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Ooi, you can't talk your way out of this
Published:  Feb 21, 2012 11:56 PM
Updated: Feb 22, 2012 1:02 AM

YOURSAY 'There is always a platform for your type of grievances and certainly the CSL/LGE debate is not one of them.'

Jessie Ooi defends poser to Guan Eng

your say Capricorn: Dear Jessie Ooi, it takes courage to admit mistakes and ask for forgiveness, and most folks would likely be receptive to your gesture if they sensed sincerity and humbleness.

However, you missed the opportunity to make things right. As a fellow Malaysian and a Chinese, I was ashamed of your conduct and mannerism while watching the debate.

I was equally disturbed and hugely disappointed with the behaviour of the other participants who posed questions; most were uncouth and lacking grace - uncommon traits among Malaysians of all races.

My children were both confused and amused with the commotion that was being telecast live - I had to interrupt and ensure they understood that was not the right way to behave.

I will show them the admirable behaviour of the students during the Khairy Jamaluddin/Rafizi Ramli debate in London, to help my children understand that civility is respected and appreciated.

I have asked my family to forgive the transgressions of Jessie and company, with the hope they will learn.

Ruben: You are the Selangor MCA Beliawanis chief and you claim that your question was misinterpreted. Jessie, I think you better resign from your post because a lot of people would have thought that you were definitely ‘kurang ajar' plus very far from being eloquent.

HYL: First of all, when you put questions to speakers at seminars, think and phrase your words carefully. Then talk calmly. These are fundamentals and basic rules that we are taught on making speeches and addressing the public.

When you speak in anger and get so worked up, you're talking incoherently and nonsense comes out from your mouth. It shows that you have a very disorganised mind.

Anonymous_3f7d: Holy cow! The law is the law and if you would like to be considered as part of a civilised society, you would just abide by the law, which is enforced to ensure law and order and civic consciousness in our society.

I remember more than 16 years ago when I was studying and working in the UK, you just have to go pay a 20-pound fine to have the traffic wardens unclamp your car if you've been found to exceed the parking time allocated.

So, in instances like that do you go and shout yourself hoarse, Jessie Ooi? Nobody does that because everybody knew that was the law and you just have to abide by it.

Lynn: If you are really interested to fight for a better Malaysia, you will ensure the rule of law to be consistently implemented and not indiscriminately practiced as and when deemed suitable, subject to the whims and fancies of politicians.

When the rules are consistently practiced, people know and appreciate that the law is applicable to everyone, even BN politicians. That's the problem plaguing this country now where BN politicians get away with everything.

Don't try to talk your way out of this. You came across as an opportunitist, and frankly a really stupid one. Don't try as you'll do more harm than good.

Changeagent: Thanks for the explanation, Jessie Ooi. Next time you mention that you're 'half a Penangite', we'll remember that you're actually not referring to Penang.

Joker: Misinterpreted by the media and public, so says Ms Tow Truck. Short-time limit, she laments. Your whole 'speech' was televised live, for goodness sake.

Is it a given that all MCA leaders are idiots and think all Malaysians are fools like them? How long would it take you to insert in 'Selangor assessment rates' in your ranting that night?

If you have spoken clearly instead of shouting yourself hoarse, you could have framed your question properly.

One more thing Ms Tow Truck, breaking the law means breaking the law. Illegally parking your car means your car is liable to be towed regardless if your car is blocking the traffic or not.

Does that mean I'm guiltless if I overspeed, run the red light and make illegal U-turns as long as I don't block or crash into anyone? Is it okay if Chua Soi Lek has another affair so long as he is not caught and the woman is participating in it willingly?

Anonymous: My daughter asked me why that ‘chaychay' (sister) was so angry? It was very rude to point fingers and shouting at someone, my daughter said.

She is only five years old. I am indeed very proud of my daughter. Shame on you, Jessie!

1M: About the assessment, I don't think you were referring to Selangor. You were actually making the assumption that Penang also raised the assessment since Selangor did it, without checking it out.

You bombarded LGE, thinking it could give you instant fame like that lady ( Ceylyn Tay ) from Gerakan.

And about the towing incident in Penang, I believe you were there since you said you were an eyewitness. I can't help thinking, why didn't you question the enforcement officers on the spot the way you did with LGE?

You were so fierce, I'm sure the enforcement officers would not dare touch those cars. You said in your recent statement, "I say what I must, I do what I must" - have you said anything to Ibrahim Ali so far?

Justice Pao: Ibrahim Ali will scream, "Shit, shit, shit!"

'This is no way to treat our leaders'


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