Understanding the sick mind of Yazid Sufaat
Published:  Mar 22, 2012 1:04 AM
Updated: 3:15 AM

VOXPOP 'This man is not in any right frame of mind to be walking our streets. He breathes hatred and believes killing is the best way to resolve issues.'

Yazid hails 9/11 attackers as 'marketers of Islam'

vox populi small thumbnail Disbeliever: I feel sorry for you, Yazid Sufaat. If the 9/11 attackers are hailed as 'marketers of Islam', then the perception is that Islam is a 'terrorist religion'.

Perhaps my knowledge of comparative studies in religions is shallow, but from the various readings I've made, there is no religion in the world that teaches its disciples to kill innocent lives.

Even Islam forbids the taking away of one's life; what more of others'. The problem that exists right now is that many Muslims are misinterpreting the Quran.

A good example is the term 'jihad', which has been misinterpreted in so many ways, thus 9/11, the Bali bombings and other acts of terrorism are deemed to be 'jihad'.

One thing is very clear - God (in whichever religion and form that the Almighty appears) has never asked its followers to take innocent lives and that He is a God of love and compassion.

I believe too that Islam is a great religion but some of its followers (including Yazid) have given it a negative image to the world.

Chritopher Loi: This man is not in any right frame of mind to be walking our streets. He breathes hatred and believes killing is the best way to resolve issues.

I thought a psychiatrist was supposed to check if he was okay before his release from ISA (Internal Security Act).

Too many rapists and robbers spent time in jail and only to return to their old selves after their release. I hope he is not going to be one of them.

Gusnargh: This man is deranged. He sees conspiracies at every turn and justifies his actions because he sees it somehow as "defending his own beliefs". I think Malaysiakini has done a good job interviewing him.

If nothing else, I feel that it has turned a lot of normal-thinking Malaysians against this sort of ideology.

I hope this isn't taken as a justification for the ISA, however. Detention without trial needs to be abolished if this country is to progress and men like Yazid should be charged in a court of law, judged according to the laws of the country and put away for whatever crimes he has committed.

Yazid, please be reminded, faith is supposed to be redemptive, not coercive. I don't think you understand that - since you don't believe in democracy.

Kairos: So according to Yazid's twisted ideology, it is okay to kill innocent people to promote and market your faith.

He argued that the 9/11 attackers killed 3,000 people is allowable in Islam because it demonstrates their love and worship of their god.

What kind of a god are they portraying to non-Muslims? A god of hatred and murder and slaughtering of men and women just because they hate Americans and their capitalist system?

Please, keep this belief system to yourself. I don't want it.

Mat Malaysia: Why is this modern day 'Don Quixote' not still behind bars? Who let him out? He is obviously an unrepentant menace to society.

Kakarook: So Allah asks you to kill innocent people all over the world - the innocent people in the train going to work, the kids going to school, the pregnant woman going to hospital?

Let me tell you that what you are believe in is not true Islam. I have lots of Muslim friends and they are really a peace-loving people.

What you believe in is killing. And I can conclude you believe in Satan instead.

Retard: Wow, attributing the increase of Islam converts to all these killings is a real leap of faith, isn't it? If only statistics were that simple.

Hasan Ali trades barbs with successor

Dont Just Talk: Talk all you want, former Selangor PAS chief Hasan Ali. After all, the 13th GE is just around the corner and you will be left with no party to stand as their candidate.

PAS has expelled a loudmouth like you. Umno will not touch you with a 10-foot pole because you are not a winnable candidate. Perhaps you should stand under a Perkasa ticket and in the process, lose your deposit.

But at least, Hasan Ali, as the second court jester in Malaysia, you make rational Malaysians laugh at your antics.

Ferdtan: I thought Hasan Ali puts three imperatives before himself - royalty, race and religion.

By snubbing the Selangor sultan in not attending not one but two functions graced by His Majesty, he had failed in his self-proclaimed mission.

He is all talk (which a career motivator is good at), but no action.


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