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Wolves who use the sheepskin of religion
Published:  Oct 15, 2012 9:38 AM
Updated: 3:10 AM

YOURSAY 'They hope to see Muslims rise against Christians, if not violently, then at the polling booth. I don't think the Malays are the robots these people think they are.'

Don't contaminate S'wak with religious extremism

your say Lamborghini: PAS' syura council member Nasharudin Mat Isa and similar characters like him such as Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali and Jati chief Hasan Ali are really wolves using the sheepskin of religion to get publicity for themselves.

They are moral cowards who try to portray themselves as heroes of their faith. They are a real danger in our multiracial and multireligious society and must be exposed, opposed and deposed before they cause further damage to our beloved nation.

Those who loudly proclaim and truly believe in 1Malaysia must do what is necessary to stop these bigots from further jeopardising and contaminating our racial and religious harmony.

Kerana Benar: Malaysiakini columnist Francis Paul Siah, I salute you. You have hit the nail on the head. Not only in Sarawak, but we in Sabah also had no problems with race and religion until it was imported by West Malaysians extremist like Nasharuddin, Hasan Ali, Ibrahim Ali and of course, Umno.

In Sabah, I have family members of Muslim, Christian, Buddhist and pagan faiths - all living under one roof and we never quarrel.

Indeed, the politicians are solely to be blamed as they sought to plunder and rip off taxpayers' money and our God-given natural resources under the pretext of defending the Malays.

Shame on you, the God almighty knows your ‘niat jahat' (evil intentions).

Headhunter: As a Sarawakian, I am thankful for people such as this bigot, Nasharudin. He is one of the reasons that I'm able to convince many of my friends, relatives and associates not to vote the BN, even though he's from PAS.

And Nasharuddin is an example of why Umno should never be allowed to enter Sarawak.

Boiling Mud: Sarawakians must do everything possible to continue to live harmoniously with one another, just as all Malaysians should - regardless of differences in faith, culture and creed.

Religious bigotry has never benefited any society as history has shown, and it will never bring any peace to all if it were allowed to rear its ugly head.

One must know a politically (mis)interpreted brand of any religion is a powerful shackle to cripple the thinking faculty of any religious zealot or bigot. From the angle of religion, isn't one committing a sin against God to spread a lie in his name?

Odin: Francis Siah, your asking Nasharudin to use his head, the one on his shoulders, is pointless. He has joined the ranks of Ibrahim Ali and Hasan Ali - evil people whose only desire is to stoke hatred for Christians in particular, and the Chinese, DAP and the followers of other religions in general.

The Islam that these men purport to believe in, practise and defend is not the one that Prophet Muhammad continued to propagate but a vile, devious cult concocted by Umno and passed off as the real thing to manipulate and make use of the simple Muslims in the kampongs and the bigoted ones in the urban areas.

ThisLandIsMine : Nasharuddin is knowledgeable in Islamic teachings and current affairs. As a practising Muslim, he would never lie even to save his life.

Playing a denial game will save DAP for now. PAS will never expel Nasharuddin; in fact I challenge PAS to do so.

Keturunan Malaysia: ‘ThisLandIsMine', first and foremost this land is not yours. It does not belong to you or anybody's grandfather. It shall always belong to the people, the legal Malaysians.

Secondly, what qualification have you that you can so easily pronounce that Nasharuddin is not a liar and would not lie even to save his own life?

Paul Warren: Nasharuddin, the two ‘Alis' - Hasan and Ibrahim - and Umno have all made assumptions about the Malays that is all so wrong.

If this kind of Christian bashing and accusations were to take place in Pakistan or Egypt or even in parts of Indonesia, it may have brought about calamities of a kind that we can see already happening in those countries against Christians.

The local politicians hope to see Malays/Muslims rise against Christians, if not violently, then at the polling booth. I do not think the Malays are the robots these people think they are.

This must be a huge frustration for these usurpers who are offering cheap incitement to get their agendas going. I have to commend the Malays for so far not buying into these lies. It shows you somewhat their regard for these so-called leaders.

Disgusted: PAS can kiss its hope of establishing its party in Sarawak and Sabah goodbye, as East Malaysians do not want their brand of theocracy or government, much less syariah laws.

They should concentrate on Kelantan, Terengganu (where even there they were rejected after one term) Kedah (which they may lose in the next elections), Perlis and some parts of Pahang and Perak.

Not many Muslims (Malay as well as non-Malay) favour a theocratic government guided by the syariah law.

PAS should stick to making Islam purer not more corrupt, and should recognise human rights, women's rights, a democratic and transparent government, which is everything Umno is not.

Abuminable: It's so nice to hear a reasonable voice dismiss the ugly hissing of venomous preachers of fear, suspicion, hate and division.

Nasharuddin knows he has reached a dead end in PAS, which has matured significantly in recent years. Like Hasan Ali, he can only hope to be given a few crumbs from Umno's political war-chest to do their dirty work.

Anonymous #07910507 : Why do so many Malay-Muslim politicians in Malaysia feel that the only way for growth of any kind (political, economic, spiritual, etc) amongst the Muslims is through planting seeds of fear?

Fear of the Chinese, fear of the Hindus, fear of the Christians, fear of their own history, fear of the whole wide world?

It all boils down to control. If they can control the minds and souls of their people, then they control their vote. And many Malay-Muslims in this country keep buying into it. Why?

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