Moral of the story: Don't do it to PM, Rosmah

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YOURSAY 'Perhaps the PM should have said that Malaysian culture is to provide blind allegiance and support no matter what you do as leaders.'

Street demos, mooning not our culture, says PM

your say Starr: "Street demos, mooning not our culture," says PM Najib Razak, but what's our culture is perhaps gangsterism, hooliganism, abuse of power and corruption.

Najib has clearly got it wrong. Street rallies and demonstrations are a democratic process and the legitimate rights of the citizens to express their political views, it has nothing to do with our culture.

In a democracy, public dissent is an effective mechanism to hold the government more responsible, accountable and transparent for its policies and actions. A responsive government would not hinder such activities in any way but welcome them as 'feedback' from the rakyat.

Gone are the days when the government ‘knows it all and knows what's best'. The rakyat's democratic rights are not only restricted to once-in-five-year general elections, it's a continuous process.

Dont Just Talk: "Street demos, mooning not our culture," says Najib. What about throwing rocks at PKR ceramah, smashing bus windows and vandalising it with red paint - are they also not our culture?

What about peeing at Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat's portrait or holding a funeral service at the front gate of Penang CM's residence, are they also not our culture?

Just rein in your rottweilers, Najib and the rest will fall into place. Don't just talk but walk the talk.

P Dev Anand Pillai: Perhaps the PM should have said that Malaysian culture is to provide blind allegiance and support no matter what you do as leaders.

Malaysian culture is to never question and always follow. Malaysian culture is the government knows what is best for the people so even if it is highly corrupted and requests money for its duties and obligations as a government, we dumb Malaysians will have to follow.

So don't moon and stomp, just be dumb and dumber.

Aris: It took a long time coming but finally Najib has seen fit to break his elegant silence to admonish the teenagers who were mooning or stomping on his and his wife, Rosmah Mansor's, photo.

When the regime goons were spitting and peeing and burning and butting others to the utter disgust of Malaysians, he was oblivious and smug. Has his sudden moral high ground anything to do with he being the victim this time around?

Malaysians who have so far suffered 'selective' law enforcement are now seeing a new phenomenon - 'selective' admonishment. Najib's actual message appears to be 'you can do it but not to me and Rosmah'.

Bartimaeus 2020: His bodyguards murdered a pregnant woman in cold blood but to date he has not told us who ordered them to do so and why.

But he keeps chanting the mantra "not our culture". Altantuya Shaariibuu was the mother of two children and would have been the mother of a third. How would he feel if the Kazakhstan Mafia kidnapped his daughter and raped and killed her?

The least he can do now is to set up a generous trust fund for the deceased's children. A substantial amount of money was paid ex-gratia and without prejudice to former chief justice Salleh Abbas.

Why can't the same be done for her children? Or is it against Islamic principles to compensate two very young children whose mother was brutally murdered?

Ferdtan: Talking about patriotism being misplaced, you get commercial supermarkets like Tesco Klang (I believed it is the same in all Tesco outlets) going crazy with the BN's Merdeka theme song, ‘Janji Ditepati'.

I was at Tesco twice for a couple of hours and that song was played continuously non-stop. I asked the cashier and she said the song was on air from Merdeka Day till now (possibly it will end on Sept 16, Malaysia Day).

She added, "What to do, listen lah ." Just imagine if you are a worker there working for eight hours a day and you get bombarded with one song the whole day for more than a week, even a sane man would get crazy.

This is the madness. Even private firms are inflicted with misguided patriotism. We agree it is the Merdeka week - play the song by all means, but interspersed it with other patriotic songs.

We know that the BN is hoping to mesmerise the shoppers with its ‘Janji Ditepati' gospel-like tune.

Anonymous #57995797: Can you blame the students? Who is sending the wrong signals to the students?

Man as old as their grandpa doing butt exercises in front of other people house, selling beef burgers and still can get away with such acts.

So all these may convey the wrong signal to the student as "no harm lah , just for fun mah"

Geronimo: I guess throwing bricks at the windscreens of opposition buses and splashing them with red paint is our culture, right?

In the case when Nurul Izzah Anwar was addressing a ceramah in Lembah Pantai, stones and bottles were thrown at her, including the switching off the electricity power to prevent her from using the microphone, by Umno hooligans. This is our culture, right?

Keturunan Malaysia: Yes, what about a dozen butts shown at Ambiga, and mind you, she is a lady. Oops, I forgot that you are the women's minister too.

'Young people tend to ape actions of adults'

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