am confused. Earlier, the CCID (commercial crime investigation department) arrested this ‘datuk' for trying to bribe them with RM1.7 million to settle the NFC case.

Now he is arrested for cheating the NFC boss of RM1.7 million. So is it the NFC boss trying to bribe CCID by using this ‘datuk' as a middle man?

Instead of arresting both the ‘datuk' and NFC boss, they arrested the ‘datuk' for cheating NFC boss?

Grissom: Nov 25 to Dec 6, 2011 - NFC director Mohamad Salleh Ismail handed over cheques worth RM1.755 million for "consultancy services".

Dec 21 - Shamsubahrin detained when he allegedly tried to bribe several commercial crimes investigations department officers probing the NFC issue with about RM1.7 million.

So what exactly was the "consultancy services" for?

Bender: Oh, I see the logic here. It's perfectly fine for some menteri (minister) and her family to ‘rob' the country of some RM250 million but definitely not okay for some other people to ‘rob' these ‘robbers', eh?

The weird thing is the police are quick to find the crook who tried to ‘rob the robber' (despite having no publicity whatsoever, correct me on this last point if I'm mistaken) but move at a snail's pace in apprehending the bigger crooks (despite many police reports and news coverage on them).

This kind of justice can only be found in Bolehland. And where exactly can you find it? Most likely, on the shelves of Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia, where the rotten products are sold.

Wira: Okay, let's say NFC was indeed cheated of RM1.755 million. Tell us, Putrajaya, what happened to the other RM248.245 million?

Shouldn't Women, Family and Community Development Minister Shahrizat (as the conduit), her husband and children (all directors) be charged too?

Ksn: Cheating is cheating but compared to RM250 million of public funds, what is RM2 million?

Indeed, nobody connected with Cowgate should take comfort from this charge.

All those connected - the backdoor minister, her family, those who recommended and approved the huge loan - should be brought to book and made accountable and responsible and punished.

This ‘datuk' case is a totally different issue and nothing to do with the abuse of RM250 million government loan.

BornInM'sia: A very smart move. Flounder because of natural mental weakness is not a crime in Malaysia.

As a matter of fact, a certain group of people that perceived to be weak and not able to thrive on a level-playing field have constitutional special position to be assisted.

Interpreted along this line, while the logic may be twisted, don't you think the family deserves more projects until they can thrive on their own.

WangMalaysia: This case has nothing to do with the misappropriation of RM250 million of funds disbursed by the government to NFC.

This is just a bad business deal all caused by a bad business decision by the chairman of NFC with Shamsubahrin.

This makes the chairman of NFC (aka husband of Shahrizat) look even worse. How can the government entrust RM250 million to a person who keeps making bad business decisions?

Compass: Ever heard of a rogue being turned into the victim overnight. Or a victim being turned into the rogue? Malaysia can.

Happy New Year, Malaysia.

NFC chief the clown, Umno the ringmaster


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