30-acre prawn farm: How much did Noh pay?

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YOURSAY 'Let me see. First get cheap land. Then rent that piece of land out to a third party. Typical Ali Baba.'

'Something fishy with Noh's 30-acre prawn farm land'

your say Myop101: Whatever it is, the agriculture minister bought it way back in 1995. The state government can dig up the records and check whether the price he transacted then is at a discount or premium to the valuation then.

If he bought it at a steep discount, perhaps then you can ask him how Noh Omar managed to get it.

Mosquito: Sekinchan assemblyperson Ng Suee Lim, what is wrong with a landowner entering into a deal using his land?

I agree with Myop101. So far you are yet to show that the land was purchased below market price (crony price?) in 1995 when Selangor BN deputy chief Noh Omar was not an MP yet. Sorry, I do not see your point.

Wira: Let me see. First get cheap land. Then rent that piece of land out to a third party. Typical Ali Baba.

Why was he given that piece of land if he wasn't directly making use of it? Is it because he was then an Umno warlord?

Anonymous #47094963: The next question is, if one were to look through his declared income and tax record, would he have been able to afford to buy the land?

Kolopilah: I live in Selangor. The only piece of land I have is that small piece that came together with the double-storey terrace house I am in right now which I call 'my porch'.

The house was sold to me some time ago with something called 'the hard-earned money'. And to think that this primary school bully got 30 acres...

Blind Freddo: There is a saying that goes, "Great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, small people talk about other people."

So far in this election campaign, the vast majority of the talk has been about other people. Very little has been spoken about things, and most of that is off-key. Nothing has been spoken about ideas.

Changeagent: And your point is, Blind Freddo? Not to talk about Scorpene submarines, Ampang LRT (light rail transit), NFC (National Feedlot Corporation), PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone), MAS (Malaysia Airlines) bailout, Altantuya Shaariibuu, Teoh Beng Hock, A Kugan, etc? Just talk about ideas?

Kit P: It looks like BN's prospective candidate for Selangor menteri besar has already been exposed as a crook even before he gets warmed up. I'd prefer MB Khalid Ibrahim any day.

AnakBangsaMalaysia: This begs an amendment to the old proverb... "Ada udang di sebalik batu, ada Noh di sebalik udang."

Tit for tat: Noh to expose Suee Lim's 'condo issue'

Giudice: The problem with some BN politicians is that they think they are something special and should be treated accordingly. Ask people who have dealt with some of them and you will certainly be met with stories of the same.

Why should they be treated with protocols as if they are something special? And why do they need an entourage the size of a rock star?

Bystanderz: What can the rakyat expect from this arrogant agriculture minister? How irresponsible and silly of him to try to brush aside a valid question by dismissing it as a ‘kampong' question.

He is justifying his allegedly ill-gotten land by saying that he has more important things to attend to. How can he expect the public to accept this kind of mentality?

Umno Wanita chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil was not wrong to say which minister has "no such problem". Everyone of them is looting the country in one way or another. God save Malaysia.

Anonymous 2146: I know many people from the ‘kampongs' who are well-read and wise. Noh's answer is an insult to these people and to all of us as well.

Supercession: In this country, it is no longer shameful to steal, cheat, deceive and threaten. It has become a badge to wear and to be proud of.

Anonymous #43051382: Noh, that's what we rakyat want. He reveals your wrongdoing and you reveal his wrongdoing.

That's what Malaysians will be doing this GE13 - that is to vote for a two-party system so that Umno will not be the warlord forever.

Think_Act_Live_Now: Bring the condo issue up. But two wrongs don't make a right. You can bring up other issues, but you still have to answer for the wrong you did.

If you think the cheap land scandal is not wrong, don't dismiss it. Talk about it and let us decide if it was wrong or not.

Bluemountains: Ng Suee Lim has brought down an ex-MB by exposing his Balinese mansion.

Is Ng about to bring down an aspiring MB? He will be crowned the giant killer of Selangor very soon.

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