Datuk T trio has powerful protectors

Modified 29 Jan 2012, 2:27 am

YOURSAY 'Don't get distracted. Stay focussed on NFC and the culprits who planted the explosives during 901 rally.'

'Umno laying groundwork for Sex Video 2.0'

your say Karma: The funny part is the Datuk T trio said they will show up in court only if Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim were to sue them.

They are so daring as to admit to be in possession of pornographic material. This means that they are well-protected.

We are sure if they claim that the man in the latest video is PM Najib Razak, they would already have been arrested and their houses or offices raided.

Pemerhati: In Malaysia, having and displaying pornographic material is an offence. Some time ago, the police warned the people that it was an offence to be in possession of the pornographic video featuring MCA chief Chua Soi Lek.

But the police have not issued such a warning to the Datuk T trio, who are now boasting that they have another pornographic video allegedly featuring Anwar.

The trio went to great lengths to discredit Anwar in their first video by getting an Anwar lookalike to perform in the sex video.

Some people seemed to have been fooled by the Datuk T trio into thinking that the Anwar lookalike in their sex video is actually Anwar because their American experts said that the actor in the sex video had a 99 percent match with the sample of Anwar that was used for comparison.

This information should be compared with the fact that the slightly more obese and a bigger bellied actor in the sex video does not have a beard , while Anwar was photographed in public, the day after the alleged incident, with a beard.

This clearly indicates with 100 percent certainty that the person in the video is not Anwar.

Proarte: I am absolutely convinced that the man in the video is Anwar. Have we seen the 'real' Anwar naked for us to be ''100 percent'' sure that he does not have a belly? Even thin people can have a 'belly'.

Furthermore, the angulation of the camera can also alter the contours of a person's anatomy. I am sure that there will be explanations for the 'belly', beard and haircut when the evidence is revealed in the court of law by international experts.

Let us not pre-empt the findings.

Remember that the video clips which we saw appeared to have been edited in Thailand (there was Thai script on some versions) and that the second video was filmed a few weeks earlier in Thailand.

Facial hair, hair length, etc, can alter in a matter of weeks.

HangTuah: Proarte, did the Dartmoth College 'experts' claim they were 99 percent sure the person in the video was Anwar or that the video was 99 percent authentic (meaning it was not doctored)?

By my reckoning, it could not have been the former because they have not seen Anwar in the flesh or have sufficient biometric details of Anwar for a comparison.

The trio could well have provided these so-called experts with detailed photographs of the Anwar lookalike 'star' in the video clip.

Anyway, just one simple question. Can you sprout a beard overnight?

Tidakboleh: The more sex video fabrications and shenanigans, the more the rakyat sympathise with Anwar and his family, the more they hate the regime power players, and the more the rakyat vote for the opposition.

Faz: It seems that Umno-BN is adamant to prove that they are beyond repair. This may be one of the last 'hairs' that will break the camel's back.

I'm not surprise if there are a few more 'hairs' to come but the silliness that come with it is too glaring to ignore.

I am hoping for a revamped Umno-BN after losing the power at Putrajaya to be a force to counter Pakatan Rakyat in the future, but they chose to go for broke and end up burying themselves.

Well, this is a democracy at work, and if Umno-BN chooses to kill itself, so be it.

Anonymous: Destroying Anwar does not in any way can stop our determination to remove all the corrupted people to rule us. We are concern of our future and the future of our children and our children's children. We are determined.

Onyourtoes: This is how we have become the land of the nincompoops. We get excited each time the word ‘sex' appears and that is why those despicable people are producing a sequel because they know sex sells.

May be we are not really desperate yet as a nation and that is why we are indulging in all these useless and meaningless activities. Never mind the conundrum of high inflation, stagnant wages, uncompetitive economy, endemic corruption, gross wastage, inefficiency and a nation divided by region, race and religion and income are staring right at our face.

The tragedy is politicians supposedly responsible for solving all these problems are not the ones facing the problems I have just mentioned.

They have their big fat pay and pension, accumulated savings from ill-gotten gains, and undeserved contracts and crony businesses to support their opulent lifestyle.

For the Datuk T trio, shall we examine their sources of income and the taxes they had paid? Obviously, they are people of leisure and of many means.

Dingy: Since Shuib Lazim (a member of Datuk T trio) claimed that he is in possession of pornographic materials from Thailand, the police should investigate him.

I hope the new CJ (chief justice) takes this seriously and this time it should be a jail term along with a few strokes of ‘rotan' as this is the second offence.

Nil: The need to release a new video can only mean that the previous ones were false - and this one too. Videos can be edited frame by frame. Maybe that is why this new one took so long in coming out.

Sexy: We are trying to grab market share in erotic tourism from Thailand. Ask any Singaporean 18-year-old girl, and they are not sure about their sexuality but our eight-year-olds can debate on the merits and demerits of sodomy.

I heard the latest debate is: ‘Adakah seks lebih hebat dengan isteri atau dengan orang lain?' Yum.

BornInM'sia: Don't get distracted. Stay focussed on the NFC (National Feedlot Corporation) scandal and the culprits who planted the explosives during the 901 rally.

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