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Sound of cash register louder than rakyat's voices

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YOURSAY 'Till today, they are still clearing the mess that they created in Bukit Merah 26 years ago. Let not Lynas repeat this mistake in Kuantan.'

Gov't raises objection to Lynas legal challenge

your say Wira: What is there to object? The prime minister already said Lamp (Lynas Advanced Materials Plant) is safe.

Is the attorney-general (AG) suggesting that the environment minister might suddenly find his conscience and direct Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) to withdraw the temporary operational licence (TOL)?

HantuG99: We can only laugh at the preliminary objection raised by the AG that the applicants did not exhaust their domestic remedies before going to court.

This is an opportunity for all Malaysians to observe Malaysian justice at work and how the justice system in Malaysia affords no justice for Malaysians.

a) Despite thousands of people objecting to this project, the licence was issued by the ministry. The court can take judicial notice that the objections are not frivolous and vexatious but a serious issue to be dealt with in terms of health of the public at large.

The ministry has nevertheless issued the permit despite "failing to give an opportunity for taxpayers to study the documents". That is one of the arguments by the applicants.

b) On that basis alone, there is no need to comply with domestic remedies as the breach by the ministry is fatal and void ab initio . It would make no sense to challenge an order by appealing to the minister when the initial decision was fundamentally wrong.

Soo Jin Hou: Did we not submit over 1,000 feedback forms objecting to the Lynas plant? Is that not exhausting all avenues? Do you want us to get on our knees and beg?

BornInM'sia : Let it be remembered that today, the AG under the government of Barisan Nasional headed by PM Najib Razak, objected to the legal challenge against the AELB.

2cts worth: The government raising objection to the rakyat's wishes? Now it is the government pitting against its people. What has happened to the maxim of governance by the people, of the people, and for the people?

Hey you guys on your high horses, get down from there and listen to us. We want no Lynas on our property. You are being fattened and sheltered by our finances, remember.

Maplesyrup: Even if the risk of radiation from the Lynas plant is 0.00000000000001%, considering the miserable economic benefits to Malaysians of the plant (with its low job creation for locals and 10-year tax holiday), why would a 'people first, performance now' government allow this?

Isn't the AG and the minister standing on the same side?

Kgen: Shouldn't the AG be acting in the public's interest and not in Lynas's interest? Is he getting a cut of Lynas's revenue too?

Swipenter: The public's perception is that the ringing sound of the cash register is louder and is drowning the voices of the rakyat opposed to Lynas.

Can we then mount a legal challenge in Australia where we have a better chance of a fair hearing, on whether the waste produced from the Lynas refining operations is indeed safe for humans and the environment?

If it is not safe enough for Australians, then it is not safe enough for anyone, anywhere. We have the now defunct ARE (Asian Rare Earth) plant in Bukit Merah, Perak, and that has proven to be unsafe.

L Joy: It is incredible that this government fights for business and foreign interests and against its own people, in the very state from which the prime minister comes. What is RM700 million as opposed to the voice of the people, yet Umno and Najib want it?

What is this government known for? We can guess from the almost daily doses of corrupt acts being reported in the media.

This government fears that their controlled courts can decide against them or what? Why does an appeal need to go to a minister, as if that minister knows more than the experts who have spoken against the project?

In spite of mammoth rallies in Kuantan and elsewhere - attended by people from across all segments of society - this government refuses to listen.

Well, let's then get the greens and the yellows to join forces to show this government the power of the people. Show Umno the door, it's beyond redemption.

Peace: In 1986, Mitsubishi started the Bukit Merah ARE plant. Residents forced them to stop operations in 1992. Till today, 20 years later, they are still clearing the mess that they created 26 years ago. Let not Lynas repeat this mistake in Kuantan.

Disbeliever: Obviously from this preliminary objection from the AG's Chambers, we can conclude that the government is going to allow Lynas to operate in this country at all costs, for reasons best known to them, which we can at best speculate that probably a lot of money has changed hands legally and illegally.

The only way we can ensure that Lynas is not allowed to operate in Malaysia now and ever is to show the BN government our displeasure at the ballot box.

Kgen: In any case, it's already a done deal. Lynas will operate despite widespread public opposition.

This government isn't afraid of losing the election, it is only afraid of not getting two-thirds majority. The electoral process has been so gerrymandered and compromised that BN can hardly lose.


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