Alternative Merdeka slogan, with pride in our hearts

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YOURSAY ‘Perfect all-embracing slogan! Let's not call it Pakatan's or someone's slogan... It should belong to all Malaysians.'

'One country, one soul' - Pakatan's Merdeka theme

your say Where Do We Go From Here?: 'Sebangsa, Senegara, Sejiwa'. From the first read of it, it touches me. Yes, I like this theme. Truly the spirit and feeling of united Malaysians.

Sodom Me Sodom You: Superb choice. With this, I can celebrate Merdeka with pride in my heart and tell my children what it means - that we are united as one nation and we share it together, regardless of race or religion. God bless my beloved nation and protect its children from 1Harm.

Anonymous #32993250: Great theme, this is truly a Malaysian contribution. We hope Information Minister Rais Yatim has a sense of decency to accept this wonderful theme, which brings positiveness in all Malaysians.

DrPhil: Perfect all-embracing slogan! It deserves everyone's support. Let's not call it Pakatan's or someone's slogan... It should belong to all Malaysians.

Telestai!: What a vast difference compared to the ‘Janji Ditepati, Masa Membalas Budi' theme. This is a major embarrassment to Ah Jib Gor (PM Najib Razak) for his shameless electioneering.

Satu Negara Satu Hati: No need to discuss it with the arrogant BN federal government. Just implement it in all Pakatan states on Aug 31. Hold Merdeka parades in the stadium in each state.

Anonymous #36950150: Beautiful, this is a very meaningful theme for our National Day celebrations. If someone can compose a song to go with it, it would be great.

Wira: Alhaimi Adam should be given due recognition for his slogan. We should use this slogan for our Merdeka and Malaysia Day celebrations in all Pakatan states.

Righteous: LOL (laugh out loud), no BN cyber troopers around to stomp on the rakyat's theme?

Anak, Bangsa, Malaysia: ‘Sebangsa, Senegara, Sejiwa' is truly a good slogan. Fifty years after independence, we have not live up to the spirit of this slogan. Indeed, though the slogan is timely, the reality shows otherwise.

Nevertheless, let us move forward and let Pakatan take over the reins from BN and show that the slogan is not accidental but meant to be implemented many years ago.

Anonymous_4031: One nation, one identity, one soul - equality, fairness, justice for all Malaysians.

All Malaysians want a stake in this nation, and they deserve to have it. After all, are they not citizens of this nation? Let all Malaysians enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Sabah and Sarawak have been left behind, the people there should get extra help because of our negligence in the past. Let us not dash their hopes again.

2ctsworth: This is a decent slogan not partial towards any party. But how can the indecent accept the decent?

Govindankanan Kanan: So soothing and so meaningful, just like in the first prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman's days. We Malaysians must treat each other as brothers and sisters.

Cantabrigian: 'One Nation, One Country, One Soul' sounds more inclusive and promotes unity between the government and the rakyat. 'Janji Ditepati, Kini Masa Balas Budi' is more like praising the government and reminding the rakyat to repay their ‘debt', Ah Long-style.

Kuchikoo: On second thoughts, ‘One nation, One Soul' sounds better.

Dhammika: ‘One Nation, One Heart, One Mind.' Will this be better? It has more of the unity element. ‘One Nation, One Country' is repetitive.

Anonymous #08046729: Bravo! This is what the nation needs and hungers for. Well done, Alhaimi Adam. Please bring him forward. Next, any composer out there, please create a song.

Keturunan Malaysia: And most importantly, it is neither a battle cry of Umno-BN nor of Pakatan but rather the true honest desire of all Malaysians.

Anonymous #18452573: Well done. I would be proud of a theme like that. ‘Sebangsa, Senegara, Sejiwa'. You can see how much BN's theme is all about themselves.

And even on the CD, it's ‘Put the PM's face big. Then make sure Rais' face is second biggest. Then make sure all races placed here there and everywhere."

NX: A government that ruled for 50 years churns out rubbish, whereas a government-in-waiting has brilliant ideas. Bravo, Pakatan and shame on you, BN.

Anonymous #42402094: Rais, the opposition is not ignoring Merdeka Day but just the insipid theme. ‘Sebangsa, Senegara, Sejiwa' is in line with the 1Malaysia theme. Now you are the one opposing for the sake of opposing.

Chiew Eng Ng: Yes, I like Pakatan's Merdeka theme. It's devoid of any political motives but which presents a uniting message so wanted by all today. Sebangsa, Senegara dan Sejiwa, keranamu Malaysia yang dicintai .

Foodforthought: And it does not cost a single sen!

Just An Ordinary Malaysian: I like.

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