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Discrimination - two wrongs don't make a right
Published:  Sep 6, 2012 9:57 AM
Updated: 2:39 AM

YOURSAY ‘Once we break down the institutionalised racial discrimination in this country, many things will fall into place.'

An open letter to my non-Malay friends

your say Progressive: I'm a non-Chinese Malaysian. Indeed, Iqbal Abdullah wrote a well thought-out letter to the editor. Thank you. I would like to make a few points.

One, he said, "Race is a non-issue", but why then his obsession with race, race and race.

Two, "This hold on the economy by my non-Malay friends have directly or indirectly limited opportunities available to our Malay friends." No, this entrepreneurship has only increased opportunities for everyone, including the Malays, like the growth of Public Bank, UMW, etc.

Three, "Lack of interest of our non-Malay friends to help out in the government." Non-Malays stopped applying for government jobs because they were not getting them due to discrimination, and now they are blamed for it.

Chinese entrepreneurship built this country, helped by an efficient Malay civil service and a toiling Indian workforce. That the Chinese don't love the country is also a fallacy.

The NEP (New Economic Policy) was necessary then. Not anymore. The Malays are a wonderful people, but they are being manipulated and misled by a corrupt elite. Only a change in government will save our country.

Ace: Once we break down the institutionalised racial discrimination practised in this country, many things will fall properly into place.

This "root of all evil" is the cause of the feelings of unfairness, marginalisation, envy, disdain and also the cause of complacency and "not wanting to try hard" in the case of the "favoured race(s)".

Many writers and people always say that the Chinese are so successful it does not look like the discrimination has affected them, and some politicians have even said that the NEP has contributed to make the Chinese successful.

We should not just look at the successful Chinese with envy - because for every one successful Chinese, there are probably 20 Chinese who are struggling to make ends meet.

Dood: I'm tired of all this race-based discrimination. Sure both sides have done wrong, but two wrongs don't make a right.

End the discrimination and make aid needs-based and we'll all be happy. Well, at least those of us who believe in doing what's right. The racists will still be unhappy, but screw them.

Jasper: Gajah (political power) sama gajah (economic power) berlawan, India mati di tengah-tengah . Sigh!

The only solution is to legislate against racial discrimination of all kinds. Unfortunately, that also means a major amendment of the constitution, which is unlikely to happen as the culture of entitlement has been so deeply ingrained.

So it's very difficult to blame those who "vote with their feet".

Paul Warren: Iqbal, why the focus on economy and wealth to distinguish one group of Malaysians from another? And why are the non-Malay groups supposed to be grateful to the Malays?

The opportunities open to the Chinese are equally open to the Malays. But since the Malays have been asked by the Umno-led government to wait for the opportunities to fall on their laps, I guess you may have to wait your turn. The non-Malays, on the other hand, have to make their own opportunities.

You see, they know they cannot expect to get the job to open a canteen at the school nearby. They also know not to wait to get the contract to cut the grass along the highways and the byways.

Whereas the Malay has just to wait for his name to be called. Can you see the difference?

Baiyuensheng: Success = sacrifice, education, hard work and perseverance that somehow, without risking being labelled boastful, described the Chinese ethic in approaching life.

So from your article, you want me to thank the Malays for the Chinese success? Gosh, and you kind of like blaming the Chinese for the Malay failures. The Arabs are lucky that God granted them oil and make them well-to-do, but are they successful?

Bro, success comes with a lot of the traits mentioned above. What the Malays need is a mind shift towards sacrifices, hard work, etc, and this can only come within.

I feel proud that 95 percent of the income taxes come from the Chinese community, and likewise 60 percent from the corporate taxes - money that help to fund the Malay agendas, which until now still going nowhere.

Anonymous #40538199: Once the race-based policies are removed, the corrupted and rent-seeking regime that practices divide and rule will collapse.

Lelakimalaysia: This is a well-written and honest letter. You cannot claim to want a united Malaysia and champion your race at the same time. And a timely reminder to those who ignorantly feel an Arab Spring is needed here. Good stuff.

AnonymousA: Tears rolled down my face when I read Iqbal's last sentence, "There is only us in this land." We are one and come the 13th general election, let's make our dreams come true, insya Allah!


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