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Will Nasha turn from tadpole to frog?

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VOXPOP 'The story sounds familiar - lose the support of the grassroots, get dropped from the candidate's list and turn into a frog.'

Nasharudin dropped as candidate for next GE

vox populi small thumbnailFerdtan: It is good news to hear that Bachok MP Nasharudin Mat Isa will be dropped as candidate for the next GE. No one is indispensable in any party, even for a former number two in the party.

This clearly shows the self-serving aspect side of a politician's character, no matter how high one was in the party hierarchy, he would betray his party and principles after he had lost his high position in the party.

This interprets that Nasharudin was there not to struggle and fight for the party nor its beliefs, but for himself.

One wonders why he exposed himself prematurely to score a point for BN? Is it because BN wanted to neutralise the defections of Sabah leaders Maijol Mahap, Lajim Ukin and Wilfred Bumburing to be Pakatan Rakyat friendly? Is this a tit-for-tat reply from BN showing what Pakatan can do they can do better?

Odin: Nasharudin is reported in Harakahdaily to have admitted that he arranged a meeting in Mecca between PM Najib Razak and several Saudi scholars, and that he was also accorded a special visa to the kingdom.

On another note, the self-professed Islamic scholar who said it was haram to support the DAP as it is not supportive of hudud has allegedly been given RM2 million by Umno-BN. Interesting, all this.

Reu: With all common sense, will Nasharudin call upon Umno to leave BN over MCA's alleged rejection of hudud law?

Cannon: The leadership of PAS has backbone. They are able to take decisive action to deal with its members who act out of line, regardless of their standing and sentiments.

PAS shows it has party discipline, a quality that's absent in Umno. Let Nasharudin stand under Umno's banner as he is in love with its decadent politics.

Anonymous #43051382: Yes, all traitors should be removed. People voted for PAS as a party, not Nasharudin as an individual. Nasharudin is just 'syoking' sendiri if he thinks he is so popular in Bachok. Cut off all those cancerous 'frogs' before it is too late.

[email protected]: The story sounds familiar - lose the support of the grassroots, get dropped from the candidate's list and turn into a frog. Yes, this looks like the same steps taken by former Selangor exco Hasan Ali.

PAS should forget about Nasharudin, it is better off without him. The Islamic party has finally penetrated the western states with multiracial support, so please don't move backwards.

Hacker makes Anwar 'apologise' to Najib

Ferdtan: Anyone with an average IQ reading the purported message by PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim in his official blog would know immediately that the posting is fake. This must have come from the Umno Youth cybertroopers - it lacks the finesse of a master strategist.

Tholu: This is just one of numerous unethical and immoral acts Umno has embarked upon to cling onto power realising that their days appear to be numbered.

They are shamelessly and brazenly shedding whatever little professional behaviour they had portrayed in the past. I suppose this is what Bersih co-chairperson S Ambiga meant when she said GE13 will be the dirtiest ever.

Tel What a childish hacker, and with no class at all. One look at the message and anyone can tell this is a fake message. The hacker may have the IT knowledge but lacks maturity. Little wonder that Umno is losing the cyberwar big time.

T Sundaram: Anwar is very good in making up drama and this must be his own act to tell the rakyat that his site had been hacked. This is not Najib's work but that of Anwar's own people who want him to look good.

Queenie: There is nothing to be smug about. The joke is on PM Najib Razak as the fake message means to convey exactly what the author wrote.

Abasir: This is the work of someone sickeningly desperate to remove the dark stain of murder most foul from a carefully manicured image. The desperation is so severe that the culprit will even script an apology and post it in the wee hours of the morning in the name of the adversary.

But the mastermind behind the killing does not see the futility of this act. This is one bloody stain that has been indelibly rubbed in to the consciousness of all right-thinking Malaysians.

It will stay as a stark and bloody reminder of the character Malaysians will have to live with should they make the wrong choice in the coming months.

Hmmmmmmmm: BN has unwittingly revealed the issues that are bothering them, and which they can't seem to dispel and hence the fake apology.

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