Dataran attack: Public can draw their own conclusion

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YOURSAY 'How come no such disturbances occur at Umno ceramahs? It does not take a genius to figure that out.'

Dataran attack claims may be to rile up public, says Hisham

your say Karma: When allegations of Christian conspiracy came up in Utusan Malaysia , Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussien immediately claimed that there was likelihood of truth to the conspiracy.

That was before the allegation was proven. Utusan was not punished after Hishammuddin admitted in Parliament that actually there was no proof after investigation by police.

He even once supported the cow-head gang despite these thugs created something that can rile public sentiments. Oh, he was the one who kissed the ‘keris' and made remarks that angered the Chinese.

Now, he seemed to be the one riling public sentiments by quickly alleging that the attack could be fake.

Gen2: After the open support he gave to the cow-head stompers, what else can you expect from this home minister.

Instead of trying to put a political twist to every demonstration, he should acknowledge publicly that the students have a right to demonstrate and it is the duty of the police to protect this right.

It is sad that the qualities of our ministers are so low that they continue to mix up their mandatory duties to the public and their loyalties to their political party.

The government should take the lead to make the common Malaysian politically mature like in the West but it is the common citizen and civil society who now have to teach the government how to behave in a politically-correct manner.

Kairos: It is a strange coincidence that the same thuggery is seen on several occasions whenever Pakatan Rakyat holds their ceramahs.

How come no such disturbances occur at Umno ceramahs? It does not take a genius to figure that out. Then the same thuggery happens to the students at Dataran Merdeka.

We cannot help but put two and two together and guess what, we think we come to the same conclusion. It's all politically motivated and backed up by a party which would stop at nothing to be elected again.

Onyourtoes: Hishammuddin, it was not a claim; it was a fact that the students were attacked. What you need to do is to find out who the attackers were and who financed them.

This group of no-hopers can't be going around with their motorbikes without someone paying them. Why must you immediately assumed that the attack was staged to gather sympathy?

I also can assume that you were too chicken to take action and hence have decided to resort to extrajudicial means. Ask yourself who would want to go around attacking and causing physical harm to others if they are not paid?

Are those no-hopers so convinced of their political belief that the students staging their tents in Dataran Merdeka were wrong. I doubt it. Those no-hopers don't even know why the students are there in the first place. They don't even know what PTPTN (Higher Education Loan Fund) is.

To those Umno-BN supporters or sympathisers, let me give you an idea on how to be heroes overnight. You too can set up some tents at the other corner or even at the centre of Dataran Merdeka and sit there proclaiming how the Pakatan Rakyat state governments have abused you.

You know what; no one will hassle you. You will be protected around the clock by Rela and the police. Some federal ministers will visit you to give you moral and material support.

Utusan , New Straits Times , Star and Berita Harian will send teams of reporters and photographers there to interview and to take photographs of you. All the ‘beliawanis' will be there too, bringing homemade cakes and cookies. You will be instant heroes.

Democrat: What's Hishammuddin talking about? Did he see the petrified looks on the students? Are you condoning a culture of thuggery? You are an irresponsible minister. Quit, Hishammuddin, quit.

Fair&Just: Only those deemed to be immune from the might of the authority will dare to blatantly and openly carried out their heinous and despicable attack. It's obvious who are the real culprits here.

Gerard Lourdesamy: Is the home minister implying that the students attacked themselves? Or that they made up this story? There is ample evidence of the attack. Why were the police standing by and doing nothing?

If they are gangsters and thugs in the pay of the ruling party and their NGO supporters like Perkasa and Pekida, the police will treat them with kid gloves. But when it comes to those fighting for political, human, social and economic rights, the police treat them like terrorists and criminals.

The home minister should accept full responsibility and resign. A RCI (royal commission of inquiry) should be formed to investigate the incident. As it stands the majority of the public are behind the students and not this corrupt and dictatorial government.

Confused: Why does BN supporters always assume that if anyone is going against the policies of the government, he or she is automatically an opposition supporter. Why cannot they just accept that the students are fighting for their own rights and interest?

Joker: I hope the students will talk to their friends and parents who are voters in Hishammuddin's constituency of Sembrong.

Gobsmacked!: I think Hisham has shown himself a real moron in this reaction of his. All he has to do is to check with the police who were present at the scene to verify the incident.

This kind of home minister who is so bias and thinks the whole world is against him should resign. He cannot carry out his job professionally.

There have been too many cases where hoodlums have disrupted meetings of the opposition and some even from his constituency. Either he shapes up or ships out, no two ways about it.

There has been too much uncalled for and unnecessary violence.

Telestai!: Honestly, I have not heard anything intelligent coming out from the home minister's mouth. I can understand one's skepticism, but stupidity is quite a different matter.


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