Perkasa shoots itself in the foot in Penang

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YOURSAY 'This sort of behaviour is an absolute shame to the faith that Muslims profess. Perkasa has once again made a mockery of their religion.'

Perkasa holds 'funeral rite' in front of Guan Eng's house

your say Kairos: It is total inconceivable that Perkasa on one hand champions Islam, and yet on the other hand does something like this that is totally unIslamic.

This sort of behaviour is an absolute shame to the faith that Muslims profess. Perkasa has once again made a mockery of their religion.

They are a total reject from their own kind and certainly 'kurang ajar' from a Malaysian point of view. Nobody in their right mind would wish death on anybody no matter how much they may disagree.

Only fanatics and deranged people do this. I'm afraid that's what the supporters of Perkasa are.

Boiling Mud: If these jokers are harping like broken tape recorder on the issue of mosque land being "made to disappear" when Bayan Mutiara was sold to a private developer, it gets me to wonder why the need to have so many places of worship every stone-throw away when these jokers who profess to be the believers have failed so miserably to learn and practise the good values of the religion?

Any true God-fearing person knows it is a sin to use religion as a political tool for selfish personal gain. No?

Trust Perkasa to understand rituals and rites of other races, they are just too ignorant to know. In Chinese custom, sometimes mock funeral rite is performed to turn the tide to better fortune and health.

These idiots are really hopeless and beyond redemption. In a way, the mock funeral rite is giving Penang CM Lim Guan Eng another new lease of life, which is a good sign.

Disgusted: What are these idiots up to? They are just low-down Umnoputras who instead of working, are wasting their time demonstrating for nothing at all. No wonder these Umnoputras never seem to prosper inspite of having things given to them on a platter.

They only know one thing - being rent-seekers and as proxies to their higher-ups. They don't know how to roll up their sleeves and work like the rest of the rakyat to earn a living.

Now that Penang is under Pakatan Rakyat and they can't compete with other hardworking bumiputeras, they try to create trouble to destablise the Penang government and try to grab back the state by hook or by crook so that they can get back to the good old days of robbing and plundering the state.

Not in a long shot. Penangites have wisen up to their follies. They can keep doing all these monkey tricks and it will only backfire on them.

Awakened: This action by Perkasa shows their low-class mentality. In Bahasa Malaysia, we called them ‘biadab' for their total disregard or respect of the CM .

Can't the police charge them for public nuisance or disturbance? Why can't they bring their grievances in a more civilised manner?

Satu Malaysian: Obviously, they cannot accept anything that is clean, transparent, accountable and responsible.

They would rather fight, slander, bully, intimidate and cause havoc in the streets than to be like normal and decent Malaysians who go to work for a living, pay their taxes and take care of their families.

I believe these are all being done with the blessings of the ruling elite because the police seem to turn a blind eye to these hoodlums ever since the people of Penang opted for a Pakatan government.

Penangities, be very afraid. These are the types of people who will be ruling Penang if BN comes back to power.

Zubir: I can only said congratulation to Penang Pakatan and thank you to Perkasa for helping to tarnish BN's image among the Penangites.

CiViC: I wonder if the police will spring into action like it did when someone utters a few compromising words about PM Najib Razak in the blogs or when a student says, ‘Police are as good as dead.'

Perhaps someone should do the same outside Najib's house, and see if anything happens.

Jedi_Who: Could we also burn paper submarines in front of the PM's house. This will bring good fortune to him in the afterlife.

Bumiasli: The photos are clear, the person who created the commotion is known, and so is the organisation. This is definitely not a peaceful protest which is in line with what the rakyat want. This is a racial protest and a very serious one too.

Perkasa is going too far and someone needs to put a stop to these hooliganism. Malaysia belongs to all races and Perkasa must learn to respect that.

I suggest someone organise a death ritual for Perkasa's head, because he is behind this racial protest.

And what are the police going to do about it, especially when they have all the evidence?

Tholu: What lowly-minded people will do this. This is not only a despicable act but an offence under the Penal Code for trespassing on another private property.

Throwing posters on the road (because the public did not want to accept them) and thereby littering, is also an offence punishable under the law.

The police and the relevant authorities should act against them immediately. This group of Umno sidekicks is desperate and is afraid of its rejection by the majority of Penang's electorate.

KJ Lim: When undergraduate students did the same thing involving BN ministers, the authorities went after them in light speed.

However, when this is done against non-BN politicians, the authorities suddenly became deaf, blind and dumb.

Onyourtoes: I don't know if this group of nincompoops can be hauled up by Jabatan Agama Pulau Pinang for blasphemy, for they are Muslims indulging in Hindu funeral rites.


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