Another death in custody, another number in the stats

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YOURSAY 'Life is cheap in our country, especially the poor Indian crime suspects. Why are there so many deaths in custody?'

Police 'extorted' wife of death-in-custody victim

your say Slumdog: The police force of Malaysia, where is your humanity? Where is your conscience? Why do you treat another human being, regardless of what they have been accused of, guilty or innocent, with such appalling indifference.

Enough of this kind of behaviour, it has to stop. Politicians, we as members of a civil society cannot ignore and continue to turn a blind eye to the frequent deaths in custody with no accountability and repercussions.

IGP (inspector-general of police), show some leadership and end this kind of brutality and nightmare.

Anonymous #49297474: The police officer is responsible the death of P Chandran. The victim had a heart condition and was being denied proper medication, which was offered by his wife.

I'm hoping to see if the judiciary can bring justice to punish this police officer.

Ferdtan: Life is cheap in our country, especially the poor Indian crime suspects. Why are there so many deaths in custody? Can the BN fault us for blaming these deaths on them?

If there were serious actions taken by the IGP and the minister in charge of home affairs to prevent such incidents from occurring time and again, we would not blame the government for the dereliction of duties.

Do you hear of any concern expressed by the IGP or Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein of such deaths?

Only the ‘cow-head demonstrators' at the Selangor state secretariat got the attention of the minister: he gave them a tea party instead of censuring them for their seditious act.

I just don't understand why the ruling political leaders are letting or allowing such bad police officers to ruin the reputation of the government.

Who are actually in control? Is it the BN ministers or the police? We are inclined to believe the police have some kind of hold on most of the ministers with incriminating information.

If not, why is the proposed Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) never ever brought up again after a failed attempt by Pak Lah (Abdullah Ahmad Badawu) due to the ‘rebellion' from top police officers?

Are we technically a ‘police state'?

Bartimaeus 2020: Private redress seems to be the only option for the family of the deceased for the police force is a lawless institution answerable only to Umno. And the judiciary can't help the family for it is also perceived to be another tool of the pirates.

Rascal Bicycle: I remember the time when a friend of mine was arrested for drunk driving in Petaling Jaya in the evening. He was wrong - they put him in a lock-up. No bail application until next morning as it was late.

He wanted to call his wife - it cost him RM20 to use his own hand phone. The police also gave him the choice of lock-ups - lock-up A or lock-up B.

Lock-up A contained all gangsters. Lock-up B were mostly drunks like my friend and other suspected petty criminals. Naturally, he asked for lock-up B - another RM30 for that privilege.

In the morning, everyone had to pay RM20 for breakfast - money was given to a Lockup A inmate whom they let out to get breakfast.

The tough gangster brought the food - teh tarik and nasi lemak bungkus - and gave everyone their share and was sent back into the lock-up.

So the total charges came up to RM70 for one night at ‘PJ Police Station Hotel'.

DontPlayGod: I once went to the police station to make a report and was told to go to another station as my area was not under his jurisdiction.

And so I went to this other station, and when I asked for a copy of my report, the police officer who took my report asked for RM5 without giving me a receipt. This happened in the police station in front of other police officers.

Things are indeed getting worse. It looks like the police answer only to Umno and will do only Umno's bidding.

It's time to change the top echelons in the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police), especially the top 20 of them, and overhaul the police force to what it was 50 years ago.

Ren Ai: I propose that a proper SOP (standard operating procedure) for medical evaluation of persons in custody be put forth to overcome PDRM ignorance in such matters that inadvertently leads to death or complications from underlying chronic conditions.

Suing is only compensation. At the end of the day, the taxpayers pay.

Multi Racial: I feel sick every time I read report of people dying under police or MACC custody. What is actually happening?

Who is responsible and what the government is going to do about it? This got to stop and those responsible have to be charged.

Abuminable: We are already at the bottom of a dark pit in terms of basic human decency, integrity and justice. This is a clear reflection on the degenerate moral calibre of the ruling elite who set the tone for their underlings.

When the foot-soldiers rape and pillage, one can only assume their generals and kings are nothing more than brutes and barbarians.

Extortion: Police urge death-in-custody kin to help probe

Oscar Kilo: I'm glad that the police at least had some heart to render assistance to the deceased's family, and donated RM200 from the police ‘duit kopi' fund. Maybe the officers felt guilty that they had caused the death of P Chandran.

Anonymous_ABG: Death in police custody is murder unless proven otherwise. Establish a royal commission to look into all deaths by holding public enquiries to determine their causes and take appropriate action.

Rohana: Whoever it was who disallowed the wife to give her husband his heart medication, that person is guilty.

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