Harassment of NGOs - return of Mahathirism
Published:  Sep 26, 2012 12:46 AM
Updated: 2:49 AM

YOURSAY 'PM Najib is no more in control. The Umno mafia is having a free rein. The signs point to a Mahathir-style crackdown.'

Ambiga warns of crackdown on civil society groups

your say YF: You are right, Bersih co-chairperson S Ambiga. Elections are coming; evil Umno is doing a nationwide shutdown of anything that opposes Umno. After all, Umno stands for ‘U Must Not Oppose'.

Soon you'll find international financier George Soros, CIA, FBI, Mossad, and Decepticons are all linked to the NGOs. Welcome to the world's best democracy or should I say ‘demoncracy'.

Changeagent: It's not just the civil society groups that are facing the threat of further crackdowns and harassment. This farcical government seems to feel threatened by just about anyone or anything under the sun.

Even people wearing yellow shirts, men wearing V-necks, teenagers stepping on photographs or LGBT people (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual community), are capable of destabilising this increasingly fragile and paranoid government.

Starr: The allegations of the NGOs receiving foreign funds and destabilising the government by pro-government mainstream media as a prelude to its crackdown on these NGOs are ill-conceived and sheer acts of desperation.

There's nothing further from the truth. It's a figment of the imagination by the powers-that-be to deflect public attention from the real issues facing the country.

Receiving foreign aid is part and parcel of the funding model of the NGOs and there's no law against it provided it's properly accounted for and done without undue influence from the foreign donors.

If indeed there are concerns by the authorities, why only act now? The fact of former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad hammering George Soros out of nowhere and without cause, speaks volumes of the ill-intent of those waging the campaign against the NGOs.

Durio Zibethinus: PM Najib Razak is no more in control. The Umno mafia is having a free rein with backing from Mahathir. The signs point to a Mahathir-style crackdown.

Senior Citizen: It is great to see so many women in the forefront fighting for justice and a decent society. This speaks volumes of the beauty and courage of our Malaysian women.

Never before have I seen so many women taking up the risky cudgels to fight for a clean and decent government.

To all you women, I say bravo. You are special, very special indeed. It definitely speaks a lot of your upbringing and the schools you have come from. I am proud of you. May God bless all of you.

Arbeena: Who is Ambiga to warn the public?

Changeagent: She is Malaysian through and through. And a first-rate one too, held in high esteem by millions of right-thnking fellow Malaysians. And who are you, Arbeena, to ask such a stupid question?

Apa Ini?: Arbeena, a warning is always a welcome thing, especially from those who know better and have experienced the worst - the way your parents warn you not to take sweets from strangers.

It's threats you need to worry about and stand up to with conviction, and the threats come from those guys up there who have ruled the roost for 55 years and are worried the end is near and their stooges and supporters who depend on them.

Get wise, girl (or man?) and learn a little from others.

Fair Play: Ambiga, take heart. It's always the darkest hour before dawn. They had thrown everything at you and yet the rakyat are still behind you and like-minded Malaysians and human rights group Suaram.

The MSM (mainstream media) had lost all credibility, not only within Malaysia but without as well.

Where Do We Go From Here?: Paying RM76 million (to public relations agency Apco) to meet President Barack Obama - that is an act to destabilise this country and impoverish Malaysians.

iKurry: No amount of spinnings by the media in support of BN could deter every right-thinking citizens whose concerns and love for Malaysia would change their minds to vote out the current government.

Just look around to see the indifferent attitude adopted by BN - NFC-Cowgate, Scorpene submarine-gate, PKFZgate, Warisan Tower-gate, TBH-gate, Tajudin-MASgate, Altantuya-gate, Petronas-gate, etc.

Disgusted: BN is sinking into the quicksand faster than they can imagine with all these measures they take against the civil society. Desperate people take desperate measures. They seem to fight fire with fire and will eventually only burn themselves at GE13.

Anonymous_3e86: History has shown that this is the kind of behaviour of regimes that are on the verge of losing power.

These regimes will say illogical things or do illogical things to suppress the truth. But in the end, the truth cannot be hidden. It will surface.

BN is now displaying the same typical behaviour of these collapsed regimes in its desperation to stay in power.

AngryBird: Malaysians, is this the type of government you want for another five more years? Think about it.

Mjr: Of course, the signs are all there and over the next couple of months Najib and Mahathir will arrest and disband and carry out all manner of persecution against NGOs and civil society groups, but it just means that the real fight has begun as frightening as it seems.

Nothing good will come out without suffering, and we are ready.

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