Environmental activism: No smoke without fire

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VOXPOP 'At least Pakatan has acted responsibly to create awareness, unlike MCA, which keeps quiet hoping these issues will be swept under the carpet.'

Environmental issues will cost BN support, warns MCA

vox populi small thumbnail Onyourtoes: MCA chief Chua Soi Lek, you are never sincere even for issues that are dear to most Malaysians.

No, Pakatan Rakyat did not capitalise on environment issues. It is you and your government which have totally ignored environmental concerns, including even wanting to build a nuclear power plant.

If you can't even ensure that government buildings are not suffering from leaking pipes and collapsed roofs, how could the people trust you on industries that have great potential to cause environmental disasters?

Boiling Mud: Chua, you are only partly right that environmental issues affecting the Chinese community would erode support for BN.

As a matter of fact, environmental issues are just another straw added to the many other age-old issues created by BN and affecting all Malaysians - not just the Chinese, mind you.

There is no need to blame the opposition for the better awareness of public on issues affecting us that we now see, MCA leaders are doing very well in burying themselves.

Anonymous #79199503: Chua, you are an empty vessel. These environmental issues are affecting all the rakyat, not only the Chinese.

At least PKR and DAP have acted responsibly to create awareness among the rakyat, unlike you and MCA, which keeps quiet hoping that these issues will be just swept under the carpet.

Giudice: There is no smoke without fire. If there is truly no issue, BN would easily be able to counter DAP's attacks, given BN's control of the mainstream media.

The fact that BN is unable to do so merely reaffirms the fact that it is a genuine issue, caused by BN no less.

Fair Play: Chua Soi Lek, no wonder MCA is going to the dogs with people like you as their president. The environmental issues are caused by BN. So why blame the opposition for the trouble you have created for yourself?

You have provided the opposition the opportunity to attack BN. They have exploited it. That is politics.

Anonymous #19098644: BN and MCA have been concealing the unhappiness of the people of Kuantan and Bukit Koman, and it is because there are elected representatives from Pakatan in these two areas that the matter has surfaced.

Chua is right, they can't do anything but make noise about it until the federal government is changed. So if the people want radioactive Kuantan, cyanide Bukit Koman and toxic Pengerang, then give BN and MCA another term. If they want it stop, then vote out the BN.

Ksn: In other words, MCA president, your concern or worry is the loss of votes from the Chinese to Umno-BN and not the health and the resulting damage to the community and the country from environmental issues, right?

Bersih 'harassment': IGP passes buck to Immigration

Ferdtan: It is possible that IGP Ismail Omar may not be aware of what is going on with the real situation on the ground?

In the police force, could there be another special 'task force' higher than any regular commissioned police officer, including the IGP, ‘reporting directly' to Umno?

This could mean they are getting political instructions directly from the Home Ministry via the PM's Department.

Onyourtoes: What else is new? The police said ask the Immigration, the Immigration said ask the attorney-general (AG), the AG said ask the MACC, the MACC said ask the police, the police then said ask the Immigration, the AG, and the MACC.

In the meantime, that shining keris is permanently sheathed, hiding from shame and ignominy.

Not Confused : This is typical buck-passing, just like everyone in authority in the brain-dead government here in Malaysia. Pathetic.

Anti Umno : This is what we call ‘Janji Ditepati' (promises fulfilled)? Nobody will take responsibility and as usual, the dumb minister in charge is hiding somewhere.

Abuminable: Who is the home minister? He is the one who must accept full responsibility for the grotesque misbehaviour of PDRM as well as Immigration. If he claims to have no knowledge of what's going on, then he is totally incompetent and must resign.

If he admits to ordering the harassment of Bersih activists, then it's clear he is unfit to be home minister because his reactions are completely infantile - he is obviously taking revenge on them because twice in recent months the courts have slapped his wrists over his stupid mishandling of the Bersih phenomenon.

Abasir: Actually our IGP knows very little. The puppet masters don't usually tell the puppet why something is happening.

And given former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad's statement that meritocracy is really bad for Malaysia's health, it implies this man is in his position for reasons other than merit.

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