It's now up to the people to stop Lynas

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VOXPOP 'Lynas has a tax holiday for 12 years. After that, they will just pack up and go somewhere else leaving their radioactive waste behind.'

Himpunan Hijau to blockade Kuantan Port

vox populi small thumbnail Kgen: AELB (Atomic Energy Licensing Board) seems to be working hand in glove with Lynas. How can this so-called regulator regulate Lynas?

Rare earth processing plant Lynas will have a free hand with their radioactive waste in Malaysia. We do not have any independent and competent body to regulate Lynas. AELB and the others will dance to Lynas's tune.

We do not need this dirty polluting industry which brings no benefit to the country. Lynas has a tax holiday for 12 years.

At the end of the tax holiday, they will just pack up and go somewhere else leaving their radioactive waste behind. All Lynas can provide is some low level jobs, which will mainly be taken up by foreigners.

This government has no power to force Lynas to take back their radioactive waste. It is now up to the people to stop Lynas.

Blind Freddo: There comes a time in the lives of men when they eventually realise they are wrong and it's time to give up.

In Malaysia, where everyone is an expert and think they know everything simply to cover their basic inadequacies, those days are a long time coming.

Give up, you have already lost face. With any sort of luck, Lynas will sue you fools too.

Swipenter: Blind Freddo, I remember requesting you to apply to Lynas for the position in charge of waste disposal. Did you apply?

Don't worry, the waste is 100 percent safe. Lynas and AELB can give you that assurance.

Odin: Himpunan Hijau's Wong Tack and Tan Bun Teet, there surely will be a forceful jet of chemical-laced water and tear-gas canisters fired directly at you lot, and then you all will get bashed up.

I'd suggest you have with you water and salt, and wear protective headgear, in case one of those canisters hit your eyes.

CCM raids office of Suaram's auditor, company secretary

iloveBN: The only reason for the authorities to raid Suaram is to intimidate and stop them from investigating PM Najib Razak and his cronies by using the French courts. It is so clear and even a 10-year-old girl can tell.

The noose is tightening on Najib and he must be having sleepless nights as his days of touring Europe with the Mrs are coming to an end.

Once Interpol gets involved, he can't travel out of the country. The only place he can go is Pekan.

Bert: As GE13 may be held later this year or early next year, the intimidation of Suaram clearly shows that Umno is desperate. Malay groups such as Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM) and Perkasa, are out to defend Umno at all cost.

They are not bothered about corruption and abuse of power. Rakyat, are you ready for change? Are we going to be bystanders and let Umno carry on for another 55 years?

Conmen: They are trying to subvert and undermine Suaram in uncovering the dirt and filth that surrounds the corruption and abuse of power behind the Scorpene deal that ultimately led to Altantuya Shaariibuu's murder.

Here, they are trying to nail Suaram, and if Suaram can be sunk, they hope the Paris court case will go nowhere. People can see that Umno is desperately trying to divert public attention away from Najib's hanky-panky and their own involvement in the murky sleaze.

The rakyat of Malaysia should continue to support Suaram in its endeavours to unearth the ugly truth of Umno's hanky panky.

Anonymous_4196: This act of intimidation gives us the impression that the French investigation into the corruption allegation of the Scorpene deal could very well be true.

M'sia records drop in global competitiveness

Abasir: After all that MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor) and K-economy stuff in Cyberjaya and the billions spent doing that, we get this:

"It's (Malaysia's) low level of technological readiness (51st) is surprising, especially given its achievements in other areas of innovation and business sophistication and the country's focus on promoting the use of ICT. Lack of progress in this area will significantly undermine Malaysia's efforts to become a knowledge-based economy by the end of the decade."

Now, who should we hold accountable for this, Pemandu?

iBoleh: When we have a minister who claims "discrepancy between perception and what the data shows does not reflect Malaysia's actual condition", we are not facing reality.

The whole trouble will lead our country into serious economic crisis in time to come. In any issue, it is best to admit the problem and work on solutions.

Wong Lu Shin: Look at the bottom line. Malaysia has been dropping in its global competitiveness' ranking for five years consecutively. The country is heavily dependent on foreign investment, so this is very bad news.

Onyourtoes: This can't be right; this is jealousy and Western conspiracy to belittle Malaysia. How can this be?

We have Idris Jala and the numerous ‘permanent head damage' (PhD) personnel in Pemandu. Tell me, how many countries on earth today have outfits like Pemandu and Pemudah?

We have NKRA, NKEA, GTP, ETP, 1Malaysia, 1Kedai, 1Menu, BR1M, 1Taxi, and I am sure soon we shall have BR1M2, KLIA2, 1Lorry, 1Expressbus, 1Hawker, and many more.

With all these attributes, Malaysia does not deserve a downgrade. Instead, Malaysia should be right on top next to the little red dot which has no water, no sand, no oil, no gas, no land, no Twin Towers, no Putrajaya, no Cyberjaya, no specially built F1 track, no anti-corruption commission, no PKFZ and no fanciful privatisation.

Think about it, Malaysia should be right on top.

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