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Middle Malaysia fast abandoning Najib
Published:  Jun 3, 2012 8:20 AM
Updated: Jun 4, 2012 12:09 AM

YOURSAY 'The only thing one can gather from the Merdeka Centre survey is that it's those uneducated who are still BN supporters. The rest have abandoned BN.'

Najib's popularity dips post-Bersih 3.0

your say Anonymous #19098644: Based on the latest Merdeka Centre survey, the educated, the knowledgeable and the financially-independent segments, which are not dependent upon the mainstream media and government welfare, have spoken loud and clear.

The less educated and welfare-dependent are still not getting alternative information. For Pakatan Rakyat to win, they need to get their message across to them.

Stop preaching to the converted urbanites and spend the rest of the period in the rural and semi-rural areas to get the message through this segment of Malaysians.

Black Mamba: Looking at the statistics, the higher income non-Malays are not with PM Najib Razak's leadership.

This is the segment of society who are affluent and very well-informed and they keep themselves abreast with current issues affecting the nation.

These are the ones who will not be bought over by Najib's feel-good policies as they are clearly aware that his economic transformation and indirect corruption will one day make nation indebted for generations to come.

Headhunter: The only thing one can gather from the survey is that it's those uneducated who are still BN supporters. The rest have abandoned BN.

And in due time, the BN support base will be decimated. That's the reason why they use so many illegal immigrants to shore up their support.

If the BN is returned in the next general election, one can say that they are elected by illegal foreigners, not Malaysians. And it looks like the Election Commission has been tasked with that job.

Ruben: I am surprised that the PM got 65% approval, especially with him being silent on so many controversial issues and his lack of decisive decision-making, implementation and follow-through on a lot of matters.

I wonder what his popularity rating will be now if the Scorpene submarine scandal comes to the surface.

Jean Pierre: Strong support from the Malay community could possibly also mean that most of them indeed benefitted enormously from government's discriminatory policies.

Guaranteed jobs, guaranteed positions, guaranteed contracts, guaranteed university placement, guaranteed loans you never have to pay back... Well, I am not surprised.

Bartimaeus 2020: The gyrations on the popularity chart of a politician not chosen by the people but put in place by a band of thieves does not bother me in the least.

Anonymous #36465711: This show how successful the government has controlled information through the mainstream media, which the majority of the Malaysians still depend on.

The very important development in the Scorpene case involving top government officials is almost ignored by the mainstream media while the scandal involving PKR deputy president Azmin Ali is making headlines.

Lim Chong Leong: I am surprised that Najib even has a positive popularity percentage. Anyway, from the ethnic breakdown of percentages, it is clear that his 1Malaysia is a total disaster. More like 1Malay sia-sia .

PAS wows Kedah with crowd of over 50,000

Onyourtoes: PAS, you have a big crowd, which is good. But you have to help Ong Kian Ming to sort out the foreigners masquerading as citizens and now registered as voters.

Soon our destiny is not for us to decide, but by a group of renegades with the help of foreigners.

This is serious, the Sabahans should know better. Now they are doing the Sabah act in Selangor, and probably in Johor and Penang.

Compass: I'm really happy for PAS and for Pakatan Rakyat. I hope we can all give Malaysia what it deserves - a good government and a robust political structure.

A corrupt government like BN cannot be allowed to govern forever against the people's wishes by means of an unfair electoral system and by manipulating the laws and the wheels of justice.

ABBN: Syabas, my PAS brothers and sisters! How I wish I could be in Alor Setar to join in the fun with all of you.

But never mind, we were already together - in brotherhood - at Bersih 3.0, helping one another to face the onslaught of the tear-gas canisters and water cannons.

I could never forget the salt and the water offered to me by an elderly Malay lady, who herself was choking from the stinging gas and crawling beside me.

I regret I did not ask for her contact so I could pay her family a visit. Nonetheless, we shall be there again with our PAS brothers and sisters in Bersih 4.0.

Umno: No chartered buses, no free makan , no allowance, and yet these poor people in Kedah turned up.

It's time for Pakatan Selangor to hold a similar rally, it will send a clear message to Putrajaya

Righteous: Umno is ‘green' with envy and ‘chickened' by ‘yellow'. ‘Red' is what we see on Budget day and ‘black' is the future of Malaysia... if they carry on.

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