National service: Another colossal waste of funds

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VOXPOP 'I would not be surprised that NS is another scandal similar to Cowgate. Probably the difference is the use of humans instead of cows.'

National service - time for thorough review

vox populi small thumbnail Jeremy Ng: This is definitely long overdue - a thorough review must be done not only on the national service (NS) programme's effectiveness but also on how its budget is spent.

A detailed breakdown must be made public on all the expenditures incurred. This should cover who are the suppliers involved and how these are awarded. This is only logical to prevent abuses.

I would not be surprised that NS is another scandal similar to the Cowgate project. Probably the difference is the use of humans instead of cows to privatise money.

VGEORGEMY: These monies can be channeled to cover the higher education expenses of our younger generation, so that the youth can easily join the high-income economy and whereby the nation prospers.

Programmes such as national service are intended to keep the younger generation in ignorance to allow BN to stay in power.

DeUSChallenger: A survey will tell you that National Service has actually not achieved its objective.

Of half a billion spent, most of the funds are pocketed by the corrupted Umno cronies. National Service should be scrapped and the funds be put into proper use.

N Ng: Will the money be channelled to buying another submarine instead?

One Million Youths Gathering 2012 comes to a close

Yap CS: If one million youth attend this, and if they spend RM10 a day - 10 million x five days = RM50 million.

Now a more realistic amount would be RM100 a day, taking into account food, lodging and the activities - RM500 million. Do we have not enough debt?

Annon77: How much did this cost? It's an absolute joke when this was turned into a BN affair.

It's funny seeing PM Najib Razak preaching BN to boy scouts on conga lines. Also, the ‘Stand by Me' rendition by Najib and his wife should be viral by now.

Anonymous_3f6d: According to Information Communication and Culture Minister Rais Yatim, based on his calculation , about 137 youths turned up for the events, this is after two recounts!

Noh Omar's dare does not hold water

James1067: Air, water and food are three ingredients left on earth by God for humankind to survive for free.

The politicians have managed to corner two of the three - food and water - as tools for their own personal agenda. They use God's freely given life-supporting items to hold at ransom the rakyat in exchange for votes.

Thank God, they have not managed to control the third, our air. If not, mankind in order to live, will have to really depend on these heartless human beings.

Anonymous_40f4: Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister Noh Omar is the minister for cows and goats.

So he expects everyone else to drink from the dam like animals. He should shut up and sit tight in his corrupted ministry until he and his cronies get kicked out in the coming GE.

D4f: Maybe it would be more sensible for Noh to counter offer Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim to visit his private heated swimming pool. Who said there is a water shortage?

Odin: Like the rest of the BN politicians who have opened their gabs lately, this what's-'is-name has only managed to show the kind of matter between his ears - mud.

When Selangor was under BN, the water supplied was not exactly pure and crystal clear. There were newspaper reports of muddy, smelly water flowing from the taps, of sediments collecting at the bottom of water-filled bottles after a few hours.

Purveyors of water filters have been doing a roaring business. Noh Omar is not only an imbecile, but he is one of the lowest order.

Blind Freddo: More garbage, Malaysia-style. It would be inadvisable to drink water straight from any catchment to which humans and animals have access, developed nation or not.

I've been drinking Kuala Lumpur water straight from the tap for nine years with no adverse effects.

The real problem with the water quality is a disease called Paranoia Malaysiensis . In fact, you do yourself a disservice by over-treating water.

The concept of free water in Selangor is the sort of ridiculous decision made in this country to hide the problem of low salaries. There is only one philosophy that works in the long term, that of ‘user pays'.

Any alternative leads to the deterioration of infrastructure and poor quality water. Does that sound familiar to you?

Chan Huan Boon: There are always the good guy, the bad guy, the smart guy and the dumb guy in a movie. By looking at this fellow's face, we all know he belongs to which category, right?

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