Azlan, let it rest for the sake of your son

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VOXPOP ‘I cannot make a decision for you but if it was me, I would let the matter rest so that my son could live a normal life at some point in time.'

Saiful's father pleads with AG to appeal

vox populi small thumbnail KSD: Azlan Mohd Lazim, you make much noise about the appeals that were filed by Anwar's lawyers. Surely you are aware that many appeals were for things that should have been agiven in any court of law, but were denied to the defendant.

Please study the entire case proceedings. You will see how justice was denied every day in the Sodomy II case.

While you are at it, do ask your son if the allegations that he had an affair with a prosecutor is true. That in itself would be reason enough to throw out the entire case.

As one foreign news media put it, this was a case that should never have reached the stage of requiring a verdict. It would have been dismissed by any self-respecting judge in any other country on day one.

Ask your son why he met so many powerful people before the act supposedly took place.

I cannot make a decision for you but if it was me, I would let the matter rest so that my son can live a normal life at some point in time. Or do you want him to be dragged through the gutters of public opinion all his life?

Thisia: As a father, you should ask your son this before asking the attorney-general to appeal: "If at all Anwar Ibrahim sodomised you, why did you not fight back? Is Anwar physically so strong compared to you?"

Couldn't your son just push away Anwar and run away from the apartment?

Supercession: What dignity are you talking about? Your son swore he volitionally allowed himself to be penetrated anally, only to then complain about it.

Ruben: Azlan, please take into account that the whole judiciary proceedings throughout the trial were very much in favour of your son for the following reasons:

1) The defence had no access to the prosecution's key documents as this was denied by the judge. This thus favoured the prosecution.

2) The judge did not allow the PM and his wife to be witnesses, even though your son did see them before the alleged incident.

3) The judge allowed the inclusion of the DNA evidence even though it had been tampered with.

4) The contact between your son and a member of the prosecution team. The judge took all these into consideration and yet you are asking for an appeal.

Please let it rest for your own sake and that of your son.

901 verdict: What it really proved

Kgen: The way the BN government went all out to seek ‘justice' for one private citizen while closing its eyes to hundreds of consensual sodomy cases going on daily is proof enough of a conspiracy.

VoteforChange: You're right indeed, Dzulkefly Ahmad - the PM's and ex-PM's immediate responses to the 901 verdict make an absolute mockery of our judiciary and leadership.

I see neither their wisdom nor sincerity in making such comments, but more of their ill-mindedness and fear of the truth.

Swkdayaks: If Azizan Abu Bakar (complainant in Sodomy I) and Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan (complainant in Sodomy II) were to be thoroughly interrogated (put through sleep deprivation and other psychological disorientation techniques like ISA detainees are put through or even waterboarded), I am very sure they will reveal the plotters or conspirators of both cases.

In this case, God has intervened. Remember, Saiful had sumpah (sworn) in a mosque. But God stopped Saifu's lies and had Anwar acquitted.

Should not action be taken against Saiful now? And what has happened to Anwar's complaint in the Syariah Court against Saiful as well?

Our Muslim leaders must be firm in this. Otherwise people like Saiful will make fun of mosques, sumpah and Islam as a religion. Where are those who claim to be defenders of religion now?

Artchan: If the judiciary and police are free, more than half of the PM's cabinet will be in jail. I don't see Malaysia becoming a great nation if we continue to condone corruption.

Fatwa committee okays indelible ink

Podeh: Malaysia is the only country in the world that links the use of indelible ink in elections to religion. The world must be totally tickled pink. Do we really need such a fatwa at all?

Alan Goh: The fatwa committee okayed the use of indelible ink for the 13th general election and now comes the most difficult part, which is whether the powerful and wise Raja Katak of Perkasa (Ibrahim Ali) agrees to it or not.

Otherwise, you will find the ‘amphibians' holding rallies all over Malaysia, beginning with Penang as usual.

Ng Boon Hock : At least, we have one less reason not to use indelible ink.


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