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RM600mil in 11 weeks is legalised vote buying
Published:  Apr 1, 2012 3:13 AM
Updated: 1:54 PM

YOURSAY ‘What Najib gives out today is going to be collected back after the election by Pemandu CEO Idris Jala.'

PM, DPM disburse RM600mil over 11 weeks

your say Trueglitter: The rakyat are understandably overwhelmed with anger and disbelief that the PM and DPM have had the gall to embark on a national spending spree when a whopping sum of RM609 million was disbursed to the people on their nationwide visits over a period of 11 weeks.

If such unacceptable practices are not considered and classified as abuse of power of the highest form or construed as pecuniary attempts at vote buying, then what is.

The nation and rakyat should not be thus held to ransom and made to suffer the consequences of BN's desperation to stay in power, particularly when it's seen the rakyat's money has been unjustifiably and defiantly disbursed by party leaders to garner votes in coming GE.

Regrettably, the political opportunism of BN would only be short lived as the general public are now more knowledgeable and better informed to distinguish between corrupt practices and unbiased government aids.

Anonymous: It's like a carnival atmosphere with so much of money being handed out just to buy votes. Isn't there any sense of accountability?

Frivolous expenses, promises of projects, free lunches, free dinners and handouts for the slightest of reasons just to buy votes. The amount of taxpayer's money being splashed is frightening.

Let's give Pakatan Rakyat a mandate of five years and let's see the difference.

Jaguh: This nothing more than legalised 'vote buying' and legalised 'cheating'. Call it what you want, but if BN thinks that a few hundred bucks can change a person's mind, then they are in for a surprise.

Perakians got the most amount and rightfully and so, since they were robbed of a decent government. People will take the money and maybe say ‘thanks but no thanks' to BN's future leadership.

Anonymous_40f4: The actual figure may be RM1 billion. Well, they spend the money as if it belongs to their grandfather. Using taxpayers' money for their party and personal campaigning, don't they have any shame?

Insane^Truth: Hello PM, I am a government contractor and I have not been paid for 15 months. I was given two months' payments recently. Sarawak, Sabah and Perak are suffering with late payments. What money are you distributing?

SMC77: Have we been hit by a tsunami or did any natural disasters happen recently? Why did the government disburse RM609 million in less than three months? It sounds like BN is using our hard-earned money to fund their election machine.

Shanandoah: The people will get the government they deserve. Najib and his deputy are desperate to stay on in power, lest all their wrongdoings will come to light.

Pakatan needs to come to power in order to clean up all the mess the nation is facing. May there be a new dawn after more than half a century of darkness.

Unspin: I was told that some ‘kampung' folk in Pagoh (Muhyiddin Yassin's constituency) got free computer notebooks, amongst other things. If this is not political bribery, I don't know what else to call it.

1Upset: Another feedback from Pagoh constituency is that every time there is a ceramah by Muhyiddin, there would be a RM50 gift to be given.

No wonder Pagoh folks rushed there even though many came from far-off places. What is the Election Commission (EC) doing about it? Is this not political bribery to buy votes?

I would give Pakatan my vote as the 53 percent debt ratio to GDP is still not critical to BN. I wonder what type of logic Deputy Finance Minister Awang Adek Hussin has.

Disgusted: Bribes for rakyat right, left and centre especially the weakest spots - Perak and Johor - where they have lost a lot of support.

After the elections, they will collect back double or triple the amount by increasing rates, taxes, etc, or otherwise the government goes bankrupt.

Whose money is Najib disbursing on behalf of BN to win the elections? It's the rakyat's money. Why is the EC keeping quiet. Isn't this a breach of election rules?

All I can tell the rakyat is take the money as it belongs to you, and vote for Pakatan for a change.

Wira: If this drags on for another year, Najib would have handed out RM3 billion to keep the feel-good going for BN.

That would have meant three years' collection of the General Sales Tax (GST) at 4% percent What Najib gives out today is going to be collected back after the election by Pemandu CEO Idris Jala.

Sad Malaysian: The amount is twice that of the National Feedlot Corporation's (NFC) soft loan. Does Najib think it's so easy for us to pay taxes?

Foo: Is it Christmas? It looks like we have two Santas!


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