It's our padang and we've the right to use it

Modified 25 Apr 2012, 3:48 am

YOURSAY 'Bersih 3.0 is not anti-government. It is for clean and fair elections. No right-thinking person could be against this.'

Bersih adamant on holding rally at Dataran

your say Mat Malaysia: Never ever forget - we are the bosses. DBKL (Kuala Lumpur City Hall), police and Umno are our servants. If we want to use our Dataran Merdeka, then we shall use it and no one can stop us.

This ‘padang' belongs to the people of Malaysia. It doesn't belong to DBKL. Get this right - never ever be intimidated by the peons who run this country on our behalf.

They should be made to understand their position. They are not our superiors. They work for us and are paid by us.

If we say we want to use Dataran Merdeka for the good of the people of this country and the generations to come, then these peons are to be there to assist us.

That is what they are supposed to do. The police are to be there to look after our safety. That is their job.

So why is it so difficult to understand this?

We shall not be intimidated by your stupidity and narrow mindedness. We will be there in such a force never seen in this country, so beware.

2cts Worth: Bersih co-ordinator S Ambiga, you are great. It's right not to have any political tone in the gathering.

Bersih is not anti-government either. It is for clean and fair elections. No right-thinking person could be against this.

Sarajun Hoda: Bersih's A Samad Said is right. First prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman did not raise the Malaysian flag for culture or music, as promoted by DBKL.

The flag was raised for freedom. That makes it the right venue for a new struggle for 'merdeka' from a corrupted regime.

The first merdeka was not a full merdeka because the British passed power to a local regime to continue with its policies, enforced by colonial laws such as ISA, etc.

This time, the struggle is for a complete and real merdeka. All enactments from the British time must be dismantled. Malaysians will then finally be free.

Good Men: Those who don't support clean and fair elections are clearly those who want to stay in power even though the people want them to go. They fear the rakyat's choice.

Malaysians who want to come clean in support of Bersih are coming from all directions, and best of luck to the DBKL officers.

It's our right as Malaysians to stay or go where we like, especially in Dataran Merdeka. DBKL does not have the right to tell us what we should do.

Fair Play: The question is - will DBKL (the caretaker) dare take on Bersih 3.0 (the rakyat)?

More importantly, how would PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) see their role, especially after Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein had declared that the sit-in would not pose any security risk?

J Yeoh: The tactic of the relevant government parties aiming to suppress Bersih 3.0 is expected.

But the more they suppress, the more the rakyat want to go. I am encouraging my senior friends to go and join the young ones, just to show that we too, share our vision for a clean government for the love of our motherland, Malaysia.

Dhammika: This is what I called strong leadership and decision-making from Bersih. These are the leaders that we don't see in BN from the premier downwards.

Bersih doesn't flip-flop and is serious in making Malaysia a truly clean and transparent country, free from corruption.

Don't Play-Play: If they still insist on occupying Dataran Merdeka, may I suggest DBKL to construct cages like the ones in Zoo Negara at the ‘padang'.

Please provide sufficient bananas and peanuts for them. It would be nice for the public to converge at the venue and spent their weekend watching their antics.

Nambikai: Don't Play-Play, if you do not support clean and fair elections, then you must be supporting the opposite, which is dirty and unfair elections.

If Umno is a fair party which wants to win fair and square, why should it oppose a cause which is just asking for fairness? Think about it.

Bob Teoh: Remember Bersih 2.0? PM Najib Razak made all sorts of promises. In the end, the police fired tear gas. No more tricks, Bersih 3.0 must be at the Dataran.

GoneBananas: This is the final showdown between the reactionary forces from the feudal past and a dynamic and vibrant dream of freedom, justice and wise governance in a Malaysia, liberated from the politics of ‘tempurungism' (narrow-mindedness).

Anoymous: Count me in. I will be there as it's time that we ordinary citizens step forward to secure a good future for our children.

It's the least we can offer and it's our obligation to hand over to our next generation a good nation.

Please, Malaysians, for once, show that we love our nation and we want a clean electoral roll which we deserve.

Be with Bersih in Dataran Merdeka as Dataran belong to us, not DBKL or Umno.

Anonymous: So it is, the Dataran. We will be there at 2pm on Saturday, rain or shine, tear gas or no tear gas, chemical-laced water or drain water. We shall be there. We need to for the sake of this nation.

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