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MACC forever tarnished for freeing Teoh's persecutors
Published:  Jun 23, 2012 8:12 AM
Updated: 5:41 AM

VOXPOP ‘No action has been taken for the three MACC officers for their role in Teoh’s death as concluded by the RCI. What does MACC stand for then?’

Justice denied: No Closure for Teoh's family

vox populi small thumbnail Anak Bangsa Malaysia: Prime Minister Najib Razak and his administration have all gone bonkers. The setting up of the royal commission of inquiry (RCI) has been a waste of time and taxpayers' money. The RCI is made to be eyewash and now Najib has made it a laughing stock. If the RCI had found the trio of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officers guilty, then the trio should be charged without fail.

The attorney-general (AG) or the MACC cannot say otherwise. It is the same case with the VK Lingam case where the RCI had found many high ranking individuals, former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad included to be guilty and had recommended them to be charged.

This country has been a laughing stock in the international arena. What the rakyat must do is to go to the streets and demonstrate and let the world know that the justice system in Malaysia is seriously flawed.


Despite all of the lies from MACC Selangor’s top man, the former deputy director of MACC Selangor Hishamuddin Hashim to the lower ranked officers no action has been taken for their role in Teoh’s death as concluded by the RCI.

What does MACC stand for then? They have one set of laws for others and another for themselves and their political masters, BN. Their officers were caught red-handed with perjury and still they were let scot free. As long as they are not punished, MACC has lost it moral fibre to act as a guardian against corruption.

Whatever MACC does next, even if they were to perform good work, they would be doubted as their reputation is irreparable. The ghost of Teoh Beng Hock is lurking. Unless and until there is closure in the case MACC will be seen as a joke. The danger is that all the MACC officers, even the good and responsible personnel, would be lumped into the basket of rubbish. So don't blame us for our lack of confidence in MACC - blame the chief of MACC and Umno masters.

Cala: Put simply, recall the chronological events leading to Teoh Beng Hock’s detention and death in Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) custody: i) Former MB Khir Toyo was sent out of the Selangor assembly for breaching certain state rules; ii) Hot on its heels, Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced the investigation of five or six state assemblypersons over suspicions of grafts; iii) Teoh was picked up from his office; and iv) Teoh, who spent one night in the hands of Selangor MACC, was found dead the next day.

You don’t need an Einstein’s mind to reach certain conclusions. The poor Teoh’s sacrifice saved Pakatan state government from the jaws of the BN regime.


If I may be allowed to quote McCoy (2012, cited in Kua, K. S. 2012, p. xviii), "The death of Teoh Beng Hock in the custodian of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission will forever haunt the nation". In fact Ronald McCoy went further to argue what would one expect from the enforcement agencies if they are mono-ethnic?

On this count alone, we should consign Umno’s major coalition partner MCA to the dustbins of history for its docile role in governance.


Mairalah: For a mere two thousand ringgit a witness was interviewed the whole night till his controversial death. In the case of the National Feedlot Corporation’s (NFC) RM250 million ringgit loan, the boss was interviewed like a VVIP and even had the privilege to travel half the world while he was being probed. This is a government that has gone upside down, berserk.


Onyourtoes: Right-minded Malaysians will never let this rest. This is what this renegade regime tossed about; reform and transformation my posterior. They will never know or understand what justice is all about until someday they or their loved ones face the same situation. This episode alone should bury BN for good. It is bullying, racism and persecution all put together. Which small time politician has to suffer death under MACC's custody if not for Teoh.


Kim Quek: This heinous transgression of justice through an AG-MACC-Police conspiracy right in front of our eyes must rank among the worst violations of law and decency in our recent memory. It has mocked our rule of law and debased the image of the country. Be very assured that Malaysians will take their pound of flesh from BN for this unforgivable crime in the coming election.


Swipenter: Teoh and family won't get justice unless Pakatan takes over Putrajaya. That is the sad fact that we have to contend with.

Faekah's 'support letter' surfaces as rift intensifies

Telestai: My frustration is that when you think that PKR is an alternative to Umno, you will realise that both are not very different. One is an offshoot of another. Corruption is in their DNA and very much part of the culture. Sometimes it boils down to choosing between the devil you know and the devil you don't know. What a dilemma - cry Malaysia.    


Isa@1penyu: Well, will Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim take action against his political secretary Faekah Husin for contravening his guidelines on support letters?    

AkuMelayuIslam: Is that all, just a support letter? We should be worried about an ex-minister’s son who has no experience in the industry being given multi million ringgit project, or an ex-minister’s husband, also with no experience, given a multi million ringgit project and ....

Absalom: The big sharks and buayas are getting away scot-free and these people are picking on support letters. Go look at the scale of abuse and corruption that have taken place before and elsewhere.

Whatsup: What's wrong with the recommendation letter? I read it on that website and it looks transparent enough, so what's the excitement about? In point No. 4, Faekah did say to support the company as long as that doesn't break any company laws. That is fair.

I agree with ‘AkuMelayuIslam’, why worry about such things that are no issues. Everyone deserves a fair chance but not immoral and criminal awarding of mega-millions projects where expertise is absent or doubtful. Or other insane amounts of money being siphoned or used by Umno/BN and their families and cronies.


Dr. Joyce Lee: I find it is transparent and fair enough that Faekah admitted she supported the company as she has sent more than 10 letters from legal firms to the GLCs, as long as appointments did not go against the company’s rules.

Faekah further said that there were no elements of cronyism since there were no projects being dished out by the GLCs.

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