Good apples have already left MCA
Published:  Jun 9, 2012 2:49 AM
Updated: 9:04 AM

YOURSAY 'Can a good apple be found in a rotten apple cart? Can a person do good deeds based on spineless principles or bad policies?'

Spare MCA's good apples, Mei Fun urges voters

your say Ally Meme: Sometimes, a diseased or rotten tree can still produce some good fruits but ultimately, one needs to cut down the whole tree to get rid of the infection, whether or not there are still good fruits on the tree.

Former MCA Wanita chief Chew Mei Fun better stick to reminiscing about her short tenure as MP.

Adj: Will these good apples go against their ultimate master? Simple - no. On the other hand, having these apples increases the total number of seats for BN, so that their masters can then implement all sorts of horrible laws and policies, and these apples would then be willing accomplices, and be reduced to just doing social work instead.

Tancc: Yes, there was a good and courageous person in Melaka Wanita MCA who joined the Bersih 3.0 rally.

And what happened to her? She was chastised by Malacca CM Mohd Ali Mohd Rustam and her own party president, Dr Chua Soi Lek, who took instruction from the Umno leader.

Onyourtoes: Can a good apple be found in a rotten apple cart? Can a right person be in a wrong party? Can a person do good deeds based on spineless principles or bad policies?

May: I always held the belief that we should pick the public servant who serves best - that it was always about the candidate and not the party.

But this time around, I would have to think twice. In an election where it is clean, free and fair, yes, you vote in the best candidate.

But in an election where the powers-that-be aim to cheat us blind, it will have to be AB-BN (Anything But BN), simply because if the powers-that-be no longer respect our vote, then they don't deserve to be returned to power.

For sure, there are also corrupted politicians in the opposition. If the opposition plays it smart, don't field these dirty politicians. If the opposition wants to win GE13, politicians with an Umno ‘upbringing' must be discarded if their old habits prove too die hard.

However, if they have proven to have turned over a new leaf, I say, why not? Everyone deserves a second chance.

As for BN, sorry, after 55 years, you have wasted and ruined your chances.

Chuath: The members of a party must subscribe to the values and practices or act within the parameters set by the leaders of that party.

MCA, as exemplified by its leader, has not shown itself capable of acting with fearless fairness and integrity, so how can it act as check and balance for anyone?

If Chew is talking about herself, we have not heard Chew's voice either on Bersih, corruption, citizenship to foreigners, etc.. so maybe it is not possible to try to play such a role and remain in MCA.

Anonymous #07443216: Chew Mei Fun, leave MCA if you are serious for your pleas will fall on deaf ears.

The Chinese have decided to bury MCA for good, as one cannot hope to save rotten apples - they are only fit for the swill.

Jeremy Tankh: Good but useless (powerless in government) apples only take up space (the seats badly needed by Pakatan Rakyat in Parliament and the state assemblies) in the basket, and won't change anything, as far as Umno is concerned.

Tan Chee Juan: MCA leaders have already outlived their usefulness.

Every day they are asking us to be grateful (otherwise they will take revenge), like in the PTPTN fiasco .

Hello, we are in 2012, do you think we are still living in 1942? People expect more from our elected representatives. Talk with your head, not with your fist.

Anonyxyz: It looks like there are a lot of desperados in MCA and Gerakan who are so shameless in their approach. They are literally begging to be elected.

Chew is just saying, "Please vote for me. I am a good apple while my president is a bad apple. Vote him and his gang out by all means, but please vote me and my camp".

It's the same as that Penang Gerakan's Wong Mun Hoe who pleads to be elected so that he alone can be an opposition to check and balance the Pakatan state government there.

This is a real reflection of the MCA/Gerakan camp - selfish and greedy for their own self-interests.

Ferdtan: Chew Mei Fun is changing tactics from that of the 12th GE when she was contesting against Tony Pua in PJ Utara. She was a strong incumbent MP then.

However, when faced with a certain polls defeat, she had to despicably use the May 13 racial riots bogey to frighten the Chinese. Of course, the Petaling Jaya Chinese were not afraid, and they voted in Pua, a first-time candidate, with a majority of 20,000, more than her 18,000 votes.

Now she is (in a legal jargon) goes down on her knees for plea bargaining. She implies that MCA is a goner, but save the MCA's good apples (meaning herself?).

Mei Fun, the reverse psychology will not work. Whoever is still in MCA will be rejected outright in the next election. MCA has got itself in a state of no return.

Wira: My old school teacher taught me this: ‘Good apples in a bad barrel will all turn bad'.

Tell us, Chew Mei Fun. Should we spare the 'good' apples, will you please identify whether they are from the left hand or the right hand?


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