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The sub that will sink Najib and Dr M

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VOXPOP 'Submarines are of no use in shallow seas. Of what use are these submarines when Sabah is not getting the security promised by Putrajaya?'

Documents: Dr M 'consented' to Scorpene misdeeds

vox populi small thumbnail NewMalaysia: I think Najib Abdul Razak's reason for delaying the general election is that he is afraid once he dissolves Parliament, the French court will subpoena him to testify as he is no longer PM of Malaysia.

If he refuses to do so, then they will issue an international warrant of arrest by Interpol and he will be in deep trouble.

Anonymous #05023297: Somebody has got to turn this into a movie. It must be a joint venture between ‘1Malaysia Filem' and some French producers. It will be a guaranteed box office hit in both Malaysia and Mongolia.

Swipenter: Dr Mahathir Mohamad ‘consented' to Scorpene misdeeds - in other words, the lord of political patronage was in the know all the time.

Interestingly, on financial scandals that happened during his administration, he keeps extremely quiet. Maybe the parcelling out the spoils of office this way was how he bought their loyalty, keeping them under his control.

Joe Fernandez: Submarines are of no use in shallow seas. Of what use are these submarines when Sabah is not getting the security promised by Putrajaya?

The illegals continue to flood in and enter the electoral rolls by the backdoor while the two submarines look the other way. These submarines can't even ensure that Sabah does not lose its portion of the Spratly Islands.

Instead, former PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi even gave away oil blocks L and M to Brunei for no rhyme or reason. It's better for these two submarines to be relocated to the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia for a ‘Malaysia Boleh' show there.

Putrajaya will get into all sorts of scams in the name of development as long as they provide an excuse to plunder the public treasury of the people's blood, sweat and tears.

The issue is not just the submarines or Umno Wanita chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil's Cowgate.

BN rule is littered with numerous such scams as evident from our rising national debt burden. Malaysians will only be free of BN rule when the country is bankrupt. Indeed, 2008 was a vote against BN, not for Pakatan Rakyat.

Bartimaeus 2020: Is it Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali's secret fear that in the event of a war between Malaysia and Singapore (God forbid!), the little dot would acquire much lebensraum.

We sell top-secret defence documents for personal gain, and the Singapore armed forces is a mean and efficient fighting machine.

Kit Siang: 'Pendatang' slur shows 1M'sia has failed

Onyourtoes: Najib, this is not about just a few lunatics with a few loose screws. This is not social/private discrimination.

We are talking about official discrimination which in the US would render those who indulge in such activities dismissed from their jobs.

The royal commission of inquiry has identified those responsible for Teoh Beng Hock's death, so why till today, no criminal charges have been pressed or disciplinary action taken?

To me, Teoh's case is not one isolated unfortunate incident. His case is part-racism, part-bullying and part-persecution.

Biro Tatanegara (BTN) officials have made racist remarks while carrying out their official functions, but why no action has ever been taken against them?

School teachers and principals have routinely made racist remarks against students, but till today we have not heard of any action taken. And you call all these a few lunatics with loose screws?

JomUbahUbah: I fully agree with DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang. If our Mr Flip Flop PM wants the support of the Chinese and Indians, the first thing he should do is to dismantle the BTN.

Absalom: LKS (Lim Kit Siang), the minds of a lot of people are made up - to go for a change in regime.

But they want to know where you stand with regards to the education system which in its present state, is a recipe for disaster.

Are you in favour a national education policy accommodating needs of all the races, eliminate need for race-based schools or maintain status quo of segregating the Malays into national schools and the rest into vernacular schools in a kind of divide-and-rule format which the BN has perfected?

Anonymous #79303756: You brainwash people to think that Chinese and Indian people are second-class citizens, pass all kinds of laws to discriminate against them, threaten them with violence once in a while, and make them pay more for houses and cars.

Clearly, you are a lunatic if you want their votes.

R Thana: What do you expect? Secondary school textbooks refer to Chinese and Indians as ‘pendatang'. The books are written not by historians but a bunch of racists who called themselves historians.

Anonymous #58437020: Enough of this ‘pendatang' abuse. All Chinese and Indians should enjoy the same bumiputera rights now that they have been in the country for more than a 100 years.

Building railways, tapping rubber, mining, developing entrpreneurism - these ‘pendatangs' (as they are labelled) contribute to the great economy of this country and will continue to do so.

Excuse me, I did not know a Chinese married US President Barack Obama's sister. Now, that's a real coup.

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