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May 13 once taboo, now the topic of the day?
Published:  Jul 21, 2012 8:43 AM
Updated: 4:43 AM

YOURSAY 'With racial tensions at an all-time high, is it okay to show an entire feature film depicting only one side of the event?'

New May 13 movie courts controversy

your say AGM: I remember working on a Petronas Hari Raya commercial directed by the late, great, Yasmin Ahmad in the mid 90s, depicting how some Malay and Chinese neighbours came together to help one another on May 13.

Unfortunately, the censors decided that the only shot directly referring to the event, one of a wall calendar, had to be removed for fear of stirring racial sentiments.

Yet now, with racial tensions at an all-time high, it's okay to show an entire feature film depicting only one side's version? This government will destroy the soul of the country before it gives up power.

AnakPinang: This reminds me of how the Nazis, too, used to make propaganda films to brainwash the German public.

We already have our version of Der Sturmer in Utusan Malaysia , now we have director Shuhaimi Baba playing a bit part as Joseph Goebbels.

I still haven't forgotten the racist script from Hati Malaya 1957 where it was written that the Chinese shop owners were richer and were squeezing the little the Malay farmer had, besides stealing food from the Malay children's mouths. Now we have this offering.

Smart Guy: None of you have watched the film. Yet all commented on how it is flawed. The online discourse has gone to the dumps.

Survivor: Do I need to watch the movie to convince myself that it is Umno-BN propaganda?

The fact that it is funded by the National Film Development Corporation (Finas) and the Multimedia Development Corporation (Mdec) and to be aired at this period is enough evidence to convince me that the movie is up to no good.

What else can it be other than to arouse the Malays sentiments? But our Malays brethen, like us, will not be easily swayed. They may win some, but the net result is that it is going to backfired on MCA/Gerakan.

If Umno is thinking of killing two birds with one stone, in the short term they may achieve it but in the long term, they will certainly fall. Why? You just wait and watch for the events unfolding.

Amused Malaysian: Unbelievable. A government-funded film of the 1969 infamy. It is common knowledge that it was then Selangor MB Harun Idris, a thief of the first degree, and his Umno cohorts started the troubles.

Then DPM Abdul Razak stood by and only imposed emergency after many deaths. He also stabbed Tunku Abdul Rahman in the back by usurping power. I am sure all Malaysians of that generation well remember the facts.

Malaysiawatch4.blogspot: A royal commission of inquiry would be the proper mechanism to examine more closely the causes and protagonists of the May 13 incident that remains a dark cloud over Malaysia. Even today, BN leaders are harping on it.

Ren Ai: No wonder May 13 has been on the minds of the Umno politicos of late; they must be quietly involved in the making of this potentially seditious and divisive movie.

Wira: When money can no long work to get them elected, these Umno rascals are now using fear and playing one community against another.

Fortunately, we have the alternative media today and the rakyat can see through their evil lies. Otherwise, hell would have broken loose, just like in 1969.

Voice: It is very obvious now the Umno-BN regime has totally give up on the Chinese voters. The intention is to win back the already lost Malay support. This is what they worried most. But in this awakening society, never think of trying to cheat the people.

Lim Chong Leong: Mdec and Finas are playing Umno stooges and inciting racial tension with this.

From what is reported here alone, it is clear PM Najib Razak is desperate to create racial tension to make himself and Umno more relevant to Malays. He does not care if the results are disastrous for Malaysia as long as he retains power.

Bender: If pro-Umno blogger Papagomo cried watching this movie, I can confirm without even watching it, that this movie is an Umno propaganda.

Chuath: If it is true that "banners written in Chinese characters portrayed slogans that translated into ‘Malays go back to the village', ‘Malays go die'" and "DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang purportedly urinating on a flagpole in front of the then-Selangor menteri besar's residence", we would like to see the historical documentation of that so that the Chinese can apologise for their wrongdoing.

Producing proof should be easy since filmmaker Shuhaimi Baba says this is the ‘official version'. In our experience, ‘official' means whatever suits those in power.

Anyone who produces a film based on official version would normally be producing government propaganda. We see that everyday and it does make us ‘shed tears' too, at how they don't care about the citizens but only to use race, religion and fear to preserve power.

CiViC: The date May 13 was once a taboo, we were taught by our parents to not even mention it, it was the darkest record of our history, be it Malay, Chinese or Indian.

But today, on the verge of losing it all, BN made it the topic of the day (or days), being repeatedly mentioned by our ministers, be it a reminder or a threat, and now it even made it to the silver screen.

Our beloved Agong, your humble subjects beg you, please do something to stop all these, BN is dragging Malaysia into hell. Please stop them before it's too late.

Quigonbond: As the saying goes - a banned film or book makes it a "must watch/read" item.

Pakatan Rakyat should depart from the BN style in this regard and do the generous thing - let this show be run, and let it be condemned on its own accord by the public for the truth or falsity that it purports to portray.

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