Not shoddy laws, only shoddy MACC

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VOXPOP 'All this talk about 'shoddy laws' preventing them from charging the corrupt is nothing but mere excuses for its lacklustre performance.'

MP: MACC should charge CM first and let court decide

your say Boiling Mud: "The question of admissibility of evidence is a matter that should be left to the court to decide."

Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo was spot on. All said, maybe the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has no courage nor scruple to do the work it should do.

All this talk about 'shoddy laws' preventing them from charging the corrupt in court is nothing but poors excuse for its lacklustre performance as the corruption buster. What a shame.

Dont Just Talk: Shoddy laws prevented MACC from charging the Sarawak CM and his family with assets of over US$21 billion as revealed by the Bruno Manser Fund, but it does not prevent the commission from hauling the late Teoh Beng Hock and the late senior immigration officer Ahmad Sarbaini Mohamed to the MACC office when the allegations were a pittance in comparison?

Ksn: Yes, Gobind, very well said. Let the courts decide about the laws and their application. MACC's job is to investigate, charge under whatever law it sees fit and proper, and let the judges judge.

Bootsie: MACC is an utter disgrace. If Abu Kassim's hands are tied, then he should do something to exonerate himself from the shoddy predicament he is in.

Otherwise, resign with dignity. Elsewhere, a resignation will be the best option to show your protest against an unjust system. But instead, he sits on the post and collects his salary for doing nothing.

WiseManSays: Members of the public who know people at the very top of MACC should ask them how they can face their wives and children everyday when it is clear to the public that they are not fair and honest in the way they do their job.

If we, as members of the public, are not willing to ask our own friends these tough questions, we cannot blame others for the state that this nation is in.

Tholu: If there are archaic provisions in the law that prevent the authorities from charging a person for corruption in the courts, MACC could actually used it to guide and give tips to BN leaders on how to commit corruption and get away with it.

It puzzles me why MACC had all this while kept silent on the flaws of the law. Could it be because it was actually encouraging and condoning corruption by BN leaders instead of fighting against it?

Iremember: MACC chief Abu Kassim Mohamed, you should come clean as to whether there was any interference from the top, or are you there at the MACC just for show?

Perkasa: Scorpene probe making Najib seem guilty

Opah: Perkasa has got it all wrong, as usual. The Scorpene submarine probe by itself does not make PM Najib Razak look guilty. It is merely a case being tried in a French court of law. What it will uncover is left to be seen.

It is Najib's desperate actions against human rights group Suaram and ill-thought through statements from NGOs like Perkasa that make Najib seem guilty.

Only a guilty man would resort to such heavy-handed moves in the attempt to defend himself.

Jk7462000: Najib "seems" guilty? It's more like Najib's persecution of Suaram that is what makes him seem guilty. If he is clean, what is there to be afraid of?

Jiminy Qrikert: I have a few words of Malay wisdom for Perkasa information chief Ruslan Kassim.

'Ada asap adalah api' (there's no smoke without fire) is why Najib seems guilty.

'Sarang tebuan jangan dijolok' (don't disturb a hornet's nest) since Najib has chosen to take on the Malaysian rakyat by stealing from us and terrorising Suaram.

As for the Scorpene probe, 'alang-alang berdakwat biarlah hitam' (if you want to do something, do it with determination).

And finally for Najib, 'muka bodoh jangan disangka bukan buaya' (behind an harmless face hides a crocodile).

Dr Jag#04496187 : Since we seem to have a snail-paced judiciary, perhaps the court of public opinion can do much better with dispensing of justice.

Swipenter: Our high crime rate is only perception as the Umno-led government has insisted. Therefore it is really needless to worry about it.

If Najib's involvement and guilt in the Scorpene scandal is only perception, then why worry over it? Or is it that perception is nine-tenths of the truth?

Abuminable: If Ruslan Kassim says he wants the truth out, then he should just shut up and let it all unfold instead of trying to squash Suaram.

Durio Zibethinus: Najib has all the opportunity and time to explain himself since his days as defence minister when the Scorpene purchase was decided.

All that he has done was mere denial. And this is no defence. So Perkasa is barking up the wrong tree.

Queenie: The half-billion ringgit "commission" is a fact, not perception. This, by any yardstick, is a huge sum of money and cannot be simply ignored. I'll accept it if it can be reasonably explained.

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