Guantanamo-style torture: We're no different

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YOURSAY 'We curse and swear at the Americans after their Guantanamo episode, but it looks like we are no better than them, maybe worse.'

Harrowing 'torture notes' emerge from Kamunting

your say Jesse: Torture is illegal and despicable. The culprits and those who sanctioned such inhumanity should be prosecuted if there is any honesty in the system.

Alas, I am afraid the culture of torture is so ingrained in our system that nothing will be done. The government, and in particular the home minister, must be held accountable if they are ever removed from office.

Pissed: Every time something like this happened, we blame the police. And every time, we blame the government.

What? Are those behind bars innocent like new-born babies? That they did nothing? Please lah , use the brain that God has given us.

James1067: They are humans like us and if they have committed a crime, the right thing to do is to charge them in a court of law

We have reached a mentality that is lower than the animals to take the law into our own hands and torture people to that extent.

Are we perverts that we enjoy seeing another human being going through such pain? Are our mental faculties in place so much so that we do not even have a single remorse to see such suffering?

Do we really believe in the existence of God and we expect God to understand our actions?

What type of human beings will just watch and allow such tortures to go on. We curse and swear at the Americans after their Guantanamo episode, but it looks like we are no better than them, maybe worse.

Ferdtan: The enforcement agencies such as the police, prison and immigration officers are obviously discreetly 'encouraged' to use such undue force, leading to torture, of the detainees.

The very silence from their superiors in expressing concerns and/or minimum or no actions taken to punish the lawbreakers is mainly to be blamed.

What has happened to the professionalism of these men in uniforms? Was it KPI (key performance indicator) set by the departments to get immediate results using whatever means one of the reasons for the tortures?

God save us if these deranged perpetrators actually enjoyed torturing their victims. It is a frightening thought.

After all, we have an example of a top police officer, ex-IGP Abdul Rahim Noor who cowardly punched the blindfolded and defenceless Anwar Ibrahim while he was under detention in 1998.

It seems that Guantanamo-style 'torture' in the United States, which had been outlawed, now reappears in Malaysia.

Artchan: No such thing as torture, according to the home minister. Everything is mere allegations and perceptions.

It is for this reason, that I am supporting the ISA (Internal Security Act). Kick out the BN government, then look for the people who did the torturing. Lock them up on some framed-up charges under the ISA.

And during their detention, do the same to them. When these BN detainees have enough and all is done, then abolish the ISA.

Anonymous #15315623: We do not believe this will happen to convicted BN politicians when Pakatan Rakyat becomes the government.

Sarajun Hoda: Our police officers are not human? Have they no loved ones? Shame on these police officers and their mothers who gave them birth. Evil actions can only come from evil people.

Odin: Are confessions extracted out of suspects by such unlawful acts as criminal intimidation and causing of extreme pain not inadmissible in a proper court of law?

If confessions are extracted by committing unlawful acts, and assuming that they are admissible in Malaysian courts, why keep the detainees for an indefinite period?

Torture the detainees over a week, or at the most two, get your confessions, prepare your investigation papers, pass them all on to the oh-so-honourable AG (attorney-general), and then go have your teh tarik and nasi lemak.

Argonist: Torture signs can be verified by doctors, so Suhakam should get moving before the evidence disappears.

Lucky this time around no minister dared to say they were self-inflicted.

Louis: The authority will say it is not true. The government is infested with liars. If it is truly black in God's eyes, they are not afraid to claim it is white.

GoneBananas: Only a tyrannical regime will resort to such sub-human methods. A healthy nation does not require secret police, mind-control and torture chambers.

And it is everyone's moral duty to declare such abuses of power haram (forbidden) and vote out those who advocate such totalitarian malpractices.

Wira: I hope they will reserve this treatment for all those leaders and their families who stole from the country. Let's see if they can survive a single day in Kamunting.


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