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MCA, is fighting for the greater good wrong?

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YOURSAY 'Thank you, Kian. This absolutely tears apart ex-IGP Rahim Noor's accusation that Pakatan is out to topple the gov't through Bersih 3.0.'

No regrets joining Bersih 3.0, says MCA septuagenarian

your say Jaguh: Malacca MCA Wanita chief Kian Sit Har has integrity. She is honest and has a mind of her own.

If only others from BN thought like her, we would have clean and fair elections, and even if BN wins, we at least all know that it won fairly. Today, no way.

Onmu-itna: Disgraced MCA leader Dr Chua Soi Lek and his leaders are still in their deep slumber, closing both their eyes and choosing not to give a hoot about the dilemma of the Chinese Malaysians under the dictator-like regime of Umno.

Madam Kian, you don't owe MCA anything and your loyalty to this dog-house party is a total waste of your time and energy.

Get all your MCA members who have no confidence in Chua's leadership to quit.

Nevertheless, Madam Kian, I admire and salute your sincerity, your gutsy character and your belief in helping Malaysians fight for clean and fair elections. Bravo.

May: Like you, I was there, too. I would like to believe that I'm non-partisan. I just want good governance, back to the basics of a true democracy, where every vote counts - where the people we elect are truly our representatives, not those deviously and criminally appointed by the powers-that-be.

Thank you, Kian, for your very honest and realistic take on Bersih 3.0. Alas, if only there were more like you in MCA or Gerakan.

What worries me is that the young upstarts in both parties have from such a young age, learnt how to manipulate and spin. For all concerned, that's not a good thing.

They do not realise that they sound so insincere and please forgive me, so stupid. It doesn't matter which side of the political divide we are on, we have to fight for good causes and the larger good.

We shouldn't indulge in fear and hate-mongering and expect others to vote us in. Leaders must give the rakyat hope - the hope that, in spite of our differences, we are united in wanting a true Malaysia.

Cannon: Kian has seen the light on what the people want. She knows what Umno-BN stands for. Why waste time hanging around a coalition that is not only out of touch with the people, but also diametrically opposed to their aspirations.

Did Umno consult MCA when it sought ‘unity' talks with PAS? What is Nik Aziz Nik Mat of PAS response to Umno's overture?

If both parties should reach agreement for a merger - Umno to join the Pakatan coalition - where does this leave MCA?

That's how much respect Umno has for its BN ‘partners'. To save their sorry necks, if push comes to shove, Umno warlords will have no hesitation abandoning the BN parties, and let the devil take the hindmost. MCA is a lost cause in the BN.

Quigonbond: Thank you, Kian. This absolutely tears apart former police chief Abdul Rahim Noor's accusation that Pakatan is out to topple the government through Bersih 3.0.

Anonyxyz: Madam Kian must be applauded for her brave personal stand for Bersih 3.0. She stated she was very surprised to see so many young Malaysians and housewives willing to go to the streets to state their stand.

Indeed, this confirms that there are many MCA members who don't really know why they belong to MCA when a senior leader like her doesn't either.

They, unless they have something stuck in their brains, know about the blatant corruption by the BN government, know about the unfair election process, know about illegal immigrants taking over the country to manipulate the votes, know about the racial and religious tensions raised by pro-Umno groups, etc, and yet they still remain in MCA.

That's because they feel good and great with the power of belonging to the government and walking around in their community thinking they are above the rest.

Times have changed. You are despised and spit on, rather than being respected for being in MCA. Make your choice.

Qiqi: I salute you, Madam Kian. Like you I am still a member of MCA. I have seen many good leaders in the past. I appreciate their roles in the history of Malaysia. I am a professional in my 60s and I am praying for change.

Who I vote for in the general election is my personal right. I hope those who choose to remain in MCA will claim the same rights.

Hor Chee Keong: Dear sister, you are righteous. Indeed, what's wrong with joining Bersih 3.0? It was non-partisan and called for fair, clean, transparent elections.

How can the Malacca chief minister demand a citizen to resign from the party when she is doing the right thing? God bless her.

Fair Play: Frankly, do we think Malacca Chief Minister Ali Rustam really cares about what Kian did?

He is more concerned about his 'damaged' image as head of Umno in Malacca because of what was reported in the newspapers.

!Can: It is unlikely that MCA is brave enough to get out of BN. Many of their leaders are beholden to Umno and if their leaders dare to walk out of BN, many would run the risks of being investigated and charged for the ills done while holding office.

So the MCA members must realise if they care about their party they must elect leaders whose records would not hurt them if at all they decide to walk out of BN one day.

AnonymousA: I am a Chinese and I am not scared of PAS. Even if (which is impossible) PAS implements hudud in the country, I am not scared but welcome it because I didn't steal cows, I didn't buy submarines, I didn't kill anyone, I didn't makan rasuah (take bribes), so my hands will be intact. But lots of BN politicians will lose their limbs.

HangTuah: What's wrong with you, Soi Lek? You've a problem with clean and fair elections or is it that you've got to toe the line on Umno's instructions?

Madam Kian did the right thing by following what her heart told her and the chief minister be damned.

This the type of person I most admire, unlike you who is cowed by Umno into following them like a faithful dog.

Stand your ground for goodness sake and don't give this bullshit that Bersih can lead to trouble or that it is an uprising to topple the government. The people have spoken and you ignore them at your own peril.

As for you Ali Rustam, who are you to tick people off just because your views are not accepted?

This brave lady is too polite to give you the middle finger, but you can take it that she did in her own way. Septuagenarians - they are people most difficult to scare.

Little Bird: It is heartening to know that there are MCA members with a conscience and who are also aware that there a lot of things wrong in the country because of BN's wrongdoings.

MCA is on its last days as a political party being led by people like Chua who place more importance on Umno's needs than those of the rakyat.

What's wrong in supporting Bersih? If Tunku Abdul Rahman were alive today, even he would join the Bersih Rally.

Hero325: These pro-Pakatan netizens are actually not supporting Madam Kian or any MCA leader for that matter.

They pretend to side with Madam Kian - the new Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim - so that this old lady will quarrel with Chua to create a split in MCA to facilitate the opposition's takeover of Putrajaya.

Changeagent: Finally, a MCA leader that speaks sense.

What a breath of fresh air compared to the usual shenanigans like Chua Soi Lek's sexual escapades, the PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone) multi-billion ringgit debacle, deputy education minister Wee Ka Siong crying wolf that he was 'punched', the tourism minister's world's most expensive Facebook page, paid young models pretending to be 'members', and Ms Tow Truck screaming at the top of her voice over God-knows-what.


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