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May 13: Lodge police report against Muhyiddin
Published:  Jul 23, 2012 10:30 AM
Updated: 12:00 PM

YOURSAY 'When Malay voters look like they might lose interest in Umno, you give them a whiff of ‘May 13' to activate their memories and fears.'

Muhyiddin: Unite to avoid a repeat of May 13

your say Lin Wenquan: God forbid. But should there be racial disturbance again, it will be the dirty work of Umno through its gangs of the likes of Perkasa, Perkida and ultra-Malay NGOs.

This sermon from a 'Malay first, Malaysian second' DPM reeks of hypocrisy of the highest order. 2012 is not, and will not be, 1969.

The current burgeoning Malay middle-class has too much to lose. The non-Malays, especially the Chinese, are pragmatic enough not to be stupid to create trouble because they already immune to the vicissitudes of their fortunes since Merdeka.

Umno-BN's discriminating policies favouring the Umnoputras and BN cronies are the main cause of this divided nation and yet DPM Muhyiddin Yassin shamelessly assigns this disunity to the opposition.

The May 13 bogeyman has lost currency today. Rational Malaysians of all races have since moved forward except for Umno, which is bankrupt of morals and is facing a real mortal danger of being rejected by the rakyat after a long, prodigal and corrupted rule.

Hello: What is the objective of all the scare-mongering?

First, PM Najib Razak accuses Bersih 3.0 of being influenced by the communists; second, the Special Branch says JI (Jemaah Islamiah) and the communists are infiltrating Pakatan Rakyat; and now the DPM is reminding us of May 13.

Is all this leading to a refusal to accept the possible loss of the GE13 by BN and coming out with an Emergency declaration and the formation of a National Operations Council after the suspension of Parliament? The rakyat will not allow this.

Starr: May 13 was instigated by those who lost in the election and turned into a ‘race' riot. It's merely an isolated incidence, largely confined to Kuala Lumpur and surrounding areas, not by any means widespread.

For decades in our history, the Malays, Chinese and Indians have and are continuing to live side-by-side in close neighborhood and harmony with no incidence of racial clashes. Only those who have an agenda of their own, political or otherwise, are continually stoking racial sentiments and raise the May 13 incident.

For so long now, the memory of this 'dark chapter' has been consigned to history and it's strange for the deputy prime minister, who thinks of himself as ‘Malay first', to see it fit to remind the younger generation. One may question his real motives behind this.

Ksn: The DPM is very direct, is he not? This is an unadulterated intimidation of our people.

He says we must first have national unity. But who should be held responsible and accountable for not creating the atmosphere for unity with socially just policies and their fair implementation, if not Umno Baru? This is an open admission of failure on their part to govern with responsibility, fairness and competence.

What has MCA got to say about it or is it that Umno Baru has written them off?

Hereyouare: It is most irresponsible for Muhyiddin to ask youths to unite in order to avoid another May 13. This is a threat to our youths, to say the least.

Are our youths under BN now not united? Must our youths vote for BN, and only then there will not be any riots?

Is Muhyiddin stirring up racial sentiments before GE13 starts? Is Muhyiddin shivering in his pants, now that he is worried that the new voters will not vote for BN?

A police report must be made by Pakatan against Muhyiddin for instigating the youths to racial riots. Parliament must be called to question the motives of Muhyiddin's speech.

Swipenter: It looks like ‘May 13' is back in vogue to frighten us to cast our votes in BN's favour. These idiots won't change, can never change and don't want to change their style of politics.

Elsewhere they are using JI and commies to frighten us. They are bankrupt politicians having no idea what is driving, motivating and uniting Malaysians to change the country's politics and governance for the better for everyone.

Fairnessforall: "But, this situation didn't spread out, because the then deputy prime minister Abdul Razak announced a state of emergency for Kuala Lumpur and controlled the situation," said Muhyiddin.

I have a very bad feeling that BN is planning something very dirty to take over the country by force. He is trying to fool the youths that it was the declaration of a state of emergency that saved Malaysia.

It's really disgusting to see them getting worse and worse by the day and telling more and more lies to fool and frighten the people.

Blind Freddo: The brilliance of the Umno strategists is mind boggling. They have a handful of cards that they play - race, religion, Malay rights, May 13. And they keep playing the same cards over and over again.

You would think they might try something innovative, positive and forward looking, but that seems to be impossible, so they fall back on hate, violence and God.

Restless_Native: May 13 is distant memory for most. Young ones don't even know what happened. This was a ploy used by Umno for so many decades after the event to stay in power to enable them to continue plundering the nation's wealth.

It had lost its political mileage and this goon (for, indeed he is one) has not kept up with the times. He can't even sound semi-intelligent. He thinks everyone has kampong minds like his. This is the last kick of a dying horse, I suppose.

Hang Babeuf: When hunting dogs start to lose interest in the beast that is to be run to ground and shot, you just give them a bit of a smell to refresh their memory and appetite.

When the Malay voters look like they might lose interest in the Umno political line, you just give them a whiff of ‘May 13' to activate their memories and fears.

Great politics! Truly, an act of real moral statesmanship.

Anonymous #40538199: The young generation should unite to establish a two-party, rule of law based system. The young generation should unite to demand accountability from those who are elected to govern.

The young generation should unite to demand that political parties stop using the issues of race, religion, Singapore, Jews, communists plus DAP and Islamic terrorists plus PAS to scare the rakyat in order to divide and rule.

Quigonbond: Quite right. Malaysian should unite against tyranny, oppression and unjust rule. The question is: unite under which banner?

The one marked ‘dacing' is synonymous with violence, bullying, racism, religious bigotry, corruption, abuse of power, cronyism, piratisation, and all imaginable institutions of a failed state, therefore, the only conclusion is to unite under the Pakatan banner.

Mubarak: I was still undecided who to vote for, but after this speech by Muhyiddin, I, my wife and my whole family as well as my son-in-law (altogether 10 votes) will vote for Pakatan.

CiViC: United we must, and the first thing we need to do as an united nation is to lodge police reports against Muhyiddin for his remark.

May 13 is a bitter experience for all of us and Muhyiddin is blatantly threatening the nation with it.

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