Let the bus be symbol of BN violence

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YOURSAY 'The bus will be pelted with all sorts of stuff just to discourage it, but the journey has to continue until it reaches the final destination - Putrajaya.'

PKR bus attacked by 'samseng' in Kelantan

your say Starr: This is another piece of politics of gangsterism, a bankruptcy of ideas devoid of civility, reason and thoughtfulness. It's unimaginable that such an act of thuggery is not politically motivated.

The need to resort to such dirty tactics speaks volumes about the desperation of those behind the atrocity. The police will of course take their sweet time to investigate and bring those responsible to book.

Umno-BN politicians have readily dismissed such talks of Arab Spring, more appropriately called Arab Uprising, coming onshore. But the violence seen in the series of incidences inflicted on the opposition parties seems to suggest otherwise.

Should these sorts of behaviour continue unrestrained, who can then guarantee Malaysian Spring will not happen on our shore? It's rather mindless of anyone to think this is the way to win elections.

Hmmmmmmmm: This is a good opportunity for publicity in the Malay heartland. Even fence-sitters and curious bystanders would come wanting to see what happened to the bus. So if it is safe to drive the bus around, please don't change anything.

By the way, this will be a non-index crime.

Kim Quek: Inadvertently, this incident has landed Pakatan Rakyat with fresh fodder for its election campaign, as the strikingly disfigured bus is the best living proof of the violent political culture practiced by Pakatan's adversary.

This is going to bring Pakatan many additional rural votes, as the bus blazes through the Malay heartland.

Ferdtan: Malaysia is now a country of gangsters. They rule the day. Where are the police? Are they all in Dataran Merdeka looking for evidence to charge a 77-year-old man who read a poem during the countdown of Merdeka?

It seems that these gangsters have one dislike and their targets are aimed only at the opposition leaders and their followers or anyone who are against the BN government. How come these vandals never touch BN's assets?

BN has huge vans with 1Malaysia logo and PM Najib Razak's portrait on them. They don't seem to be hit by any trouble.

P Dev Anand Pillai: All these years in power and forever taking it to be their birthright, these Umno leaders have never come up with such an idea to strike back.

The bus will be pelted with all sorts of stuff just to discourage it, but the journey has to continue until it reaches the final destination - Putrajaya. With the people's support, it will get there.

Disgusted: There is no doubt Umno is getting desperate and trying to prevent Pakatan from connecting with the rakyat. All these desperate moves by the samsengs of BN will only backfire on them as the rakyat do not want to see the country mired in violence and anarchy.

They want to see law and order, peace and harmony. The last thing they wish for is violence.

RR: It appears that Umno has built up a strong force of hooligans and gangsters to disrupt and endanger the lives of the opposition leaders and members. If the police force does not play its proper role, there is a serious danger in this country before or after election.

It is the duty of the police to provide protection to all parties. Police should not allow this country to become another Libya or Syria where the armed forces/police have taken sides to the detriment of the majority of the people.

The police and Army should be always neutral and support the winning party to ensure peace in the nation. Whoever loses should be decent enough to take on the role of serving as a strong opposition.

iBoleh: This is very sad that a bus belonging to PKR has been attacked with its windscreen smashed and smeared with red paint. I wonder whether PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) will be concern about such crime carried out or just classified it as a non-index crime.

What would happen if the bus belongs to BN or Umno? I am almost sure it would have become major news and the blame would be pinned on the opposition.

I hope Pakatan will be patient enough to wait until GE13 is over - there will be a change when a new government is installed. Many heads must roll to clean up the mess in our civil service.

Tell The Truth: It's obvious this is Umno samseng's doing. You mean Pakatan members will do this to their own bus? I thought about it when PKR announced their roadshow and was worried this will happen because the bus is an easy target for Umno samseng.

It's best to park the bus in front of the police station. After all, the police are paid to watch the property of the rakyat.

Conmen: If I were PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim, I shall install a new windscreen but keep the old one. It will be mounted on a platform for public display wherever he stops to give a ceramah.

Behind every danger lurks an opportunity. The picture of the damaged windscreen is worth a thousand words. Every act of arson and vandalism should be exploited for maximum impact to highlight the extent of Umno's violence.

Seeing is believing. The rakyat will get turned off with BN dirty politics.

Learn the lesson of how at one time during the height of Sodomy I, they deliberately moved the "sperm-stained" mattress in and out of court on a daily basis for maximum effect to discredit Anwar and destroy his reputation.

Lover Boy: I fully agree - change the windscreen and leave the coach in the condition that it is in and proceed with PKR's plan. This time can we have the PAS Unit Amal on stand by to stop the samseng?

Onyourtoes: Did Umno's or BN's functions, gatherings and properties ever get disrupted or sabotaged? How come it is always Pakatan's functions and properties that get disrupted or damaged?

Of course, it is difficult to prove with evidence who has done it. But in life, not everything needs hard evidence; we have intuition, logical thinking and hunches.

Therefore, it is not too difficult to discern which political party is more depraved and a greater hypocrite. Yes, I think PKR should leave the bus as it is. Drive the bus everywhere in the country and let the bus do the talking.

Conmen: Consider it as a blessing in disguise. Those Umno-affiliated goons could have planted a bomb or burned the whole coach down. Lucky for you, Anwar, that no lives were lost and nobody hurt.

This is not the first and it won't be the last either. There's more to come as GE13 draws nearer.

Free And Fair Election: If the police can provide escorts to VIPs and even political leaders, should they also not provide the same kind of treatment to PKR during roadshows?

Changeagent: It is absolutely mind-boggling that the PM has never once condemned any previous attacks or violence against the opposition parties.

This fact alone proves conclusively and irrefutably that Najib Razak himself condones and is cultivating a culture of gangsterism against his political rivals and their supporters.

So much for his 1Malaysia inclusiveness, unity, or whatever nonsense.

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