Spooked by Syabas for no good reason

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YOURSAY 'Who are these people who are so wonderful for wanting water rationing, especially since it is due to Syabas incompetence?'

MB: Syabas admitted Selangor not in water crisis

your say Not Confused: The only reason that "some" residents (note: "some") want rationing is because they have been spooked by Syabas into thinking that they are on the brink of a water crisis.

However, based on Syabas' own statistics, they are producing 4,940 MLD (millions of litres per day), which is 598 MLD more than is currently being consumed.

The only reason why Syabas is trying to scare everyone is because its Umno crony bosses want to cream off large amounts of money from the building of the new Langat 2 treatment plant.

If the money was ploughed into reducing non-revenue water and plugging all the leakages, it would be much more efficient and environmentally acceptable.

Oscar Kilo: Pardon my ignorance, but why is there a water shortage in the first place? Has demand exceeded supply?

If demand has really exceeded supply, then the next question is, why wasn't it anticipated?

Kosongcafe: I'm surprised some do not believe Syabas executive chairman Rozali Ismail is being paid RM5.1million a year (or about RM400,000 a month).

Many are surprised how someone could be in such a cosy position while the company is in dire straits, thanks to Umno's symbiotic privatisation with cronies.

I'm also surprised that Selangor Pakatan Rakyat leaders could take on federal might in fighting off attempts to have their way.

Since they have come so near to fruition, with the next GE just months away, I am sure the people of Selangor will see to it that Pakatan continues to have their backing in this fight.

Fair Play: Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim, political war is fought and won based on majority. Corporate war is fought and won based on facts and strategy. In the long run, Syabas and BN just cannot win.

Mob1900: Syabas is throwing all sorts of excuses which we are becoming tired of.

First, they lied about water-rationing, saying it is because of the water-catchment dams levels are low. Now they say it's because other areas are sharing the same water from everywhere else.

Fair Play: Syabas, are you serious or have you already played your last card? With reservoirs filled to the brim, residents want water rationing?

Ask motorists if they want petrol rationing and see for yourself what is the answer.

Amoker: This is one of the worst things Syabas have done to the rakyat. It has stopped water in those areas and as the solution, suggested that the residents to make a choice or everybody else would be rationed too.

Of course, the residents would agree. This is water blackmail. Syabas was not reprimanded for the false water crisis and now they are manipulating people.

Jedi: _Who: Who are these people who are so wonderful and accommodating for wanting water rationing, especially since it is due to Syabas incompetence? What a load of rubbish.

Anonymous #19098644: The federal government is acting unconstitutionally be interfering in water affairs, which are the prerogative of the states. The state needs to seek a judicial review.

Other than mitigating by increasing the treatment capacity, the most obvious solution is to sharply reduce the NRW (non-revenue water) loss of 33 percent to the Penang level of 18 percent, thereby reducing cost per liter of water delivered and increasing reserves by an additional 15 percent.

The approval of the Langat 2 treatment plant will result in Selangorians having to pay Pahang RM500 million per annum in raw water cost.

Within 30 years, RM15 billion would have to be spend on top of the capex (capital expenditure) of over RM8 billion, making it a grand total of RM23 billion. If you add operating expenses, maintenance and upgrades, this would easily balloon to RM30 billion.

It's better to reduce NRW loss, bring in a tiered-pricing scheme to penalise excessive users and start a systematic campaign to reduce water usage.

Cloudnine: It was reported in Parliament that the prime minister's and deputy prime minister's residences use about RM2 million worth of water a year. Why the big shots can use so much water while little people need to ration it?

What are they washing that they need RM2 million of water? Yes, you are reading right. No bull, refer to Parliament report. Can PM Najib Razak and wife Rosmah spare some water?

Michael Ng 34f2: When Syabas took over from the Perbadanan Urus Air Selangor Berhad (Puas), they inherited the funds from Puas to replace old pipes in Selangor. What happened to the money?

Dr C: Dear Syabas Chief Operating Officer Lee Miang Koi, it's your duty to provide us water 24/7, not rationing.

Lim Chong Leong: This is a spin extraordinaire. Residents back water rationing, my foot. Complete the sentence and let the whole truth be told.

Residents back water rationing "only if it is truly necessary". The latter part of this fact has been conveniently left out.


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