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Gay journalist - what difference would that make?
Published:  Jan 26, 2012 9:06 AM
Updated: 5:49 AM

YOURSAY 'Rosmah must disclose what exactly happened; it is pointless to let others to come to her defence, be it the designer, his publicists or this blogger.'

Blogger: Gay journo behind Rosmah expose

your say Changeagent: One thing is certain - the worst journalist in Australia has more journalism ethics and standards than the best journalist in the Malaysian mainstream media.

Although Australia practices freedom of  the press, all journalists are ultimately responsible and accountable for their own work.

If anyone is found to be deliberately engaging in false reporting, he or she will bear the brunt of the defamation law which is used to protect innocent victims against libelous prints.

If PM's wife Rosmah Mansor feels that she has been unfairly targeted and that there is no truth in Sydney Morning Herald columnist Andrew Hornery's article, she should exercise her right as a victim to pursue her exoneration in Australian courts.

Using pro-Umno bloggers to degrade Hornery as the worst journalist and being gay does not help her cause at all, but rather, strengthens the perception that she has no valid defence against the allegations.

Onyourtoes: The worst journalist, a gay journalist - what difference would this make?

Rosmah must disclose what exactly happened; it is pointless to let others to come to her defence, be it the designer, his publicists or this blogger in Pisau.Net.

Just give a truthful answer if she had spent that kind of money in Sydney.

I think the people of this country deserve better. Some privileges and special treatment may be accorded to the VIPs, but certainly not blatant abuse and an excessively opulent lifestyle while the majority of the rakyat are struggling.

We used to laugh at the communist autocrats and those third world tribal dictators. But are we any different? It makes our people-centric programmes look so phoney.

Remember Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos? I think it is not a coincidence that the Philippines is still struggling today. For more than 40 years, the country has suffered because of one corrupt leader and his wife.

Blind Freddo: OMG (Oh my God)... He's gay! Send the Jais (Selangor Islamic Affairs Department) hit squad to Sydney immediately.

We cannot possibly have evil disgusting gay men running down the beautiful and wonderfully generous first lady of Malaysia.

Is Umno so devoid of inspiration that they have to think of everything in terms of sexuality?

Dicky: Stupid blogger - why would you want to link this to Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim?

This story could be the work of DPM Muhyiddin Yassin's camp to embarrass Najib in retaliation to NFC (National Feedlot Corporation) fiasco played up by Najib's camp to discredit Muhyiddin.

This is Umno at war, it's not from the opposition.

Avatar_2397: I wouldn't be surprised if the fashion designer is gay too, in which case what's Umno, Hasan Ali and all their ilk going to do about it?

ACR: Why are all Umno bloggers 'P' fellows? Pisau, Parupukari, Papagomo.

The truth is Rosmah was in Sydney shopping. Whether the journalist who exposed this is gay or otherwise is immaterial.

Mohd: I am dumbfounded in seeing Umno people so fascinated with anything gay.

Sydney fashion designer: Rosmah did make purchases

Rick Teo: Someone is obviously not telling the truth. Is it journalist Andrew Hornery or fashion designer Carl Kapp or Prime Minister Najib Razak's wife Rosmah Mansor? There is a credibility issue at stake here.

Changeagent: Ah, that is the beauty of deductive reasoning. Kapp doesn't need to say how much Rosmah had spent for others to know.

He only needs to say how many custom-made dresses she ordered, and we can multiply that by the average price he charges per dress to estimate the amount spent.

GoneBananas: How muchmonthly allowance does the PM's wife receive?

If the answer is that she receives no allowance and depends entirely on her husband's generosity, then we may safely assume that Najib has access to vast amounts of liquidity well above his official salary as a government servant.

Pants on Fire: Why should they spend in Australia, which has a high exchange rate right now? Why not buy Malaysian clothes?

Najib and the government go around saying buy 1Malaysia, think 1Malaysia, cut down expenses, but in Australia, it's stay in expensive penthouses and shop till you drop.

Holden: Isn't there something terribly vulgar about the wives of leaders of third world and developing nations running around the world dripping in jewels and draped in satin while people at home are starving, jobless, scrimping and saving to survive?

Some well-known phrases come to mind like:

1) Nero fiddling while Rome was burning.

2) Marie Antoinette, the French queen's famous words when told that the people of Paris were starving: "Let them eat cake!"


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