Welfare aid, like tax, has no political colours

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VOXPOP 'If they want to give the money to only BN supporters, then they should not collect tax from opposition supporters.'

I feel humiliated, says disabled man who lost aid

vox populi small thumbnail Little Sparrow: How come BN can use taxpayers' money to give subsidies to only BN supporters?

This money belongs to all Malaysians, irrespective whether one supports the opposition or BN. If they want to give the money to only BN supporters, then they should not collect tax from opposition supporters.

Lim Chong Leong: The right to vote is a fundamental right in a democracy and that means the person has the right to vote for any party he sees fit to represent him in government.

To punish someone because of his different political beliefs is an infringement of that fundamental right to vote and is thus criminal. To use the government machinery and funds to do so is even greater a crime.

Sarawak's assistant agriculture minister Mong Dagang must be punished for his serious abuse of power together with all those who carried out his directive.

Chuath: We are humiliated that BN would use taxpayers' money to intimidate voters and bully them into submission. One can think of a string of words to describe such actions.

Anonymous_3f7d: The first thing Sri Aman DAP branch chief Leon Jimat Donald has to do is to mobilise the public to help collect money to help tie farmer Frusis Lebi over during this difficult period.

There is no point helping him to lodge a police report because the directive has been given in black and white and the only recourse for the victim is to take legal action against Mong. But that would take time as well as financial resources.

1Muak: Actually this has been practiced throughout the country for a very long time. And because of this, people have accepted it as 'normal practice'. Will Najib go around the country, rectify this mistake and ask for forgiveness?

Public uproar over cop who 'kicked' motorcyclist

Maplesyrup: The Malaysian PM has apologised to the people of Kedah for the wrongs committed. Ironically, the police do not see fit to 'follow the leader'.

Every time when an incident like this happens, the police will point the fingers at others.

I recall years ago when the police opened fire and killed a young doctor who was in a parked car with a young Muslim girl. The police said the same thing - that the young man had tried to ram them with his car.

Malaysia is not just unsafe because of thieves and robbers, but we have to keep a lookout for trigger-happy or over-zealous cops.

EugeneT: Assuming the events that took place were true, both parties were in the wrong; the 14-year-old was illegally riding a motorcycle without a helmet, and the cop used physical force inappropriately, intending to harm a teenager.

However, I sympathise with the teenager who was on the wrong end of "justice". While he committed an offence, he did not deserve to suffer this kind of brutality.

Anonymous_40f4: If the boy had died, then they will say, "He committed suicide" because he was very frightened that he would be arrested as he was carrying maybe one kilogramme of morphine or two parangs and one pistol.

He then shot at the police, who fired back, and the boy got killed.

Borg Kinaulu: You mean they didn't find any concealed weapons such as parang or Japanese swords, or some kind of illegal substance, on the boy or his bike? There must be an oversight.

Wira: The police officer/constable on the beat should carry a camera with them. Shoot using a camera and not with your gun when dealing with minor offenders.

Azizi Khan: Stay calm everyone. Before you know it, the "investigations" will be completed and everything will be swept under the carpet.

Witnesses will be "mysteriously" turned. Lim Hup Hwang, of course, will be found in the course of the investigation that the injuries were self inflicted, caused by "jumping off" the motorcycle while it was moving.

He will be fined while the cop will be mysteriously promoted and stationed elsewhere.

Bobby Cheng: All the good work of our men in blue being destroyed because of a few idiots. The taxpayers' money is being wasted to fund police brutality on own civilians.

The Home Ministry must seriously put a stop to cases like this, failing which the rakyat will lose more confidence in the police force which is supposed to take care of the well-being of all. It is a failure of the administration and a revamp of the entire system is required.

Seriously those abusers behave as if they are the godfathers of the nation. What a disgrace to humankind. What is the difference between road bullies and man in blue in the picture?

Zz2XX: The funny thing is that in many places, the helmet rule doesn't exist. People ride their bikes without helmets in broad daylight and the police are not bothered.

You will just need to stop at secondary schools and you will see almost all secondary pupils do not wear helmets.

The police will just need to wait in front of any secondary school and they can practise their kicking skills to perfection.


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