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Musa accuses rival cops of damaging his reputation

Former police chief Musa Hassan has described the move by his detractors and those making damning allegations about his links with the underworld as a concerted effort to tarnish his reputation.

Musa claimed that they went after him because he was the investigating officer in former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim's Sodomy I trial.

"There is a group of former police officers who conspire together, and they are out to tarnish my reputation. This may be related to the Anwar (Sodomy I) case as I was the investigating officer.

musa hassan mahmood adam ismail omar 080910 igp "If my reputation is destroyed, Anwar can use that against me to claim that I framed him. I think this has some connection...".

However, Musa, 60, stopped short of suggesting that the former police officers making the allegations against him had ties with Anwar, only saying "maybe"...

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