No need to be gay to know what junior is up to

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YOURSAY 'Nazri did not ask, ‘Hey, son, you beli kereta baru ke ?' Surely no father has to sleep with his son or be gay to ask such normal questions.'

Hummer shows Nazri-Chia links, say PKR sleuths

Pemerhati: De facto law minister Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz's filthy gutter language with regard to his sexual relationship with his son is shocking and unbelievable. Only a warped and a sick mind can imagine and utter the things he said.

The facts given by PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli strongly suggest that corruption is involved. Why would timber trader Michael Chia give a vehicle worth about half a million ringgit to the minister's son for his use?

As hardly anyone would give someone such huge gifts without expecting or getting something in return, it is reasonable to assume that Chia was giving this, and possibly other gifts, to influential politicians like Nazri to carry out his lucrative business activities.

Under the present set-up where BN controls the enforcement agencies, the judiciary and the public service, it is impossible to ascertain the true facts. Only an investigation under a new government can reveal exactly what happened.

We can then also ascertain the truth behind the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder, and how the children of Sarawak CM Abdul Taib Mahmud and former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad become so wealthy.

Donplaypuks: Why would an alleged currency smuggler and money launderer "lend" his car to a minster's son? After all, the son would only have come to know this "currency smuggler and money launderer" through the minister father.

And when the father saw his son driving a new car, he did not ask, "Hey, son, you beli kereta baru ke ?" Surely no father has to sleep with his son or be gay to ask such normal questions.

Changeagent: Nazri, you don't have to be gay to know what your son is up to. Many responsible parents know about their adult children's activities so please don't falsely insinuate that you need to have some kind of warped incestuous relationship with your son to know what he's been doing or who he's been associating with.

By the way, if Michael Chia wants to give your son a Hummer or Ferrari, that's not just Michael Chia's business. It's also your business because it is very damaging to your reputation and implies a real conflict of interest, especially when considering that you are the de facto law minister who has just recently cleared Chia of corruption charges in Parliament.

Abasir: Malaysians should note how silent Umno, its leaders, its ministers, supporters and underlings, its sing-for-your-supper ulama have been since this outrageous interview was published.

None of them, not one has expressed any concern that a minister, sworn before the king and answerable to the people, has spoken in this obscenely arrogant manner, used such crass language to show how 'jantan' he is.

This high level of tolerance for such vulgarity merely underscores the vulgar core of this regime - a regime that is beyond embarrassment, beyond shame.

Absalom: It has come to a stage where BN ministers cannot recognise corruption and conflict of interest staring right in their faces. First, we had the other one (who by now must be allergic to beef) and now this.

It is understandable because here in Malaysia, corruption is so rampant in the system from the top to bottom and conflict of interest doesn't mean anything. And no minister or official ever gets punished severely for these things.

Having been at it for so long or seen it happening all around, one might even be tempted to joke about it and have a good laugh.

If you steal a motorbike, you might get thrown in jail where you probably just 'die of Aids'. But if you steal RM40 million or cheat the Treasury of RM500 million on the pretext of receiving a commission, chances are you might be laughing all the way to the bank.

FellowMalaysian: How would Nazri explained that a hot-potato like Michael Chia is found lending his Hummer to his son, Nedim?

By claiming ignorance again; it's the same tactic as the earlier bashing-up incidence of the condominium security officer.

It looks like he is invincible indeed; after all, he has infamously declared himself as the greatest law minister.

Multi Racial: That's the problem with this country. These BN politicians think they are immune to everything.

The first question we should ask is why would Chia loan Nazri's son his expensive car? What is the nature of their relationship?

Nazri has to accept the fact that as politician, there is no line drawn between him and his son. Whatever link to his son is deem to be linked to him.

Aries46: This is not the first time that Nazri has been caught in the line of fire on account of his and his son's misdemeanours that is now in the public domain.

The charges that have now been leveled at them are rather serious and incriminating, and if Nazri thinks that he can just laugh it off the way he has responded he better think twice.

Nazri's sometimes cocky and smart alec responses give one the impression that he is a law unto himself and is untouchable by law enforcement agencies and authorities.

While this is of utmost concern to the general public, Nazri must realise that whatever cock and bull story that he may spin to defend the indefensible, the public perception is that his actions and attitude has more than compromised his position as an elected representative cum minister and he must be called to account and be investigated.

Kingfisher: The audacity of this minister's response to an allegation should be challenged by denying him a seat in the next election if he is still remains a candidate.

Malaysians who now readily/correctly take offence at the arrogance of our elected representatives have an opportune occasion in the next election to "teach" such politicians some humility.

Bumiasli: The law is the same for all. No one should be above the law. If a High Court judge's son cannot have links with an accused businessman, neither can a minister's son.

And why is the son using the vehicle belonging to Chia? It appears that any crime reported about our ministers and their families is deemed as legal. Since when did this immunity start?

KnockKnock: Something for Nazri to ponder - a quote from Marcus Aurelius (Gladiator): Your faults as a son are my failure as a father.

Nazri and Nedim - like father, like son

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