Will the real PM of M'sia please stand up?

Modified 14 Oct 2012, 7:59 am

YOURSAY 'According to our PM, he said Soros wanted to meet him. So our PM went and met him. Indeed, Soros must be a very powerful man.'

Soros wanted to meet me, claims Najib

Guardian: I believe PM Najib Razak - just as I believe then US president George Bush wanted to meet Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The fact that a couple of millions or so of Malaysian taxpayers' money was paid to a disgraced lobbyist to arrange for the meeting couldn't be true.

Our leaders are incapable of lying just as former transport minister Dr Ling Liong Sik is incapable of cheating the government.

Onyourtoes: As the prime minister if you want to meet anyone, surely it is your decision.

But why do you have to say it was at currency trader George Soros' request, and more significantly, why do have to say the meeting was after Mahathir has already met him. Who is the PM of Malaysia today?

Tholu: Najib, firstly, is Soros your political master that you have to appear before him because he summons you?

Secondly, just because Mahathir had met him, does it give you the justification to meet him as well?

Remember, Mahathir claims that he met Soros to invite him to support his organisation (the Perdana Global Peace Foundation) to campaign against war crimes. What were your reasons?

If it is in the interest of our country and its people that you met him, why don't you state the objective of your meeting with him?

Thirdly, why is alright for you and Mahathir to have links with him, but not for NGOs to have any link with him.

Fourthly, why was your meeting with Soros kept a secret? Had your subservient media and Mahathir known about it, they wouldn't have gone on a rampage over the NGOs' affiliation with Soros.

LittleGiant: Mahathir meets Soros. That's okay. Najib meets Soros, that's okay, too. Every other Umno-BN leader could meet Soros and all that's okay. No problem and no threat to the country.

But when Soros is 'linked' to Suaram, Malaysiakini and/or any opposition party or opposition politician, all BN politicians would cry foul and Soros is seen as a 'huge threat' to the country.

The world has to see BN leaders as nothing but just a bunch of hypocrites.

Gerard Lourdesamy: What was discussed at the meeting? How to infiltrate and destroy Pakatan Rakyat? How to conduct a campaign of disinformation against Suaram? Why is Najib silent about what was discussed?

Since Soros is described as a "Great Satan" and "Enemy of Malaysia", why agree to met a man whom according to Umno-BN wants to destroy this country?

It's like Hitler asking for a meeting with Jewish leaders and the latter agreeing to it "as a matter of courtesy".

Fair Play: According to our PM, he said Soros wanted to meet him. So our PM went and met him. Indeed, Soros must be a very powerful man.

Vijay47: Najib, despite the Armani suits you wear, you have no class at all. You were not born great nor did you achieve greatness. You simply had greatness thrust upon you by dint of the fact that you were your father's son.

You are a shame to him, a predicament I don't care a hoot about. You are an embarrassment to your alma mater, a fact that grieves me as I too once walked along the venerable corridors of St John's.

You are a disgrace to the nation, unworthy of the trust and hope of the position you grabbed through your links with persons of like calibre.

If Soros is anathema for Pakatan, would it not be more so for you, Mr Prime Minister? Your yellow-bellied explanation of meeting him and your loud silence about the RM40 million so casually toted about by your associates is far from elegant.

In view of the lofty national post you unfortunately hold, it is your duty to explain to the country issues and actions that arouse our suspicion and disgust. You cannot have it both ways.

Ruben: Dear PM, since you saw fit to meet Soros, why aren't you rebutting all the ridiculous allegations made by TDM (Mahathir). No PM in this world would publicly meet a person who is allegedly plotting to overthrow his government.

Odin: Najib's explanation is correct. Soros was - and still is - very impressed with Malaysian prime ministers' money-making acumen.

Naturally, as he is in the business of making money, he wanted to pick the latter's brain. That was the reason he sought an audience with Najib.

Jean Pierre: Najib is doomed. Now matter how he portrays it, with all the hullabaloo by Mahathir, what will be talked about is that he met Soros.

And when eventually Soros reveals that he didn't do the inviting, even the most ignorant of Malays will find it hard to believe him. What goes around comes around.

Mahadevil: You didn't see a problem meeting George Soros after Dr M met him. Neither do most of us, Najib. We welcome imputs that can contribute to the harmony and prosperity of Malaysia.

But now that Dr M has turn it into a big problem by making George Soros the third most hated man in Malaysia after Lee Kuan Yew and Anwar Ibrahim, your secret meeting with Soros raises more questions than answers.

You will now have to first 'kowtim' (deal with) your master, Dr M, as he is the only one who can make Soros a non-issue in Malay politics.

Moontime: It seems like nothing is going right for Umno of late. Now who is the puppet and who is the puppeteer? How come Perkasa and its ilk are silent on this? Courtesy call indeed.

Najib has shown time and again that he is actually what is known in Malay as 'lurus bendul'.

He could refuse to meet Soros if he had known it will create a political backlash at home. However, being a puppet, he of course would have to follow his master's every whim and fancy.

Changeagent: So here is the new mantra that everyone in Umno must adopt - speak no Soros, hear no Soros, see no Soros.

Everyone except Mahathir and Najib, that is.

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