Why 1M'sia logo, not Jalur Gemilang?

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YOURSAY 'If it really is not political, then you should allow the manufacturers to put the Malaysian flag instead.'

PM: 1M'sia logo on food packaging not political

your say Dood: How is forcing food producers to put the 1Malaysia logo on their products (or they will not get government subsidies) not political?

Everyone and their mother knows 1Malaysia is to Najib Razak as Islam Hadhari is to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Instead of helping further any worthwhile national cause, the logo only serves as a free PR (public relation) campaign for Najib.

If he is really sincere in wanting the public to know that the goods are subsidised by the government, then drop the logo.

Just have the words ‘Subsidised by the Malaysian government' instead, and I think many would be fine with that.

Blind Freddo: The 1Malaysia logo was designed by politicians. How can it be anything but political?

What else could it be in this country? All bow down to the 1Malaysia logo? Another way to keep the poor poor?

Nik V: Najib's answer lacks any sense, profoundness or thought. To most Malaysians, the 1Malaysia logo only exists in word and theory but not in spirit and practice.

Therefore, in every sense of the word, it is purely an Umno-BN's political propaganda.

Onyourtoes: Who would want to believe you 1Malaysia is not political, unless through your unsophisticated mind you think Malysians are idiots.

In fact, your reasoning and argument tell us a lot about yourself. You have no qualm to blatantly abuse power. You have no shame to take advantage of your position. It will backfire on you, you just watch.

Geronimo: Doesn't that prove one thing? People just don't believe in that crappy slogan so these fellas have to resort to force to make it work.

Najib is right - the ‘1Malaysia' is not politics, and neither it is about Malaysia.

It is about self-glorification that he would like to leave something behind for people to remember him by when he leaves the centre stage.

Windingup: If it really is not political, and is only about Malaysia, then you should allow the manufacturers to put the Malaysian flag instead of the 1Malaysia logo.

They can show their patriotism even better by proudly displaying the Jalur Gemilang. Come on Najib, prove to us that you're not full of doubletalk as usual.

Holden: Is displaying the logo going to make you love your country better?

Are your advisors that simplistic or are you assuming that the people of this country are that simplistic? Address the real issues that hinder the realisation of 1Malaysia and stop wasting time with token gestures.

Recovering million-dollar loans of the people's money from borrowers who have no intention in paying back might be a good place to start.

Kairos: The 1Malaysia logo is a useless logo. It means nothing because it is not backed up by actions.

In fact, in many instances, government decisions contradicts the spirit of it. It has increasingly been subject to table-talk ridicule and becoming nothing more than just an empty slogan.

So, putting the logo on essential items does not really carry the intended message but instead serves to bring the government to further disrepute because it would be a constant daily reminder to the rakyat of the open discrimination of the government in regard to race and religion.

So far, there is a lot of talk but no action. This whole exercise is in fact counterproductive to the government.

Anonymous_3f7d: So it's about Malaysia huh? That patriotic! Then what about the Hamza Kashgari case? Isn't that about Malaysia's reputation as well?

But you and that silly cousin of yours just had to mess it up. So who's giving our country a bad name? Now everyone around the world will think we'll just as stupid and brainless as you people.

Samsara: Najib, the rakyat is more educated, knowledgeable and smarter by the day. The money use to subsidise is rakyat's money which the government is holding in trust for them.

The government must listen to the voice of the rakyat. The empty 1Malaysia is clearly a political slogan of Umno BN.

Anonymous_3e4b: You mean to say sugar without the 1Malaysia logo is not sugar, flour without the 1Malaysia logo is not flour, and so on and so forth?

Paul Warren: You want to insert the logo on ballot boxes and voting slips as well? You want to have these logos in the classroom where voting takes place?

I am volunteering as a polling agent and I shall demand all such logos be removed from sight.

Podeh: Of course it's not political; it's poleeteekal.


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