How the country is sold to foreigners

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YOURSAY 'I think besides the RCI (royal commission of inquiry) for Sabah, another RCI should be called for Selangor, too.'

Questionable foreign-born citizens in voters roll

Moontime: Thank you Dr Ong Kian Ming for this comprehensive analysis. You have proven that the electoral roll is still full of discrepancies and filled with questionable data.

The government agencies which are responsible for this despicable act are actually guilty of undermining our nation's security and economic well-being. No wonder foreigners prefer to come and work here because it's so easy for them to get citizenship.

How ironic, when we have bona fide Malaysians experiencing hardship in getting their MyKads.

If registering foreigners as voters is the only way for BN to remain in power, then they must be held responsible for all the social and economic problems that will inevitably ensue - rising crime, fights between locals and foreigners, to name a few.

EC (Election Commission), the ball is now in your court to rebut Ong's analysis. And don't insult our intelligence with stupid answers.

Malaysia ABU: Those foreign-born voters without house number are just the tip of an iceberg. Most probably, they are resident in illegal squatters.

Beside that, they are many who stay at houses or shoplots with proper numbers and have registered with complete address.

The question is, are these foreign-born Malaysians truly qualified for citizenship given our stringent criteria or some 'fast-track' citizen?

Another 'Project IC' is happening in Selangor. I think beside the RCI (royal commission of inquiry) for Sabah, a RCI should be call for Selangor too, before it is too late.

TheSilentMajority: Great work by Ong - it's factual and non-partisan. The government's use of the very tools of democracy to go against democracy is becoming an evil art form.

Indeed, there are many who would sell our country in a blink, whether for money or for self-preservation.

Open Minded: Brutus was asked why he slay Caesar and his reply was, not that I loved Caesar less but I loved Rome more.

Today in Malaysia, it appears that these power-crazy ruling elites love their positions more than their own country and even go to the extent of getting votes at all costs.

ABBN: I believe this is also happening in the other states where the opposition lacks expertise, knowledge and resources to counter it.

So far, I do not know if there is any NGO or group of volunteers or organisation doing this investigative job in a more organised manner at the national level.

I suggest that an ad hoc special task force comprising volunteers from NGOs and political parties be formed to specifically tackle this issue in all the states in a proper organised manner.

Perhaps Ong and those with experience and expertise should act as advisors cum trainers and chief coordinators to spearhead this task force. I think there will be an overwhelming response to this.

I believe many of us would volunteer to help out, but simply do not know how to.

Soon: Don't underestimate the relatively small percentage of foreign-born voters highlighted in this article. Once in the system, they can be moved unnoticed where they are needed.

It's not just the opposition who has the responsibility to shut the EC down, every legal citizen must demand the resignation of the commission's top brass.

The rest of the EC body is only an arm of the PM's Department. Nothing less than a complete overhaul of the EC is required to restore confidence in the electoral system.

Odin: Not long after the infamous 13 May incident, the influx of Indonesians and the considerable ease which they could acquired permanent residency and citizenship - but with foreign spouses of Malaysians experiencing great difficulty even in getting a work permit - gave rise to rumours that the government had planned to increase the ratio of Malay/Muslims to the others.

Obviously, those rumours were not unfounded. It is fair to conclude that the Project IC in Peninsular Malaysia actually began quite a while ago, except that it has been accelerated recently when the leaders in Umno felt that their ability to maintain their autocratic position was threatened.

The EC's occupation with piddling matters such as cartoons instead of addressing far more serious breaches reinforces one's impression that it is not at all interested in cleaning up the electoral roll.

I may be wrong, but I do not think that cleaning up of the electoral roll alone is enough.

The other action that must be taken is to disallow those who have become citizens through Project IC from voting. Their citizenship must be revoked and they themselves deported.

Onyourtoes: If government agencies (not the EC) which have been actively registering foreign-born ‘citizens' who do not have house numbers or street names, I think the treacherous act is not just giving the right to vote to them.

It is the granting of citizenship to unqualified people who then registered themselves as voters.

Citizens have many privileges beyond voting. This is terrible, we need an RCI not just for Sabah but also for Selangor, Johor and Penang.

IloveBN: Can the opposition do something to stop the elections by legal means if the electoral roll is not cleaned up?

Is there any law in the constitution that gives the rakyat or the opposition to stop the elections and allow a clean up of the electoral roll?

I think the legal brains should really think about this before the crooks dissolve Parliament and call for the dirtiest election ever.

Anonymous_3f4a: Even the NRD (National Registration Department) needs to be investigated and reformed to get rid of the unscrupulous elements within the organisation.

The issuance of MyKad must be brought to public scrutiny as the registration of illegals as voters is preceded by the legalisation of illegals.

Sabah is a prime example of such abuses, its population currently stands at 3.3 million based on 2010 census against a mere 650,000 in 1970, representing a quadruple increase of over 400 percent during the period, well above the national average.

By normal statistical extrapolation, the population growth of Sabah should approximate 1.12 million or thereabout.

Mind you, these illegal immigrants who originated from Sabah are making their way to the Peninsula to ensure the return of the government which legalised them.

Lai Tak Ming: If tweeting about the owner of WWW1 car plate is treasonous, then this is high treason.

If it's true that government agencies are actively seeking foreigner-voters, then shame on those civil servants who have committed such a despicable act.

Giving citizenship to undeserved foreigners is a serious crime and a serious threat to national security. Selangor could soon be like Sabah if this continues.

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