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Auditor-general should lay bare Scorpene 'commission'
Published:  Oct 10, 2012 9:34 AM
Updated: 2:41 AM

VOXPOP 'The auditor-general should come out to explain to the public as to where the RM520 million went to.'

Scorpene inquiry on-going, says French lawyer Bourdon

vox populi small thumbnail ACR: In gist, French government prosecutor Yves Charpenel said the Scorpene matter is currently before an investigative judge and the case has not gone to trial.

Hence, at the conclusion of the investigation, the judge decides whether the accused has a case to answer and if so, a trial by jury will be held.

As such, it is still early for PM Najib Razak and Co to celebrate notwithstanding Bernama's twist of Charpenel's statement to make it look like nothing will ever happen to the Scorpene mafia.

Rahman: Where did the RM520 million go? The Scorpene contract has a training scope.

The training scope involved training of TLDM (Navy) personnel to operate and maintain the submarine. About 70 officers and 350 other personnel were brought to France for training. The training period was three years.

Perimekar, the contracting company for training, provided all the logistics for training including accommodation, travel, food and subsistence. So the RM520 million was paid not for nothing.

The issue of over-priced is a different matter. It is business negotiation and that is possible. But Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, MPs Tian Chua and R Sivarasa should not go around telling Malaysians that the RM520 million was commission that went directly into Najib's and Abdul Razak Baginda's pockets.

So far Suaram assumes that the whole amount is commission and refusing to understand the scope of contract. By spreading these lies, Suaram wants the public to hate BN and vote for Pakatan Rakyat.

Luu Lan Chiou: If that is the case, the auditor-general should come out to explain to the public as to where the RM520 million went to. Was it back to the Treasury or to some people's pockets?

Then I will not listen to Suaram. Until then, for people like us - the ordinary citizen - we have to believe the actions of Suaram and the guilty (whoever they are) should be punished.

Abuminable: Malaysia is akin to a cancer patient struggling to regain control of her own body that has been taken over by tumour cells.

Using logic alone, it's sometimes hard to tell a healthy cell from an unhealthy one because the cancer cells are clever at mimicking healthy cells.

The only way we can discern between the healthy and unhealthy cells is to use our hearts. The one thing cancer cells cannot fake is genuine compassion, empathy, kindness and the spirit of cooperation, not competition.

JimmyKL: The empirical evidence in international relations between government to government slanted more towards non-interference of domestic affairs, except in a form of statements but rarely action or prosecution (with the exception of American invasion in Iraq and Afghanistan and crime against humanity as in the trial of Radovan Karadzic during Bosnian war).

A case like the Scorpene deal is a case of domestic kind which even if it goes on trial, Najib and his cohorts will never going to be subpoenaed to give statements simply because it will be a diplomatic disaster for the French government as well as for tens of million of French investment and capital interest in Malaysia.

So, realistically speaking do not put so much hope on the French government to prosecute Najib or other government officials of Malaysia. Throw out BN and we have our own trial in our own country.

Muhyiddin: Graft war shows positive, tangible results

Faz: Who are you kidding, DPM Muhyiddin Yassin? Statistics can be manipulated to your advantage. Furthermore, corruption cases are generally far from the public view and asking the people on the street is a futile exercise.

Still, the super rich paraded in the media are not investigated and more are jumping on this bandwagon, the latest being Malacca CM Mohd Ali Rustam.

Muhyiddin, you can claim anything you want, but we are not stupid enough to believe you. Almost always, it is right to believe the opposite of what you say.

Keturunan Malaysia: DPM, you will never get it anywhere close to correct if you openly question people on the street. If you can have 10 percent saying there is an improvement in the fight against graft, that would be remarkable.

Ericlcc: Was the DPM quoted correctly - was it 49 percent or 4.9 percent?

Brahman: I would really like to know which planet they are getting all the data from - definitely not from Earth and a small country called Malaysia.

To be successful, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has to be independent, not just perceived to be independent.

It then can start from the politicians and then the civil service, all the prime ministers from Dr Mahathir Mohamad right down to Najib Razak, then the deputy prime ministers and the menteris besar, chief ministers, then the cabinet...

Thedon : Really? 49 percent of Malaysians felt that the government's efforts against corruption are effective?

No one asked me, my family, extended families or friends, and that is a sizeable number of people.

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