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The political vendetta against Suaram

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YOURSAY 'Suaram operates on a tiny budget, which makes accusations of money laundering and terrorism laughable.'

Minister: Suaram's accounts highly suspicious

your say Onyourtoes: Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob, you don't understand economics, business, accounts and finance, so it is expected that you are confused.

There are one thousand and one issues under the purview of your ministry, but all you care about is Suaram.

Have you tackled the numerous monopolies in our midst? Have you overcome market distortion and lack of competition in our economy?

How is our anti-competition commission doing? How is our price control doing? Have you overcome shortages, overpricing and profiteering?

Are you aware of the sub-standard and low quality products now flooding our market? Are you aware of all the dubious marketing schemes targeting at ignorant and innocent consumers every day?

Do you understand at all what I am saying?

Wira: It is easy to understand, Mr Minister. When your government places restrictions to the registration of an NGO under the Societies Act, the easier way is to register it under a company.

That's probably what Suaram has done. Nothing irregular here. It's the same with many churches and bodies of worship. When the government places obstacles on those religious bodies, they find a way out, as allowed under the law, to register it legally under the Companies Act.

It is your ignorance that a company must trade to have income.

And money laundering from annual operating income/expenditure of RM500,000? Get real, Umno lawyer Hafarizam Harun. Do you understand the real meaning of money laundering?

Starr: This is sheer political vendetta of the highest order. Since when the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry is interested in the corporate affairs of a private limited company, not that it doesn't have the jurisdiction.

But there have been major cases involving directors of high-profile companies for allegedly breach of directors' duties under the Companies Act and Anti-Money Laundering Act.

And yet the ministry and Bank Negara Malaysia chose to remain relatively muted and unmoved. NFC (National Feedlot Corporation), Sime Darby, Kuala Dimensi, etc, are cases in point.

It's no coincidence that the investigation into Suaram's affairs are clearly linked with the Scorpene scandal, which is the subject of judicial investigation by the French court for corruption and bribery charges. To claim it's not politically motivated is utter nonsense.

Pissed Off: Not politically motivated? My foot. Start investigating both the chief ministers of Sabah and Sarawak first.

As usual, the law and the enforcement agencies are there only to work against anyone who is vocal against the ruling government.

Frus: Everyone has seen a Sabah politician's personal bank account online with many highly suspicious transactions in millions of US dollars yet no minister or the relevant authority has made any statement or shown the intention to investigate.

Tidakboleh: Is the government hoping to give enough trouble to Suaram so that it will withdraw its complaints about corruption related to the sale of Scorpene submarines to Malaysia? Fat chance.

Kolopilah: Inflow of funds from Washington, New York and German Embassy. Wow, this minister is faster than a gunslinger. What about the "outflow" by the corrupted from 1Malaysia, which is already reaching RM1 trillion?

Anonymous_3e68: It follows that if I receive money from overseas for my use or the use of an organisation I belong to, I commit an offence under the Anti-Money Laundering Act. What brilliant analysis.

Mirror On The Wall: My prophesy is that Suaram will be suspended and that all its stakeholders hauled up for contravening some Act or other. Then they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and will be found guilty. I did a online course in Prophesy 101.

CiViC: Who gives a damn about Suaram's accounts? Have they taken my money? Or your money? Or the people's money? Are they here to take over the country and put us all in slavery? Hello?

Disgusted: Is Suaram fleecing the rakyat's money as Umno is doing. So what is the beef? Are they not bringing foreign investments into the country unlike Umnoputras shifting out corrupt money taken from rakyat into foreign accounts to escape detection?

The minister denied the CCM (Companies Commission of Malaysia) investigation is related to Suaram's role in the submarine case.

Stop the bullshit. It is all about saving PM Najib Razak's skin and a vendetta to punish Suaram for their action in France with regards the Scorpene corruption trial.

Anonymous#70866269: Lawyer Hafarizam wants to discredit Suaram, an organisation which is highly respected by the public.

The NGO needs funds to investigate this highly corrupted government. As long as these funds are not illegal, what right has the government to investigate? Good Samaritans are found in all parts of the world.

Black Mamba: Ismail Sabri, are you insinuating Suaram is practicing money laundering to buy arms and support terrorists? The only terrorists I can think of are those who have easy access to C4 and indiscriminately use it on innocent people.

SS2 Girl: Oh the irony! Suaram's accounts suspicious, and thus requiring immediate investigations.

BN ministers' accounts are even more suspicious with proof dangling in front of your faces, but no investigations. Please lah , we are not stupid.

Jimmy Ng: Ismail Sabri, there are even higher levels of suspicions in the accounts of the NFC, Petronas, Umno, Defence Ministry's procurement of submarines, armoured vehicles, jet fighters, etc... so what are you and your colleagues doing about these accounts?

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