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Thosaimen 1, Buttmen and Burgermen 0
Published:  May 19, 2012 9:18 AM
Updated: 5:29 AM

YOURSAY 'All this crude mess of burger stalls and butt exercises would not have come about if people in top positions think carefully before they speak.'

Thosai protest at deputy IGP's house called off

your say Democrat 53: It is good that some good sense has penetrated some of these morons like hawkers' group Ikhlas president Mohd Ridzuan Abdullah and his behind-the-scene supporters, such as DIGP (deputy inspector-general of police) Khalid Abu Bakar.

I suppose the threat of a thosai stall made them start thinking what others could also do.

In actual fact, this entire episode has damaged the Umno cause so much so that fence-sitters now know who to vote against.

Up2U: At the end of the day, it's right to call off this charade. If others are doing stupid acts, the righteous should not stoop so low as to imitate such stupidity. A point has been made and duly noted.

Mushiro: Please also give Ikhlas and its president Ridzuan one thosai 'tak ada telur' for calling off the burger event outside Bersih co-chairperson S Ambiga's house. It reflects their lack of drive and determination.

RR: All this crude mess of the burger stall and butt exercises, and now in retaliation the thosai stall, would not have come about if people in top positions think carefully before they speak.

The idiotic statement coming from a deputy IGP, with the Kuala Lumpur mayor closing one eye over the illegal operation outside of Ambiga's residence, are cases of total irresponsibility not befitting the positions they hold.

They should wear their thinking caps before they talk or take action. These people should always be independent from party politics.

How will they face the leaders of the opposition when they come into power? Resign or get out? God bless Malaysia.

Boiling Mud: The fact remains that setting up a burger stall anywhere in Kuala Lumpur area without any trading permit has flouted the DBKL (KL City Hall) law.

The relevant authority must act on this illegal 'assembly' as it did to prohibit a rally being held at Dataran Merdeka.

As it is, the city is becoming more and more like a fourth world slum with our ‘abang-adik' from across the Straits of Malacca setting up stalls faster than rat breeding.

The city is so filthy as days go by. What is DBKL doing about it?

Peacemaker: Thank you, WargaAman, this is sensible move. Let's not stoop low like those in Perkasa/Pekida/army veterans/Ikhlas, etc. Let them damage BN's hope in this GE13.

Anonymous_3e06: It is a real pity you have called off the thosai sale. But I am sure deputy IGP Khalid would have learnt how stupid he was to say it is okay to have a protest outside people's house.

With people like him as DIGP, you can see where the police force is heading.

Raja Chulan: As a law-abiding citizen, may I ask the authorities to charge Ridzuan. Also the other guy - the president (of whatever veteran association he claims to be). Let this be also a lesson for our deputy IGP.

Khalid seems to be only now learning the basics on law and order. Can't we find a better man in the entire PDRM for the deputy IGP's job? What a pathetic situation we are in.

Headhunter: They think that they can bully Malaysians into submission by their uncouth and primitive behaviour.

They only show themselves to be fools who are led by the nose to do Umno's dirty work. It goes to show that they can't distinguish between right and wrong.

They deserve all the condemnation that has been directed at them. If they don't feel the shame now, I'll say they are really thick-skinned.

The worst thing that came out of all these is that we have a foolish DIGP who are in league with these culprits. No wonder the police have such a bad reputation.

Anonymous_3ec6: Ambiga is a social reformer and was honoured in the White House for her contributions for clean and fair elections. Nothing of that ever came out in the local media.

PM's wife Rosmah Mansor gets a honorary doctorate, the whole mass media controlled by BN flashes it prominently. The Malaysian public are not stupid anymore.

Butt dancers and burger sellers have no dignity or class to be near Ambiga. Look at her, she offered isotonic drinks to the protesters (read: bullies). That's what we call a cultured person.

Muslims don't drink 100 Plus, it seems, only ‘air suam' (warm water) - what an idiot is this so-called army veteran who said such a thing?

Timothy: Ridzuan, if organising 'burger protest' in front of Ambiga's house is 'teaching her a lesson,' then I really do not what is the lesson learnt here?

All we learnt is that you were trying the threaten and intimidate her, a lady. It sounds to me more like a bully.

I just wonder how you 'butt dancers' and 'burger protesters' are going to teach your children and grandchildren about 'kesopanan dan kesusilaan'.

It looks like the thosaimen are more matured and civil-minded then the buttmen and burgermen. Better learn to make and eat thosai from them.

FellowMalaysian: We should toss the burgers and thosai into Khalid's big mouth for encouraging these hooligans. As deputy IGP, where are his senses?


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