Xenophon can teach Najib about accountability

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YOURSAY ‘The Australian senator can teach our political leaders how to stand up and face accountability like a man.'

Xenophon: I'll defend myself if charged over Bersih 3.0

your say Cannon: Australian Senator Nick Xenophon can teach our political leaders how to stand up and face accountability like a man, not like some who would whisper into the ears of a police brutality victim the apology of the government when the apology is not only due to the injured victim, but to all the injured victims of Bersih 3.0 and to the whole nation for messing up really badly the safety and security of citizens engaging in a peaceful rally.

Lover Boy: Xenophon, you are indeed very brave to talk the way that you do. I admire your courage. However, let me state a fact in Malaysia that you may not know.

In the Mongolian translator Altantuya Shariibuu case, her immigration records proving that she entered Malaysia cannot be found. She ended up being C4-ed (blown up with plastic explosives) by the PM's bodyguards and the two chaps are now facing a death sentence.

We accept the fact that you are an independent senator not aligned to any political party. Our defence minister has made it clear that Malaysia is an independent country and does not care two hoots about French jurisdiction.

Likewise if you were to come to Malaysia , you will be subjected to Malaysian law just as had happened to Altantuya. I call upon all-right thinking Malaysian to pray for your safety and may the good Lord bless you.

Lynn: Let's contrast Xenophon's attitude against that of Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's and PM Najib Razak's when responding to the Scorpene charges.

One says he will not cooperate, whilst the other says French laws have no jurisdiction on Malaysians. No prize for guessing who is guilty.

Anonymous #88568176: Well, that's great, isn't it? A gentleman, willing to answer charges hurled at him when he knows he has done nothing wrong.

And in Najib's case, he swore he did not know Altantuya Shaariibuu and the commissions paid to his buddy, analyst Abdul Razak Baginda.

If Najib is not guilty, surely the best way is to prove it is in a French court so that no Pakatan politician or anyone else can say the Malaysian institutions covered and protected him then and now.

By refusing to answer to the French court's summons, should there be one, in the words of his defence minister and close buddy Zahid, indicates he is not as truthful as this Australian senator, whom they tried to character assassinate.

Najib knows he is guilty as night follows day, period.

Jedi_Who: They are indirectly saying "you drop lawsuit, we drop illegal rioter claim". They have been bullying Malaysians like this for decades.

Anonymous #88391667: Xenophon, do not believe their words. When they apologise, they do not mean it at all.

They just hope you will pity them and will not sue them. This is what they have been doing to the opposition and the people of Malaysia all this while.

If you are a man of principle, whom we believe you are, go ahead and sue them. You must not allow them to bully and intimidate you.

Utusan thinks they have the support of the government and they can write and do anything they want in this country, including intimidating anyone that comes into their line of fire.

Anonymous #18267907: Xenophon, do you know that on a daily basis since the April 2008 rally, Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times, The Star and almost all the BN-controlled media have been demonising the opposition with lies and half-truths (just to prevent a new government which will expose massive corruption by BN leaders).

The opposition has nothing to counter these. Now you see what they can even do to you, especially given that you're a foreigner.

Dood: Tell the police to charge the foreign media as well with "participating" in the "violent riot".

Blind Freddo: I wonder how long it will take for insecure Malaysians to learn that by trying to save face, all they manage to do is to lose face completely.

Hmmmmmmmm: I suggest our mainstream media (MSM) investigate whether they can link this senator to the alleged violent behaviour of the Bersih participants.

No harm printing that first so the police can investigate, and 200 reports will be lodged by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) demanding action against him.

If they eventually find nothing, they can always apologise. Another day's work.


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