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Impossible to turn back the clock
Published:  Aug 13, 2012 12:20 AM
Updated: 4:12 AM

VOXPOP 'Most of these illegal immigrants must have had children who were born and raised as Malaysians.'

An opportunity for Sabahans to regain sovereignty

vox populi small thumbnail GXFC: It is impossible to turn the clock back. Most of these illegal immigrants must have had children who were born and raised as Malaysians; like the Chinese and Indians who were brought in by the British to work in the tin mines and rubber estates of Malaya once upon a time.

It is a fait accompli. But something must be done for the natives of Sabah who have become disadvantaged as a result of the criminal and traitorous acts of certain people.

The traitors must be punished, no doubt, but the rights of the innocent must also be protected.

RA 1: The immigrants must have satisfied the conditions to get ICs. Remember Sabah was part of the Sulu Malay sultanate.

If people from other parts of the sultanate decide to move to Sabah, what's wrong with that? In China, the Han Chinese are moving to Tibet. Does the DAP get upset?

Not Convinced: RA 1, the last time I checked, DAP is a political party in Malaysia, not in China. So why should DAP, whose leaders and supporters are Malaysians, be linked to the migration of Han Chinese to Tibet?

Unless of course, like many Umno ultras, you are suggesting that DAP leaders and all its supporters be "deported" to China.

Keneoh: Treason! Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad betrayed all true Malaysians by encouraging Project M so that BN can stay in power. Vote wisely in GE to kick these traitors out of Putrajaya.

Inspektor Klueso: Equally aiding and abetting the larceny with Mahathir are the likes of Sabah leaders Yong Teck Lee and Joseph Pairin Kitingan.

These two did nothing, except pocketed pocket change corruption monies in exchange for selling out the Dusun-Kadazan and Chinese majority communities whom they allegedly represent.

Traitors are the lower of the lows. Yong's and Pairin's descendants, along with first Sabah CM Donald (Mohammad Fuad) Stephen's, will forever bear the shame that their forebears sold true Sabahans out.

Jean Pierre: The article doesn't mention the influx of Pakistanis and Bangladeshis in Sabah. The way they lord over the locals in heavy Malay slang is despicable. You should hear the way they talk about Muslim solidarity.

And yes, you can see these devout Muslims in pubs with Filipino GROs (guest relation officers).

Anonyxyz: For political advantage so that they can plunder the country's wealth, Umno with the support of the BN component parties masterminded by Dr M deliberately opened the borders and legalised millions of illegal immigrants to flood the country.

This is treason of the highest order.

Clever Voter: What these BN crooks have done is so unforgiving. We cannot change the past but we can influence the future. It's time to stop believing what these so-called leaders say.

Sabah has potential to be a state that is admired and envied. The resources, whatever are left, must be returned to the real citizens to be governed properly.

Bartimaeus 2020: In my opinion, the people of Sabah should take the issue to the International Court of Justice for adjudication. Suaram pursuing justice in the French courts (on the Scorpene submarine issue) is a good example.

Thiswayoutplease: ‘It's Now or Never.' Let's sing this song together, whether you are in Sarawak, Sabah or Peninsular Malaysia. We are all Malaysians rowing the same boat.

We can now see the shoreline laden with freedom, equality and a brighter future for our children and theirs. So vote out the corrupt and the fake politicians, once and for all.

Saifuddin to rally BN MPs against Evidence Act

Anonymous #19098644: Whatever the motives, it will be good that both sides of the political divide are focused on getting the wrong articles in the Evidence Act amended.

It will not change the minds of those who want to see a change of government, but it will narrow the divide of this dangerously polarised country of ours.

Tulin: Deputy Higher Education Minister Saifuddin Abdullah is seeing the possible defeat of BN in the GE13 and he is actually taking a calculated risk to secure his political dominance. If BN loses, he will be invited to cross over and join the new cabinet.

If BN wins, he will still be retained on the account that he is representing the new voice of Umno. After all, he was and may still be very close to Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, and is backed by PM Najib Abdul Razak.

Anonymous_3e86: Perhaps this is a cunning ploy by Najib to show that he and BN are very understanding and considerate with such matters to gain the rakyat's trust and votes for the coming GE13.

Again, it will take time to amend the Act, if at all it gets amended. The rakyat must not be fooled by BN's promise. The Act can be amended by Pakatan Rakyat, and with Saifuddin's help, it will be amended.

Gen2indian: YB (yang berhormat), why are you still with a corrupt party? You have time and again showed that you support a just cause. In Umno, the incompetent and corrupt apple-polishers rule the day.

Dumb&Deaf: Saifuddin Abdullah and Umno veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah are perhaps the only two Umno members who still stand a slim chance of being rehabilitated.

For Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin, no, a kera remains a kera... turn your back on him and he'll steal all your eggs.

Ferdtan: The truly wise man will know what is right, do what is good, and therefore be happy (Socrates).

Saifuddin Abdullah is one good man but sadly in the wrong party. There is no way he can work to reform from inside. When the wave of tsunami hits BN; too bad, there is no escaping for him.

The Evidence Act amendments are obviously bad laws as they are against the law of natural justice, which defies logic. A person can be found guilty of another's doing - this is stupid as it can be. Not only it makes the enforcement officers lazy but complacent to look for evidence to punish the real culprits.

There are no way for them to charge each and every of the host owners, etc, as they are bound to have some guests under pseudonyms with evil or malicious intent to sabotage the owners of the site.

This will play into the hands of the government-controlled DPPs (deputy public prosecutors) to selectively prosecute the opponents of the ruling government.

The first victim I can foresee would be popular pain-in-the-ass (to the BN government) Malaysiakini .

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